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0 Past Continuous tense

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6a form

The  number  of the lesson: 49



The plan  of the  lesson


The  theme of the lesson:

Past Continuous tense


The result of the lesson:

Pupils  can make up dialogue using  Past  Continuous tense, they can write correctly sentences  without  teachers  help, they can write sentences using  Past Continuous tense, such sentences as:                                                                I was  writing a letter at  7 o’clock last night.

He was not working in the garden.

What were you doing at 5 o’clock  yesterday at 4 o’clock.

We were talking on the  phone  when my  friend  came into the  room.

My brother  was watching TV ,  when I  came into the  room.

My  mother was cooking in the  kitchen  when   I came home.

The type of the  lesson:

Review  lesson.

The  methods of the lesson:

Grammar  practice,  group  work, answer questions, critical  thinking, case study.

Other  materials

The  plan  of teaching,  English  book  of the 6th form, grammar  books.

Teaching  aids:

Cards, pictures, stickers, token’s pen  and others.

Procedure  of the  lesson


Organizing   moment:

Teachers  activity.                                                                   Pupils activity.


Who is on duty today?                                                         I am on  duty  today.


Who is absent today?                                                          All are  present


What day is it today?                                                           The  11th  of March  

What  date is  it today?                                                         It is Tuesday

What   month  is it  now?                                                      It is  March

What  season is in  now?                                                      It  is spring

What is the  weather  like  for  today?                               The  weather   is cold and  windy.

Is it  cold?                                                                                 Yes, it is.

Is it raining?                                                                             No, it is not.

Is it  snowing?                                                                         No , it is not

Is it  windy?                                                                              Yes, it is

Is it foggy?                                                                                 No, it is not.

Is it hot?                                                                                     No, no

Is it warm?                                                                                 Of course, no


Checking up pupils   homework

What  was your  homework  for today?                              Ex -4, 9, 10 p  145.

O’K,  let’s   begin, then.                                                           May   I  read?

Review  lesson

Pupils, look  at  the  board, How we  use the  Past Continuous  tense :   was, were +speaking   verbs.  Pupils look at the  picture,   you  must  make  up  dialogue   using these  pictures.

1ST group   

- Hello, Mark                               

 -Hi, Willy. What were you doing  at 4        


  -  I was reading  an interesting  book             

  About   Harry P.

 -Is it very  interesting?

 - Of, course  and  you?

  -I was  playing  computer  games.

2nd group   

 -Good- afternoon, Miss

 -Good- afternoon, Mister Ben

 -Where  were  you  going at 5 o’clock 

                              yesterday  evening ?

  - I  was going  to the  cinema

    What  kind of  film  were  you


    -I was  watching horror  films.                                     


Sing a  songs

Teacher  was singing  these  song with pupils.

Hello, my  friend,

The  sun was shining

The  sky  was  smiling

Hello,  my  friend , hello

The  sun  was  shining

The   sky was  smiling

Be  bright, my  friend, be   bright.


Doing  exercises







Ex-1  Make  up  sentences  using  Past Continuous  tense.





Looking   at the  photo pupils think where  and what  they  are  then  ask questions  below:

What were they doing  this  work?

Where   are  the  people?

1st group  My friend  was  playing  tennis  with  me  at 7 o’clock. 

My father  was   watching films at  7  o’clock yesterday.

2nd group I was  playing  football with  my  mates. She  was  cooking  dinner in the  kitchen.Pupils answer  these  questions


Conclusion of the  lesson

  1. Listen  and say  CD 3-4  Track Episode 2 ex 2
  2. Play  the  CD again  stop  after every   line   and  ask  the  pupils to repeat  dialogue.
  3. Teacher  gives  pupils a list of paper

Pupils were  speaking  about these  dialogue

And  also they  answer teachers  questions.



If you like our lesson you will stick  this  smiling on the  board, if you do not  like, you will stick that  smiling.



Evaluation  pupils  knowledge

 Teacher will be  given 3 different figures to the pupils.

Pupils  will be given 3 different  figures.




Red figure means 5




Yellow figure  means 4




Black  figure  means 3


Giving  homework

Make  up dialogue  using  Past Continuous tense,  to learn by  heart  all new words.

 Pupils have  you got  any  questions?                  lesson is over, have a nice  day, good-bye , pupils.


No, you have not .

Good-bye, teacher.



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