Базаркул Кеулимжаева
Должность:Учительница английского языка
Регион:Актюбинская область, город Шалкар

ALL the professions are good and interesting

Objectives: 1.to develop pupilsspeaking  abilities and oral speech.

2. to train them in reciting and guessing

3. to bring them up to respect  people of any professions

Compere: Good afternoon, dear friends!

Our today’s party which is held in the 3–rd form is called "All the professions are good and interesting".

         Today we’ll speak about different kinds of professions such as doctors, teachers, bakers, builders, miners, etc.

Every day many people work for us. Teachers give us knowledge. Postmen bring us fresh newspapers, magazines and letters. Doctors treat people. Bakers make us bread and tasty cakes.

Teachers: Children, what do you want to be when you grow up?

P1: I want to be a doctor.

P2:  I want to be a teacher.

P3: I want to be a builder. Etc.

Short play "Workers of tomorrow"

Compere: Oh, will you tell me

What will you be?

What will you be?

When you grow up?

P1: I’ll be a miner

I’ll drill for coal.

/He works with a drill/.

Compere: Oh, will you tell me, etc?

P2:  I’ll be a  baker

I’ll bake your bread.

/He mixes bread/.

Compere: Oh, will you tell me, etc?

P3: I’ll be a builder

         I’ll build your houses

         /He lays bricks/.

Compere: Oh, will you tell me, etc?

P4: I’ll be a teacher.

         I’ll teach the children.

         /He writes on the blackboard/.

Compere: Oh, will you tell me, etc?

P5: I’ll be a driver.

         I’ll drive lorries.

         /He steers a lorry/.

Compere: Oh, will you tell me, etc?

P6: I’ll be a soldier.

         I’ll guard our land.

         /He stands on guard/.

All pupils together in chorus:

P-s: When we grow up, we’ll be

P1: Miners           P4: Teachers

P2: Bakers           P5: Drivers

P3: Builders                  P6: Soldiers

All together:

We’ll work together.

For our native land


Teacher: Thank you very much!

We believe in  you and hope that you’ll be excellent masters of your professions, of your jobs.

Musical pause: Song "Jingle, bells".

 Jingle  bells.

Dashing thro’ the snow

In a one – horse open sleigh

O’er the field we go,

Laughing all the way.

Bells on bobtail ring,

Making spirits bright

What fun it is to ride and sing

A sleighing song tonight!

Refrain: Jingle, bells!2

Jingle all the way

Oh, what fun it is to ride

In a one – horse open sleigh.

Teachers: Very nice of you! Thank you. Now, look at the table "What am I? "  and guess the riddles.

1.     I get up very early

I go from house to house

I bring people letters.

2.     I stand in the street

I stop the cars.

I help the children

3.     I always have a pair of scissors, a brush and a comb.

I cut hair and shave men.

4.     I have a white apron and a white cap on

I make bread and cakes.

5.     I ride on an engine. I work very hard. I put out the fire.

Answers: Postman, militiaman, barber, fireman. (Pupils, one after another, guess the riddles)

Sketch: "At the Doctors".

Boy: Good morning, doctor!

Doctor: Good day! What’s wrong with you?

Boy: I have a terrible toothache.

Doctor: What’s a pity. Sit down, please. Open your mouth wider, will you? You must have your tooth out.

Boy: I’m ready, doctor.

Doctor:  One, two, three. I t’s all over.

Boy: Thank you. I’m well. Good – bye, doctor.

Doctor: Bye-bye!


Teachers: That is all. Our party is over. Thank you to all of you. As you see and as you know all the professions are important, good and interesting. You must learn very well in order to be an excellent master of your profession,  in order to be a good citizen of our Republic Kazakhstan. Thank you. Good-bye!

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