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I want to be

Год: 2012

Страна: Казахстан


Казахстан,Кызылординская область,Казалинский район,кент Айтеке би

Учитеь англиского языка 

Мукаева Арай Муратовна

I want to be…

Form: 9 d


  • to practice using words related to professions;
  • to practice listening for specific information;
  • to guess words by the context;
  • to take part in a role-play;
  • to practice communicative skills;
  • to express opinions;
  • to practice reading for detail;
  • to make notes.


I. Introduction.

II. Warm-up activities.

T: Today we are going to speak about your plans for future and your future professions. When you leave school you understand that the time to choose your future professional has come. It’s not an easy task to make the right choice of a job. What do you think? It is easy to choose a profession?

St.: To my mind it’s difficult to choose a profession according to abilities and character. As far as I know many school leavers are inclined to choose a ‘popular profession and having done so, they are sure this is just what they want. But soon afterwards they realize they have made a mistake which is sometimes difficult to correct. That is why choosing a profession is not a simple matter, but a very important one.

T: You are absolutely right.

When we speak about profession we use such words as ‘trade’, occupation’. Who can explain the differences between them?

St.2: I can. ‘Occupation is the most general term, it is used to name any job, employment.

‘Trade is used for physical labour, the use of machinery and tools.

‘Profession’ is an occupation which requires special training or education.

T: Thank you. Who can help you to make the right choice of a job.

St.3: This can be done be going to the library and by reading widely. Jobs change and new ones are constantly appearing. By reading and talking to people who have different king of jobs we’ll learn great opportunities. There will be for us.

T: Sure. And what is the best way to prepare for any job?

St.4: To my mind the beast way to prepare for any job is to get a good education – to do well at school and to learn all you can outside of school.

T: Have you made up your mind what to be in the future ?

St.5: It is difficult for me to give a definite answer.

As the years passed I changed my mind a lot of times about which science or field of industry to specialize in. It’s not easy to choose one of hundreds jobs to which I might be better suited.

III. Listening for specific information.

T: You are right, P.

You have said that there is a great variety of jobs. And some of them are very popular in our country. Now listen and say which profession is described in each of the following examples.

a). This profession reguires special education; the person should be kindhearted, careful, courageous, sensitive to the need of others; should be sympathetic to the pain of other people; should be very handy, devoted to this duty, selfless.

b). This profession requires special education; the person should be king, generous, strict and just; should love children; should possess deep and broad knowledge of a subject; should be responsive, honest, tactful, reserved, patient and tolerant.

c). This trade requires special qualities; the person should be careful; should have quick reactions; should have vision and hearing; should know and observe the traffic rules; should be a good mechanic.

d). This profession requires special education and physical qualities; the person should be very well educated in physics, mathematics, astronomy; should be in a perfect state of health; should have good endurance and the ability to stand great strain and the state of weightlessness; should be courageous

IV. Role-play (Press-conference ).

T: The first profession you came across from your childhood is the profession of a teacher. We don’t realize the importance of it. Nevertheless when you come to the conclusion that you like communicate with children and teaching is your choice. The best way to know this profession better is to have a talk with a teacher. So we are going to do this just now. St.1 you will be … and St.2 will be…

Journalist: Good morning and welcome to our programme “Worldly Wise”. Today our attention turns on teaching. Many young people consider teaching as a career. It’s not surprising: after your parents the teacher may be the most important person in your life. With all the teachers you meet you think there isn`t anything you don’t know about the work. The teachers must be devoted to their work and privately think, though they may not like to admit is openly, that they serve humanity doing the most vital job of all. St.1(name) is a teacher of English in one of secondary Kindly found time to come and take part in our programme.

Get ready to ask questions, pupils.

T: Please to meet you friends.

St.1: Why have you chosen teaching as a career?

T: Well, as for me, I made my choice long ago. My choice of this occupation didn’t come as a sudden flash. If you like people, you will like teacher you must be genuinely interested in what you are doing. The most important things in the world are awareness and learning – wanting to know every day of your life more and more. Because every time you learn something new you become something new. A teacher catalyzes in his pupils the burning desire to know and love the truth and beauty.

St.2: Who has influenced your choice of professional?

T: My parents, my English teacher and of course, my love of English. During all school years English was favorite subject.

St.3: Teaching is a very difficult job, it is not well paid. Besides most jobs can be done within the usual office hours from 9 to 5, but teacher’s work is never done. As far as I know evening are mostly spent making exercise books and preparing for the next lesson. It is quite a stressful job and a bit boring to my mind.

