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Shopping for everything. Shopping for food

Россия,Липецкая область,г.Елец

МБОУ гимназия №11

Учитель английского языка

Степанищева Е.В.

Практическая цель: актуализация грамматического материала. Обучение аудированию.

Сопутствующие задачи: совершенствование навыков письма, чтения, развитие коммуникативных навыков, повтор ЛЕ по теме «Shopping»

Развивающая цель: развитие логического мышления, догадки, увеличение объёма оперативной памяти, произвольного внимания, формировать навыки общения.

Воспитательная цель: воспитание культуры поведения за столом, умения быть вежливым и доброжелательным, расширение кругозора.

Образовательная цель: знакомство с английским стихотворением.  

Речевой материал: лексический материал по теме Shopping for food

грамматический материал: some - any

Оснащение:   учебник, раздаточный материал (карточки с упражнениями, карточки с картинками, карточки с названиями станций), аудиозаписи, доска, презентация, рабочая тетрадь, обучающая программа, игрушка – слоник.


Ход урока




Речь учителя

Речь \ действия учеников


  1. I.                   орг.




Stand up! Good morning, boys and girls .Sit down.

Glad to meet you. I hope you are all feeling well today. And now get ready for the lesson.


Who is on duty today? Go to the blackboard.

What day is it today?

You are right, sit down.


Good morning, Good morning, Good morning to you! Good morning, Good morning, how are you?

So so. X is on duty today.











 4 мин.

What is the aim of our lesson? Remember Baby Elephant! We need to help him arrange a party! How we can do it? Let`s look at this sheet of paper. It is the Mountain of Success –these steps will help us.

Today we are going to speak about different tasty things. We will go shopping for food, cook,  invite friends! We will revise some grammar. Don`t forget, we need to reach the top of the mountain by the end of our lesson. And now let’s begin.

Well, let’s train our tongue, let’s work on the sounds. listen to me and repeat after me:
Breakfast in the morning.

Dinner in the day.

Tea comes after dinner.

When it’s time to play.

Baby Elephant likes to eat very much. And you? Do you like to eat? Do you like sweets? What do you usually have for dinner? and for breakfast?




We can buy some food, cook









Mountain of

Success – на доске











































 7 мин.









































4 мин












3 мин




6 мин






























2 мин

Let’s play the game “train”. I’ll tell you the name of station and you’ll tell me the name of food. Stand up and go. Stop. The station is “Food”. OK. The next station is “Fruit”. Very good.  The next station is “Vegetables”, “Drinks” and so on.

Thank you. I see that you know the names of food. Sit down, please.

Now look at the screen. Listen new phrases, look at the pictures and learn how to say:

  • a bag of sweets
  • a glass of juice
  • a cup of tea
  • a bottle of water
  • a box of chocolate
  • three pieces of cake.

How can you translate them?

Open your dictionaries and write down the new words. Now let’s play the game “finish the phrase” I’ll start the phrase and you must finish it. A bottle…, a bag of…, a box of… and so on.

Well done! It was our first stop – ‘vocabulary’. Our next stop is “Shopping for food“.

Look at the screen. Here is Mother Elephant. She is in the shop. Now listen to the tape-recorder and say what she bought in the shop yesterday and why.

Revise grammar rules!


Well, we need to help Mother Elephant! We have a Shopping List. Listen to the dialogue one more time and make your own dialogues! Dramatize the dialogue.












I think you are tired. Will you stand up, please? Let’s dance a little.

















































She bought some sweets




Индивид. работа 2 ученика


В парах

P1: “Good morning. Can I help you?“

P2: “Id like some potatoes.“

P1: “OK. Here you are. Anything else?“

P2: “Yes. a bottle of water, please. And some meat.“

P1: “Is that all?“

P2: “Thats all. How much is it“

P1: 10 pounds.

P2: Here you are. Thank you!


Карточки с названиями станций













Обуч.программа, аудиозапись





























Обуч. программа, аудиозапись,

Учебник №24 с92



Карточки с упражнениями

Учебник с.123





Слайд 1


























Аудиозапись –   видео

















4 мин.








9 мин


Well done! We have the next stop – Let`s cook!

Mother Elephant and her Baby cook special dishes. Listen to their conversation and find the pictures of food that mentioned in the dialogues.


Good! Look at the screen!

Wow! What a nice dinner!

We are ready to meet our friends! Угощайте наших друзей!

Look at the scheme and make your dialogues.















P1: Would you like a cup of tea?

P2: No, thank you. I don`t like tea.

P1: Would you like some sweets?

P2: No, I don`t like any sweets.

P1: Would you like a glass of juice?

P2: Yes, I would. Thank you.





Карточки с картинками







Слайд 2

Слайд 3









4 мин.

 Very good! It’s time to finish our lesson.

Dear students, I nope – that you are fine today. On your desks you can see pictures of different moods. You can choose one which really shows how you are feeling at the moment. You can put a tick in front of it.

Thank you for your job. You were very active, attentive and bright. I enjoyed your work at the lesson today.

Well, your home task is to read the story about Baby Elephant’s Birthday party. Exercise №26 p.93 in Student’s Books, №33 page 96.

Your marks for the lesson are: ……

Our lesson is over, thank you. You may be free.


подводят итоги











Картинки с настроением на доске






















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