Ольга Николаевна
Группа:Мир учителя

"Sport Is Fun."

Россия,Липецкая область,г. Елец

МБОУ гимназия №11

Учитель иностр.языка

Степанищева Е.В.

Sport Is Fun.

Подтема: Keeping Fit.

 Практическая цель:  Совершенствование речевых навыков говорения.

 Сопутствующие задачи: Совершенствование навыков чтения, письма, грамматических навыков по теме «Наречие»

 Развивающая цель:  Развитие логического мышления, догадки, увеличение объёма оперативной памяти, произвольного внимания, создание условия для развития навыков общения и совместной деятельности.

Воспитательная цель:   Повышение интереса к спорту, воспитание у учащихся внимательного отношения к своему здоровью.

Образовательная цель: Знакомство с английской поговоркой.

Речевой материал:  ЛЕ для повторения: figure, tennis, kickboxing, gymnastics, basketball

riding, cycling, ice hockey, prize, wide

новые ЛЕ: health, to prevent, illness, exercise , to improve

Текст (слайд, раздаточ. материал) «Sport and Our Health»

 Оснащение: учебник, рабочие тетради, мультимедийный проектор, компьютер, доска Smart Board, раздаточный материал, карточки для рефлексии, аудиозапись, магнитофон




Речь учителя

Речь \ действия учеников


  1. I.                   Орг.

























































3 мин

My dear friends!

 I am very glad to come into your friendly class,

And look into your clever eyes.

I know: you are genius and talented. Let`s cross the swords of your opinions, And I hope you`ll help me to create our lesson today!

Tell me please who is on duty today?


Thank you, take your place.


-Учитель показывает детям два яблока: одно красивое, а другое гнилое.

- Which apple do you like: in my right hand or in my left? Why?

- These apples resemble people. Which apple would you like to be? The choice will depend only on you.


The name of our lesson is “Health and sports”. I think you can guess what we will speak about today, can’t you?

You are right. We’ll also read a text about vitamins and speak about a healthy lifestyle. But first of all let’s warm up! Let’s pronounce the words you will need this lesson. Open your books, ex/24, page 105, listen to the recording and repeat:

 [i] – figure, tennis, kickboxing, gymnastics, basketball

[ai] – riding, cycling, ice hockey, prize, wide

Well done!

Good morning, teacher! We are glad to see you too.

Polina is on duty today.

What date is it today? – Today is the 20th of April. What day is it? - Today is Saturday. Who is absent? …. Are absent today.









Red one, because it is nice.







How to keep fit, be Healthy and do sports






Слайд 1



































Учебник, аудиозапись, магнитофон








Речевая подгот.





3 мин.














3 мин.




Look at the screen. Read this English proverb. How can we translate it? Do you agree that a sound body is connected with sport? Well, let`s remember some kinds of sport!

Have a look at the screen. Match the words and the pictures.

You play tennis, don`t you? You are good at swimming, aren`t you?

You know, there are a lot of sports, it is so difficult to choose the only one. Let`s read advice, pay attention to the adverbs!


В здоровом теле – здоровый дух.

Индивид работа



По 1 ученику у доски сопоставляют вид спорта и картинку, проговаривая вслух, спрашивают след.ученика


у доски ученик раскрывает скобки, читает, переводит, остальные – запись в раб. тетрадях


Слайд 2





Слайд 3









Слайд 4, рабочие тетради




Чтение разговор. текста














5 мин.

















Thank you!

It`s time to learn more about purposes to keep fit. Before reading the text, look at these words.

Read the text and find out why people do sports.


Millions of people all over the world are fond of sports. Sport helps to save health and prevents from illness. Sport makes people more organized and disciplined.

You can hardly find a school without a gym or a sports ground. PE is a compulsory subject in our education.

You know, "a sound mind in a sound body". Good health is better than the best medicine. All kinds of physical exercises are very useful to make our bodies strong. People work hard. They have no time to go to a sports club or a sports centre which isn`t quite near their homes. That`s why people of all ages and types do exercises at home to improve their health and to keep fit.


Let`s check it!



You are quite right!



health - здоровье

to prevent - предупреждать

illness - заболевание

exercise - упражнение

to improve - улучшить



Чтение текста

















People do sports to keep fit, to save their health, to make their bodies strong.



Слайд 5

























I вид









































II вид











III вид

2 мин.






2 мин


















3 мин







4 мин








5 мин











10 мин

Find in the text a pair of adverbs which have different meanings, but you can mix them up! Give me some examples.

I want you to answer my questions, be active, try to prove your opinion:

Can you say that sport is popular in our country?

Do you do any sports? What sport is it? Do you take part in any competitions?

What sport is popular in your family?

What can you advise to do to be healthy?

I see you are tired! let`s have a rest!

Stand up, please!
Let’s do exercises.

Thank you, continue our lesson. Have a look at the text and try to complete the sentences using these cards.    …




Well done! It`s time to find out what you think about sport. Work in pairs, follow the plan on the board. Try to express your own opinion about sport and health. Tell your friend what sport you are fond of and why.(Опоры на слайде)


Good for you! Well, I agree, we have to go in for sport, but we are very busy, we work hard every day! We haven`t got a lot of free time! Fortunately, there is a fitness centre near our house.

Make up an advertisement for this fitness centre. Don`t forget to say why it is important to do sports.

Фронтальная работа

Hard - hardly

Near – nearly, late – lately, high - highly



































Работа в парах, несколько учеников высказывают свое мнение, используя опоры на доске




Индивид. Работа


























Слайд 6 видеоролик





Слайд 7, раздат.материал








Слайд 8











Слайд 9








3 мин.

Very good children! Now it’s time to sum up. Did you like our lesson? I hope you`ll be strong and athletic. Say, what you’ve learnt and how you’ve worked.

Look at the blackboard; it is your home task.

Thank you for being industrious at the lesson. Maria, your mark is a… you were very active, … etc.

The lesson is over. You may be free. Good-bye, children.


подводят итоги









раздаточ материал






Слайд 10


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