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Разработка урока по английскому языку на тему "My English friend"

                                               Plan of the lesson


Date:  _______

Grade: 5 а

Theme: “My English friend


1.      To give more information about new theme

2.      To enrich pupil’s vocabulary and knowledge

3.      To develop pupil’s abilities in speaking, writing, reading

The aids of the lesson: cards, pictures

I.                   Introduction:

Good morning, good morning, good morning to you!

Good morning dear children

I am glad to see you!

-          How are you?

-          Who is on duty today?

-          Who is absent today?

-          What date is it today?

-          What was your home task?

I.                   Warming-up activities:

Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear

Turn around

Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear

Touch the ground

Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear

Switch off the light

Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear

Say good nigh

II. Following up activities:

a)      Presentation:

                                            New words: 

1.      Together  – бірге

2.      Help  –көмектесу

3.      In need- қажет кезде

4.      Indeed- шынында

5.      Kind- мейірімді

6.      Dog-house- үйшік



New structure:  1. “I have got an English friend”

                                2. “His/her name is…”                              


                                                 My friend

I have got a friend

We like to play

We play together

Every day

He always helps me

When I’m in need

For he is my friend

Good friend indeed


b)     Practice:

Read the dialogue and translate it.

Aidar: Hello, Talgat. How are you?

Talgat: Hi Aidar. I am all right. And you?

Aidar: I am very well. Have you got English friend?

Talgat:  Yes, I have. And what about you?

Aidar: No, I haven’t. What is his name?

Talgat: His name is Tom. He is 13 years old. He likes to play football and tennis.


Exercise 3: Here is another tale for you. Read and translate

                                                     A good friend

     The dog and her four nice little puppies live in a dog-house. The cat and her two kittens live in a box. The box is near the dog-house.

     One day the cat goes for a walk and doesn’t come back. “Where is our mother?” ask the little kittens. “Oh, where is our mother?” ask the little kittens. “Oh, where is our mother?” the little kittens ask the dog.

     “I’m sorry, I don’t know. But I can help you. Come and live in my house. I’ve got four children- four little puppies. Now you are my children too, and I’m your mother. My puppies are your brothers and sisters.”

     Now the two kittens live in the dog-house. They have got nice brothers and sisters and a very kind mother.

       A friend in need is a friend indeed.


Exercise 4: Complete the sentences

The cat and her ________ kittens live in a box. ________ is near the dog-house.  Oh, where is our _______?  I’ve got ______ children- _______ little puppies. My puppies are your _______ and _________.  A friend _______ is a friend indeed.


c)      Production:

SONG:  Bingo

There was a farmer had a dog

And Bingo was his name oh



And Bingo was his name oh.

(Clap, pack your legs, pack your tummy, pack your head, jump)




And Bingo was his name oh!


Exercise 5: Complete the table

                                              About my friend

My friend’s name is….

He/she is…

His/her surname is….

He/she likes to play….

His/her favourite colour is….








Round off activities:

1.      A short summary of the lesson:

Children today we have new theme. “My friend”

2.      Home task:

 To learn by heart new words and poem

3.      Marks and comments:

Well done! You were very active and attentive at the lesson.

Thank you for the wonderful work!

4.      Brief reference to the next lesson:

          In the next lesson we will have a new theme.



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