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I Организационный момент: 1 минута
Tutor: Good morning
I am very glad to see you here today and let's greet our respectable guests. (take
your seats) Well, now we can start. Not long ago we had additional holidays and
now are finally back to school, by the way class are you happy to be back to
school? Слайд номер 1
P1. Yes!!
Tutor: Great! But talking about the additional holidays, what kind of problem
made us follow them? Cлайд номер 2
P2.Children had some health problems.
Tutor: You are absolutely right! Health was also the topic of our 2 previous
classes. (We have already discussed good and bad health habits, have learnt some
new vocabulary on the topic, and have learnt health fact files (of the UK, the USA
and Russia)). The question is, what are we going to talk about today? Слайд
номер 3
Just imagine a person is unwell, but is not really ill, yet? Then what can we tell
him or her to do?
P3.We can tell him or her how to stay healthy.
II Речевая подготовка: 1 мин
Tutor: Brilliant, thank you, our today’s topic is exactly How to stay healthy.
What is health? Why do we need it? There are a lot of questions connected with
Слайд номер 4 And here I want to quote Thomas Carlyle speaking on health:
«He who has health has hope and he who has hope has everything» please have a
look at the smartboard and now let's read together. ( Фонетическая зарядка)
III Аудирование: 6 мин
Tutor: Very good, thank you. That was the opinion of a British writer and
philosopher about health, but today we are also going to hear the opinion of a
common British girl Ann, who wrote a letter to the website about health habits.
(Аудирование) Слайд номер 5
While listening try to find out :
1.Why has Ann written the letter?
2. Does Ann lead a healty lifestyle? Prove it.

3. What do you think Ann's lifestyle was before?
Don't forget, you can take some notes in your copy-books, if its nescessary and by
the way here are the words which can be useful while listening.
Listening 2- answering the questions – having a look at the highlighted words.
Thank you for the answers. And now for the script please open your students
books at page 128. We need Ex. 1 p 128. You have 30 seconds to look through the
IV Введение нового лексического материала: 3 минуты
Tutor: Super, in this letter we also had some new words and collocations which
were highlighted, now let's figure their meanings out. Moreover, here we will have
some words from the previous lessons. Can you please come up to the smartboard
and do the matching Слайд номер 6 (Введение/Актуализация НЛЕ)
used to
to pay attention
fast food
either … or
neither … nor
to pay attention to
to limit
to avoid
junk food
to ban
You did a great job. Thank you. So, let’s pronounce the new words and
collocations all together. Thank you.
V Закрепление лексического материала: 8 минут
Tutor: Now it's time to see how well you remembered the words. For that we will
need our «On cloud nine task». Слайд номер 7 (Закрепление НЛЕ)
We are going to work in groups of 4, please turn over to see your partners. You
can use the paper with the cloud to do the task. You will have 3 minutes to find
and match 1. Positive words 2. Negative words 3. Our today’s motto. Your 3
minutes start now.
The time is up. Let's see what do you have. Проговорить и потом выходить к
доске вычеркивать
Unbelievable. And the last point was to find our today's motto. So, what is it, all
Class: Stay


Tutor: It's absolutely correct.You did a good team work. Now can you please turn
over to your seats. And have a look at your worksheets. First of all sigh them. Here
you can see our motto again, but this time, you will need to write an acrostic poem
with the motto. You will have 2 minutes for this individual tasks. Please, start.
Прослушать несколько. Thank you very much.

VI Зарядка: 2 минуты
Слайд номер 9 Guys can you please clap once if you are a little bit tired and now
please clap 2 if you are not at all. Well, I can see you tired, but we are going to fix
Слайд номер 10 We will have exercises for your body and healthy lyrics for your
brain. Please, stand up. Включается клип с песней. До 1:16
VII Обобщение грамматического и лексического материала по теме: 13
Tutor: In our song there were a lot of words connected with health, but you know
we are not always healthy and in a good fit, and especially your parents always
complain that you are unhealthy, therefore they also give some reasons for that.
We can see the reasons in our students book, at page 129, it is ex. 2, let's read and
discuss them. Слайд номер 11
Tutor: That's right. Guys and if we have a look at all the sentences again, can we
notice what grammar pattern is used in each sentence?
P4…a lot of, little, a few …
Tutor: Слайд номер 12 Great. These are quantifiers. And today we are also
going to revise this grammatical pattern,on the smartboard you can see a small
table, just for you to revise, please scan it. Now let's open your Activity Books at
page 65, there we hae ex. 3, read the task, please.
Tutor: Is the task clear? Слайд номер 13 Ok, you will need to do it in your
worksheets, for the task you have 2 minutes. You are welcome to start. Now give
your worksheet to your neighbour and let him or her check.
Tutor: On the smartboard you can see the points for the mark, count your
neighbours points, please and put him or her a mark.
VIII Индивидуальное дз «Гид по здоровью»? 2 минуты
Tutor: We talked a lot about staying healthy today, and I suppose we need a
summary. You are lucky, we actually have health specialist with us right now.


They had their individual group project task to make their own «Stay happy and
healthy » guide. Guys, you are welcome ...
Pupils Guide.
Tutor: It was very inspiring, indeed. You are going to get additional marks for that,
thank you. And class, do you have questions?
Завершающий этап.
IX Подведение итогов: 5 минут
Tutor: Unfortunately our lesson is coming to its logical end, and I want to
summarize the work we have done. Слайд номер 14 Was there anything new for
you today?
Tutor: What was the most interesting, and the most difficult for you?
Tutor: That’s really nice. Talking about your marks, please pass you worksheets, I
will check them, and later on today you will be able to see your marks on the
school E-journal website. But I also want to encourage our most active students
and our specialists with additional marks.
Tutor: Would you like to tell a friend or a family member about staying healthy
after our lesson? If yes, send your ideas and guides 4-5 sentences to my e-mail.
Here it is, if you forgot it. And you can also send this information through the
instagram just put a hashtag #howtobehealthy. Also for your hometask. 1. Words
p. 152, Unit 5, Lesson 2
2.Grammar p. 191-192 (The Infinitive) 3. A.B. Unit 5, Lesson 2, ex.1
Finally, did you like our lesson today, class? Thumbs up, if you did. Thumbs
down, if you didn’t.
Class: Yes.
All in all, what was the motto of our lesson today?
Class: Stay Healthy!
Слайд номер 15скачать dle 12.1

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