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Обобщающий урок по теме «Native Americans and the First Colonists»


 «Native Americans and the First Colonists»

•Развивающие. Развивать способности к осмысленности восприятия и к распределению внимания, к слуховой дифференциации, к логическому изложению содержания высказывания, к формулированию выводов из прочитанного и услышанного, развивать способности к коммуникабельности ,развивать способности к самостоятельному труду и самооценке, развивать способности к вербализации, т.е. словесному выражению услышанного. 

•Учебные. Формирование и развитие навыков и умений всех видов речевой деятельности: умение работать с новой лексикой, 

•Воспитательные. Развивать у детей познавательную активность на уроке. 

Оснащение урока: учебник,  раздаточный материал, мультимедийная техника.




 Today we are going to have an unusual lesson: we are going to remember everything we have learnt about the history of America, its native inhabitants, the first colonists, the history of Thanksgiving Day. We shall remember some grammar  material: present perfect and word formation. Be attentive, your hometask will be to make a report . The topics of your report we are going to discuss later.




I So lets have a voyage to an unknown land (презентация).

                     I AM IN LOVE WITH AMERICA (by TRADE MARTIN)

I am in love with America,

It’s the greatest country

God has ever made.

Though there is beauty all around us

And many other wonderous lands.

My heart beats proudly for America,

It’s the nation I was born in.

I hope the whole world understands

Why I thank the Lord every morning,

Freedom’s sound will never fade.

I’m in love with America.


II We have learnt a lot  about native Americans . Lets see if you remember this material. Answer my questions.

1 Where did Native Americans come from?

2 Where did they travel?

3 Where did they live?

4 What was their occupation?

5 Did they live happily with nature?

6 They believed in many gods, didn’t they?

7 Why did they believe in gods?

8What traditions of Native Americans do you know?


III Your hometask was to make up some dialogues on this topic. We are  going to listen to some of them.(pupils’ variants)


IV We have just mentioned that native Americans were very peaceful, their clothes were colorful.

Name some more adjectives with suffix – FUL(pupil’s variants).

Here you are given some suffixes with the help of which you have to make new words out of these ones.  


V Lets have some moments of rest .

Close your eyes and imagine that you are sailing the ocean blue. Your ship is great. It has white sails, there is a swimming pool on board the ship . The sun is shining, the wind is blowing.


VI Open your eyes and look at the screen. Does your imaginary ship look like that one.(на экране корабль «Mayflower»)

Answer my questions

1 Do you know what ship it is?

2When did the first colonists come to America?

3 Why did they leave England for America?

4 How many people were there on board the ship?

5 How did native Americans meet the white newcomers?

6 How did pilgrims call their new land?

7 What holiday became their national one?     (слайд)

8 What did they thank God for? (poems)


VII Thank you. Now lets play the Champion game. Lets make two teams. I’ll give you these questions. Look them through and try to give the right answer.(Quiz)


VIII Do you know anything about Pocahontas?  If not, lets read some information about her and answer my question “Why did she become the symbol of friendship?“




 IX Lets pass over to your hometask . Look at the screen where you are given some topics for your reports.         


Choose any of them.



I’m quite satisfied with your work. I’ll give you only good marks. The lesson is over.


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galinasidorenko | 30 апреля 2016 18:36
Спасибо за статью. Обязательно применю на практике. Удачи вам в вашей учительской деятельности и, самое главное, послушных учеников fellow
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