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Темирова Джанар Джумабаевна, учитель английского языка начальной школы №12, Мангистауской области, Казахстан

Week: 8

The day of the week: 1

Lesson: 3

Date: 24.02.2014

The theme of the lesson:

Happy Birthday

The aim of the lesson:

Revising the months of the year and talking about birthdays.

Using the new methods of the critical thinking `JIGSOW` and `The Bus Station`

The results of the lesson:

The pupils can describe their birthday party table and talk about party. They improve their spoken speech.


The teacher`s actions

The pupils` actions



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1. Greeting.

-How are you?

-What date is it today?

-What`s the weather like today?

-What season is it now?

2. Let`s dance.

3. Warming up.

Answer the questions:

a) Please, name the spring months.

b) Name the summer months.

c) Name the autumn months.

d) Name the winter months.

4. Divide the class into group of four: winter, spring, summer. autumn

5. Think and guess.

Giving questions to the groups.

6.Using the critical thinking method `The Bus Stations`

  • The 1st station:

choose the picture you like best and give it the name.

  • The 2nd station:

give the questions.

  • The 3rd station:

answer to the questions.

  • The 4th station:

write a short essay using the answers to the questions.

  • The 5th station:

read your essay.

7. Using the new method `JIGSOW`

a) Work with cards.

b) Our new theme is … .

`Happy Birthday`

c) Let us read.

d) Find your partner and talk with him\her about the text `Happy Birthday`.

e) Discuss

f) Give the questions to the groups.

g) Poster: draw a picture of your family party with food on the table and any decorations, presents.

8. Giving home work:

9. Evaluating.

  1. Song `Good morning!`

-We`re fine thank you! And you?

- Today is 24th of February.

- It`s cold today.

-It`s winter now.

  1. Doing morning exercises and dancing.

3. Thinking and answering to the questions:

a) March, April, May

b) June, July, August.

c) September, October, November.

d) December, January, February.

  1. Using the names of the months.


  • Three months beginning with J__.
  • This month has three letters ---.
  • How many days are there in February?
  • Find the months: mereDec

6. Play the game `The Bus Stations`

  • Pictures of the seasons, then groups change over the pictures.

  • Children give 3 or 4 questions to the picture, then groups change over the picture with the questions.

  • Pupils answer to the questions, then groups change over the picture and the paper with the questions and answers.
  • Pupils write a short essay using the answers to the questions.

  • Children read their essay.

7. Play the game `JIGSOW`

a) Find their friends, ask them question ` When`s your birthday? ` and fill in the chart, then read your sentences.


Arman`s birthday is in February.

Nurzhan`s birthday is in February.

b) Pupils think and find the new theme:

`Happy Birthday`

c) Read out the text `Happy Birthday` yourselves on page 70.

d) Pupils find their partners using pictures of the presents, then they talk about the text `Happy Birthday`. they come back to their groups)

e) They come back to their groups and discuss the text.

f) Working with the group: answer to the questions:

  • What colour is the bike?
  • How many candles are there?
  • What colour is the plane?
  • How many balloons are there?

g) Doing posters and telling about it.

8. To write a short essay about

`My Birthday Party`

9. To write reflections.

Self -assessment

Self -assessment

Self -assessment

Self -assessment


Self -assessment

Talk partners

`Traffic lights`

Talk partners


`Muddiest points`

`Two stars and a wish`


Power point

The names of the months and seasons.

Question cards

Power point

Power point

Power point Pictures of the seasons and the paper A4.

Cart cards

Power point

Posters and markers.

The cards of the `Two stars and a wish`


The result of the lesson was good.

To use the new methods were very useful.

I have to teach the pupils to spares the time.

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