Мачурина Татьяна Борисовна
Должность:учитель английского языка
Регион:Россия,Пермский Край, г. Пермь
0 Открытый урок по английскому языку в 7 классе по теме"Australia - the upside down world"










                                                                                Мачурина Т.Б.

                                                                                учитель английского языка

                                                                                 высшей квалификационной категории

                                                                                 МАОУ «СОШ №7

                                                                                с углубленным изучением

                                                                                английского языка» г. Перми           


OBJECTIVES: - to make pupils gather information about the country using authentic reference books and materials;

-          to teach pupils make up a socio-cultural profile of Australia;

-          to make up a habit of listening and understanding of authentic audio and video materials;

-          to create a video image of Australia;

-          to make pupils compare and analyze the stages of their study of English-speaking countries and plan their further work.


TECHNIQUES: - pair work and group work;

-          discussion;

-          solving a quiz;

-          filling in a profile card of a country;

-          decision making.


MATERIALS: - a map of Australia;

-          reference books and materials;

-          video – film;

-          pictures;

-          magazines.

ACTIVITY I: Watching and listening comprehension.


The teacher reminds pupils that they continue studying English-speaking countries and stimulates their interest to Australia offering them to watch an extract from the video-film “Mystery of Australia”. While watching pupils are asked to answer the questions:

-Why is this country considered to be so mysterious?

-How did it happen?


After watching pupils answer the questions. Their possible answers are:

-Australia has a unique wild life, animals and plants can’t be found anywhere else in the world.

-The continent separated from the other ones millions years ago and developed independently.


ACTIVITY II: Solving a cultural quiz.


The teacher suggests pupils solving a quiz bout Australia to see how much they know about it.

Checking the quiz up the teacher asks pupils to explain some of their answers.


ACTIVITY III: Filling in a profile card of the country.


To enrich the knowledge of pupils about the geographical position of Australia, they are offered to fill in a profile card of the country, finding necessary information in authentic reference books and materials.


ACTIVITY IV: Pair and group work, brainstorming.


The teacher tries to make pupils understand that there are still a lot of questions they can not answer, asking them questions like:

-          Can you explain why the country is called Oz or the Lucky country?

-          Can you name any famous people of Australia?

-          Who rules the country? Etc.


The pupils come to the conclusion that their knowledge is not enough. First in pairs, then in 2 groups they discuss what other problems they should study to enrich their knowledge. The result of their work can be given in the form of a “spider-net”.



HOME-TASK: The teacher asks the pupils to study the words connected with geographical position of the country.(ex.12,p.294 of the textbook) and, continuing  discussing the nick-names of the country, write down a story “Why the country is called the OZ country (or Lucky country)” (in about 200 words). 

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