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A day of my life

Demonstrative lesson


                                                                                                              Form: 5  “A”

                                                                                                              Date: 15.12.2010

                                                                                                              Duration: 45 min

The theme of the lesson:  A day of my life


The aims of the lesson:



      1. to be able to speak about the family, clothes, time, colour, job. To check up their knowledge on this theme

Practical aims

1. to develop listening,writing and speaking abilities

2. to check up the knowledge of lexic

Developing aims:

1. to improve students'  motivation and participation

in classroom activities

2. to stimulate students' to a learning foreign language


Type of the lesson: untraditional  lesson, travel lesson

Visual aids: a computer, projector

 Visual materials: cards, wallpaper, pictures


                                            The procedure of the lesson.


Organization moment:


Teacher’s activity                                                                   Pupils’ activity

- Good afternoon, children!                                                    - Good  afternoon, good afternoon

                                                                                                   Good afternoon too you

                                                                                                    Good afternoon and teacher

                                                                                                     How are you?     

- I’m very well, thank you! And you?                                      - We are fine.

- Sit down, please

- Who is on duty today?                                                        - I’m on duty today.

- Who is absent?                                                                   - All are present.

-What day is it today?                                                           -Today is…wednesday

-What date is it today?                                                          - Today is the 15th of december

  2. Warm-up 


Before to start our lesson  you must choose one figures, that you like.


You are not so bad, but lazy, rude, sometimes clever

 You are lader, you are very active, kind

You are beautiful, active, sometimes naughty


Well, Laura  begin


Begining of  lesson

Well, let’s begin our lesson.  Today, we will revise our last material and speak about week.

Today we have unusual lesson, we have a travel lesson. Before to travel we must buy a ticket.  If you answer the questions you can buy  a ticket, well who wants to answer?

  Arailum …………….




1st station is called “Family’’

In this station there are some tasks, you must do it,

      Task #1    Describe the picture,    this is my mother, this is my father…

   Task #2   Complete the family tree                                   mother                father



                                                                                     Sister                                      brother


                                                                                     I am                                        cousin



Now,  children  we know names of our family and we can say a rhyme, do you know a poem about family?  Yes,    this is my mother, this is my father

                                              This is my brother Paul

                                              This is my sister, this is my uncle

                                                How I love them all!!!

Oh good job!

The 2nd station is called “ clothes”


Task #3   put in order. There  are given pictures with words but you must put it in order, Ok?

The 3rd station is called  “Colours”

Answer my questions, what’s this?  It is a pen

                                        What colour is it?   It is green………………………


        Rhyme about colour         spring is green, summer is bright

                                                  Autumn is yellow, winter is white


Well, children may be you are tired, let’s sing song ”the happy song”


Now let’s continue our travel the next station is called “Time”


Task#5 what time is it?(4.00)it is four o‘clock….




Task #6    Match the time     


                                                    4.10                         it is twelve o’clock

                                                   5.15                         it is quarter to seven

                                                   12.00                        it is ten past four

                                                    6.30                         it is quarter past five

                                                     6.45                         it is half past six



          Now who knows  a poem about time?         Mind the clock, keep the rule

                                                                                 Try to come, in time to school


The next station is called “Jobs”

                   You must guess the crossword             











and now we stop in this station is called “’week’’

      well repeat all together(Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday,    Saturday, Sunday )




Your hometask will be Ex 10 p 83





Today you’ve worked very hard, thank you for your participate.                

Your marks for today…..


The end of the lesson

The lesson is over .

Good bye children                                   Good bye teacher!

























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