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0 Открытый урок по английскому языку "The New Level In my Life."


The date: 26,December


The grade:5 A


The Theme: The New Level In my Life.


The aim: to practice pupils’ speaking and thinking habits using daily life speech


The aids:  to develop pupils intellectual thinking by drawing, doing crosswords, describing and speaking;


The expectable result: pupils’ speaking and thinking habits would be practiced about daily life;


The Type: extra curricular work


The kind: Conclusion lesson


The resources:  water- colored pencils, placards, pictures of clothes, food, and nature;


The  lesson stages

Teacher’s action

Pupils action



I.                   Organization moment




II.                Warm up










III. Round up

Pair work











     Hot Chair






IV.             Make a crossword






V.                Draw a picture



VI.             Describe your picture





VII. Write a reflection


Good afternoon

How are you?

Are you ready to have fun?

Fresh fried fish,
Fish fresh fried,
Fried fish fresh,
Fish fried fresh.


Swan swam over the sea.
Swim, swan, swim!
Swan swam back again.
Well swum swan!


I’ll give you words on different theme you must group them in pair








     Then teacher give the pictures of groups in which they must to divide.



Sit around and one pupil must sit in back to you. I’ll show you a word you must explain




I’ll you give pictures of things and you must make a crossword





I’ll give you placards in each group you must draw a picture of any season


Now if you finish drawing

Now I want you to name the season and describe what kind of seasons are they.


What was the best?

Good afternoon teacher

We are fine.

Yes we are ready.



Pupils wil read the tongue twisters how they can.







Pupils’ must divide given words into three groups





Pupils will divide into three groups



Pupils sit around and one pupil in each group find the meaning of the word which was shown from the teacher


Pupils must in groups using the pictures of things they make a crossword in placards


Pupils will draw a picture of season which they like


Pupils show their pictures, name them and describe them



Pupils write their opinions in stickers






All stages will mark with smiles






Work with

Active board










Work with table





Using pictures




Using cards with words




Use the pictures







Using placards and coloured pencils






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