T: Nothing of the kind speaking about boring. It’s the most noble and rewarding job. Can you imagine your life without teachers, ah? Yes , that’s impossible. There are of course two categories of teacher teachers who have a job and teachers who have a calling. There are teachers who can’t wait for wait of the day to begin.

St.4: John Steinbeck once said a great teacher is a artist and you know how few great artists there are in the world. Teaching might even be the greatest of the arts.

T: You are absolutely right. That’s why humanity has the deepest respect for teachers. Teachers do not only teach their subjects, they develop their pupils intellect, from their views and characters, their altitudes to life and to other people. It’s a great responsibility to bring up children. I think that’s the reason why teachers are deeply respected.

St.5: What qualities do you think are necessary for a good teacher?

T: Oh, many of them. First of all a good teacher should know perfectly the subject he teaches, must be well-educated and well informed, because an ignorant teacher teaches ignorance, a bored teacher teaches boredom. Teachers should be understanding and patient, must be kind. A teacher must love children and respect them.

St.6: I am fond of English. But I think that teaching is hot for me. Which of professions require the knowledge of foreign language?

T: there are a lot of professions for which a good knowledge of a foreign language is absolutely necessary, but I must say that many of them deal with people, for example: an interpreter, a translator, a diplomat, a journalist as well.

Journalist: Time of our programme comes to end. Thank you…. for coming.

T: Summing it up I’d like to say” Many roads are open before you. The most important thing is to work well. The English proverb goes “ He works best who knows his trade”. But it is a mistake to think that all your work is in future. Try to take an active part in life how. Good luck to you. Thank you.

V. Work with proverbs:

a) Guessing words by the context.

T: Our “English teacher” has already mentioned one of English proverbs. There are many other proverbs to do with work.

St., go to the blackboard, match a line from column a with a line from column B to from an English proverb. The rest of pupils follow him , agree or disagree.

1. A bad workman
2. All lay loads
3. Make hay
4. Many hands
5. Too many cooks
6. Actions speak
7.Never put off till tomorrow
8. Jack of all trades
9. The early bird

a. white the sun shines
b. louder than words
c. master of none    
d. blames his tools
e. what you can do today
f. make light work
g. catches the warm
h. on a willing horse
i. spoil the broth

Keys (1d, 2h, 3a, 4f,5i,6b,7e,8c,9g)

b) Speaking

T: Have a look at proverbs again and try to explain how you understand this or

that proverb. Take it in turn.

1. A bad workman blames his tools.

A careless or unskilled person blames his tools to excuse himself for bad work, white it is his own carelessness or lak of skill which is really to blame.

2. All lay loads on a willing horse

A man willing to work is always given more work to do than a lazy one, because the work which is given to a willing man will be done well and quickly.

3. Make hay while the sun shines.

You must take advantage of the opportunities while conditions are favourable.

4. Many hands make light wok.

A job, duty, everything is to do if many people share the work.

5. Too many cooks spoil the broth.

If too many people try to do the same thing at the same time, the task will be done badly, spoilt or damaged.

6. Action speak louder than words.

People can say many things, because talking is easy, but it is more important what a person does than what he says he will do.

7. Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today.

You must carry out a lot a task or duty as soon as you can. If you leave it till tomorrow, you may forget about it or not find time to do it and it may never be done.

8. Jack if all trades master of done.

A person who works at many trades never becomes really expert at any one of them. If is better to be really skilful at one trade than to have small knowledge of many.

9. The early bird catches the worm.

The person who get up early to work will be successful:

Those that arrive early at a place have the advantage over the latecomers.

VI.Carrying out the quiz: “Now find out what’s in you for the job” T:

a). Some of you have already decided which profession to choose. Let’s write a test to find out what in you for the job.
b). I know that St., is going to be a psychologist. I asked her beforehand to help me with this test. When you finish it, she’ll explain you if a job you chose suits you or not according to the result of the test
c). And now students. It’s the most thrilling moment. Let’s see what you have. So your future professions and your results.

VIII.T: It’s a pity our lesson comes to the end. We’ll continue our work at the next lesson. I am satisfied your work today. Thank you.


T: The hometask for the next lesson will be a text about famous profession of a top model. Copy this plan and use it as a pattern speaking about kimora.


1. Quiz is taken from Student’s Book “Headway” (upper-intermediate) by John & Liz Soars. Oxford University Press, 1987. P.2, 22-23.

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