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Health is above wealth

Казахстан, г. Актобе

ГУ средняя школа-гимназия №9

Учитель английского языка

Сагиданова Айгуль Мажитовна

The objectives: 1.to develop students speaking abilities, to consolidate the lexic on the theme: Health,

2.To develop students’ dialogue speech, to consolidate grammar: should,  shouldn’t,

3.To sum up the knowledge of students on the  theme :’’ Health”.

                The  equipment: active board, pictures

       The procedure of the lesson.

1.Organising  moment. ( a talk with a pupil on duty.)

The teacher: good morning boys and girls. Sit down. I am glad to see you.

The teacher: Who is on duty today?

What date is it today?

Who is absent today?

The teacher: Today we shall speak  about health, some diseases, how to prevent them, we’ ll give  advice using modal verbs: should or shouldn’t , make a dialogues on the theme:” At the Doctors’ “.

 The teacher: Diana was absent  at the lesson. Do you know why was she absent at the lesson?

The pupil : She was ill. She had the flu.

The teacher:  I see. What do you advise her? The flu is a very serious  virus infection. What are the symptoms of the flu?

 The pupil: the symptoms of the flu are: sneezing, a  high  temperature, cough, a splitting headache, a runny nose.

 The pupils advice: Diana should: stay in bed,

 Take a medicine,

Drink hot tea with lemon and honey,

Drink chicken soup, eat garlic and onion, their smell kill the germs,

Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables,

Sleep a lot, go to the doctor.

The teacher: I think Diana will follow your advice and soon will recover. We ‘ve learnt a lot of  words and expressions. Look at the blackboard.  Translate the following  words into  English and Kazakh:


Измерить температуру


Раздеться до пояса

Принять таблетку



Прописать лекарство

Пойти в аптеку

Кровяное давление

Прощупать пульс


Ужасная головная боль

Больное горло

Следовать совету доктора



The teacher: Well done. According to the statistics people have the flu or catch a cold in early spring or autumn, in winter.  Look at the blackboard and say: What should you do if you have the Flu? The picture will help you.

The pupils: People should eat lemon because it has vitamin C, eat a lot of fruits and vegetables ,  eat onion and garlic in food, take a medicine,  drink tea with honey, raspberry and milk,  stay in bed for some days.

People  shouldn’t  eat  ice-cream. The teacher:  Find the word. The first letter is given.

1.            If I have a toothache, I go to the  d……… .

2.            I injured my leg yesterday and the s………… helped me.

3.            A person who helps the doctor is a n…….. .

4.            We buy a medicine at the c…………. .

5.            The doctor prescribed   a m ………….. for  a headache.

The teacher: There are a lot of proverbs about health. Do you know any of them?

The following task is to give Russian and Kazakh equivalents.

1.            An apple a day keeps the doctor away.

2.            Early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.

3.            A sound body in a sound mind.

4.            Health is above wealth.

5.            The first wealth is health.           

The teacher:  Look at the blackboard. Do you see the pictures of your classmates? It seems to  me that they have problems with their health.  Let’s guess what’s the  matter with them.  Try to help them.

The pupil: I think Sabina has a toothache. She should take a medicine.

She should visit a doctor. She should take an analgini  to relieve the pain.

The pupil: I think Kazbek has broken his arm , he should go to the surgeon, have an x- ray, put a bandage on it, be careful not to damage the arm.

The teacher: Your homework was to make up the dialogues on the theme :” At the doctor’s”. The task is to use all new words, proverbs. Look at the blackboard ad watch the sketch ;’ At the dentist’s”.

Tomiris : Hello, Madina. How are you?

Madina: I’m fine , thanks. Do you know we are going to have a final test in Math.   Did you revise for the test? AS for me I’m prepared. And what about you?

T: I’m afraid, I’ll fail the test, I haven’t revised. What shall I do?

M: Oh, poor thing,  I  don’t know. Mmm, Maybe, you ‘ll pretend you have a toothache.Let’s go to the dentist.

At the dentist.

Dentist: Hello. Sit down please. What’s the matter with you? Let me see you.

T; Oh, I have a terrible toothache. I can’t bear the pain any longer. Please help me.

D: Open your mouth wide. Say aaaaaa.  Sit down on the chair.

T: Something wrong with my tooth?

D: Don’t worry. Your tooth is rotten I’ ll pull it out.

T: Oh, no, I don’t want to have  my tooth  pulled out . It doesn’t hurt me. Thank you, doctor. Good bye.

The teacher: I don’t want you to be in such situation. Never tell a lie. ( the pupils present their dialogues)

The teacher: A good job. I like all your dialogues.  I am sure you all agree with a proverb “Health is above wealth”  To sum up our lesson , answer the question: what people should do to be healthy?

The pupils: eat healthy food, a lot of fruits and vegetables,

To go in for sports,

Not to drink alcohol and smoke, take drugs,

To work on a computer less than two hours a day,

Sleep eight or nine hours a day,

To treat diseases on your own,

To go for a walk every day.

 To have a regular check- ups.

The teacher: You are quite right, children. Let’s follow the rules of the healthy way of life. I want you to relax. Do you think that a smile a day keeps the doctor away. Look at the blackboard. Read the jokes and have fun.

Find the last sentence for each of the jokes. Read and translate them.

1.Doctor, nobody can hear what I say.

2.Doctor, I’ve eaten my pencil. What should I do?

3.Doctor, I’m scared. This is the first operation I’m going to have.

A. use a pen.

B. What did you say?

C. I’ m scared too. It’s the first operation I’m going to do.

Evaluating the students’ answers.

Homework:   to revise new words, to write a story :” A visit to the doctor”

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