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Должность:Учитель английского и немецкого языков
Регион:ХМАО-Югра, г. Нижневартовск
2 Конспект урока : Путешествие в Великобританию

Конспект урока по теме: “Путешествие в Британию»

Цель: обобщение лингвострановедческого материала по теме «Британия»

Задачи: - организовать повторение и обобщение страноведческого материала;

- развивать умение высказывать свои мысли на английском языке, воображение, память, формировать коммуникативные навыки.

Ход урока

1.    Организационный момент:

T - Good morning, dear friends! I am glad to see you! How are you today?


T - Are you ready to start our work?

2. Объявлениетемыурока.

T - I want you to pay   attention to the blackboard, where the quotation from John Clarke is written: “He that travels far knows much”. I think these words can be the motto of our lesson. Let’s try to prove that Clarke was really right. What do you think about this quotation? How do you understand these words?

You can use these expressions to answer:

-         I think…

-         To my mind…

-         In my opinion…

-         Itseemstome… (на доске, дети отвечают)

3. Речеваязарядка

T – Do you like to travel? What do you think why people travel? (фронтальныйопрос)


-         to study foreign languages

-         to make friends

-         to meet new people

-         to learn about the country

-         to learn about traditions and customs

-         to learn about culture

-         to see places of interest

T –Thank you. By the way, what English-speaking countries do you know?

P – I know…..

T – Have you ever visited any English-speaking countries?

P – Yes, I have been…….

T – Have you ever been to Britain?

P – No, we haven’t.

T – Would you like to visit Britain?

P – Yes, of course.

T – What would you like to visit in Britain?

P – I would like to visit in Britain……..

4.    Основнойэтапурока.

T – Ok. Let’s visit Britain right now.  Your home task was to get as much as possibly information about Britain. Are you ready? Ok, let’s check up.

The first team:……………(проект)

The second team:…………..(буклет)

T - Thank you.  Let’s do the task. Find out if the statements are right, wrong or may be you do not know. Write down your answers.

T –You have learned a lot of information about London. And now I want you to make dialogs about London and its sights.

     5. Подведениеитогов.             

T - Will you recommend your friends to travel to English - speaking countries? Where would you like to go next time and who would you like to travel with?

T – Your home task will be to tell a story “My Visit to Britain”.

Your work today was good. Thank you very much for the lesson Goodbye.





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