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Great Britain

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Мартукская школа - гимназия № 2

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Great Britain

The aims of the lesson: to enrich student’s knowledge about Great Britain;

- to develop skills in oral speech;

- to bring up the feeling of love towards Great Britain.

Methods: group work, individual work, brain storming.

Aids: a computer, a screen, pictures.

The procedure of the lesson.

I.Organization moment.

T: Good morning, children!

P: Good morning, teacher!

T: How are you?

P: We are fine. Thank you! And you?

T: I am OK. Thank you. Sit down!

II.Brain storming:

Find the odd one out and underline it.

-Dear children! Look at the screen. Your task is to find the odd one out and underline it. If it is clear for you, let’s start.

1)England Scotland Spain

2) The Thames The Severn The Volga

3) The North End the West End the East End

T: What theme do you associate words with?

P: Great Britain.

T; Now we are going to review the theme “Great Britain”, grammatical material “prepositions”.

III.Checking the home task. Answer the questions:

1) What is the capital of Great Britain? — London is the capital of

Great Britain.

2) What is the official name of great Britain? — The United Kingdom

of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

3) How many parts does the United Kingdom consist of? — The UK

consists of 4 parts.

4) What are they? — They are: England, Scotland, Wales and Nothern


5) What parts is London traditionally divided into? — Traditionally London is divided into several parts: the City,Westminster,the West End and the East End.

IV.True or false.

- Your task is to find which sentence is true or false.

1)The United Kingdom Lies on the British Isles.(True)

2)The United Kingdom is twice smaller than France or Italy.(Falst. Not Italy-Spain)

3)Sydney is the capital of Great Britain.(False. Not Sydney-London)

4(London is situated on both banks of the River Thames.(True)

5)The population of Great Britain is over 57 million. (True)

V.Complete the sentences.

1.London is one of the Largest cities in___and the Largest city in Europe. (the world)

2. The West coast of the country is washed by the ___and the Irish Sea. (Atlantic Ocean)

3. Westminster is the historic___of government. (centre)


-Who is officially the head of the state in Great Britain?

Let’s make a small trip. (The Royal Family)

1) The Houses of Parliament in London, known also as the Palace of

Westminster, is the palace where members of Parliament gather together to make Laws. The Palace of Westminster Abbey.

2) Trafalgar Square is in the centre of the West End of London. It is

the best known square with its tall column to Admiral Nelson rising high above it. Trafalgar Square is the place where mass meetings and demonstrations for working people’s rights take place.

3) St. Paul’s Cathedral is the greatest work of England’s greatest

architect.Christopher Wren. The Cathedral was begun in 1675. It was opened in 1697 but was finished only in 1710, when Wren was almost eighty years old. There are memorials to many famous men England in the Cathedral.

4) The Tower of London is an old castle, with high walls, high

towers, small windows and large gardens. Once it was a royal residence, a strong fortress and a state prison, it is only a museum today.

5) Westminster Abbey is one of the most beautiful buildings in

London. There are many monuments of great men there. Many of Great Britain’s famous men are buried in Westminster Abbey.

6) Piccadilly Circus is a square in the central part of London.

London’s best known theatres and most famous restaurants are on Piccadilly Circus.

7) Big Ben is the name of the great bell which strikes the hour. It is in

the clock Tower of the Houses of Parliament.

Listening comprehension.

Big Ben (from the electronic text - book)

Presenting a new vocabulary: probably, impressive, chimed, spectacular, illuminated, rarely.

Big Ben

Probably the world’s most famous clock, Big Ben in London is an impressive sight. The name Big Ben is not for the clock, but for the 13.5 tonne bell was named after Sir Benjamin Hall. The clock and the bell had 13 years of troubles until it first chimed in 1859. The tower and clock look spectacular at night because the clock is illuminated. The 4 dials of the clock are 23 square feet and the numbers are 2 feet tall! Big Ben is an excellent time keeper and has rarely stopped.

VII. Practice. Grammar exercise: Ex. VII p 127. Fill in the blanks with correct prepositions.

1) The population of London is _____ 8 millions. (about)

2) London is situated _____ the both banks ____ the River

Thames. (on, of)

3) Today ____ its full extent Greater London covers 625 square

miles. (in)

4) Traditionally London is divided ____ several parts. (into)

5) The City is the heart ____ London. (of)

6) It is the financial centre _____ the UK ______ many banks,

offices and Stock Exchange. (of, with)

7) Oxford Street ____ the west End is the endless shopping area

which attracts visitors ____ all over ____ the world. (in, from, -)

8) There are a lot ___ factories and docks in the East End. (of)

9) The East End is populated ___ working class families. (by)

X. Test. Work yourself.

1) Who are Prince William and Prince Henry’s parents?

a) Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer are

b) Queen Victoria and Prince Albert are

c) Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson are

d) Prince Anne and Captain Mark Philips are

e) Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip are

2) Nelson’s Column is situated in ___ in London

a) Fleet Street b)Downing Street c) Trafalgar Square

d) Piccadilly Circus e) Harley Street

3) London stands on the

a) Eire b)Mississippi c)Missouri

d) Thames e) Avon

4) Ireland — Irish, Scotland — Scottish, Wales - ?

a) Walesse b) Walsh c)Welsh

d) Walent e) Wellish

5) The British money is_____

a) dollars b) pounds c) franks

d) crones e) British dollars

6) How many parts does Great Britain include?

a) 2 b)5 c)4 d)6 e)3

7) Who is officially the head of the state in Great Britain?

a) Parliament b) Labor Party c) Liberal Party d) The queen or the king e) Conservative party

8) What is ____ “Big Ben”?

a) University b) museum c) exhibition d) clock

e) theatre

9) It has three parts: The City, the West end and the East End

a) New York b) Moscow c) Las Vegas d)London


10) Sherwood Forest is famous for the legendary

a) Winnie — the Pooh b) Robin Hood c) Harry Potter d)Mary Poppins e) Sleeping Beauty

XI. Conclusion.

XII. Home task. Write a composition about your country

XIII.Commenting marks.

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