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Урок английского языка в 6 классе по теме "Schools in the USA"




December, 2

Lesson №



Schools in the USA


To promote the development of language skills through reading, speaking and writing within the framework of the lexical and grammar material. To expand vocabulary of pupils with the help of new words on the topic. To practice skills of analysis and synthesis of given information. To create conditions for broadening pupils’ linguistic and cultural outlook about English speaking countries and encourage towards getting good education

Expected results

Pupils will be able to read, speak and write about type of schools in the USA. They will learn new words on the topic and use them in oral and written speech. They will develop skills of analysis and synthesis while working with the text and presentation. They will learn to classify and compare facts and data about schools in the USA, Great Britain and Kazakhstan. They will develop kills of team work. They will practice grammar: numerals and will find in the text Cardinal and Ordinal numerals.

Type of the lesson

Combined lesson


Informative reading, group work, comparison


Text for reading, presentation “Education in the USA”

Stages of the lesson


Teacher’s actions

Pupils’ actions

I. Org. moment


Greets pupils in English. Talks to pupils on duty

Greet teacher.

II. Control of home task


Checks pupils’ home work

Describe their diagrams about schools in Great Britain

III. Warm up


Reads the rhyme and asks to repeat and write:

The school has doors that open wide

And friendly teachers wait inside

Hurry, hurry, let’s go in

For soon the lessons will begin

Books and pencils I will need

When I have to write and read

Lots to learn and lots to do

I like to go to school

Do you? (asks pupils a few questions about school)

Listen, read and write down the rhyme and answer the questions

IV. Presentation of the theme: investigative work


Handouts the text for pupils to read and work and explains the task: to read the text and find the new information and speak about the system of education in the USA. Asks to look the new words up in the dictionary. Then as an additional material demonstrates the presentation “Education in the USA”

Read the text and extract information about the system of education in the USA and speak about it.

V. Group work


Divides the class in three groups by asking to choose cards with words Kazakhstan, Great Britain and The USA in them. And gives the task for each group: to make a poster about education in Kazakhstan, Great Britain and the USA

Choose the cards and are divided in three groups and do the task. After completing the task, the speaker from each group presents their poster to the class

VI. Comparison


Organizes work in comparison of three systems of education: find their similarities and differences. (group work)

Compare the systems of education in three countries and complete a table.

VII.Grammar practice


Involves in revision of numerals and asks to find the numerals from the text and complete the chart on Active board with Cardinal and Ordinal numerals

Revise the usage and meaning of modal verbs and do the tasks from cards

VIII. Conclusion. Reflection


Generalize pupils’ work on the theme. Evaluates pupils. Asks to complete the KLW-table about the theme of the lesson with stickers

Complete the KLW- table with the stickers

IX. Home task


Write about schools in the USA (7-8 sentences)

Write home task in the dairies

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