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How do you spell your name?

Казахстан, г.Уральск

МКШ при Облтубдиспансере

Учитель английского языка

Балгабаева Г.М.

How do you spell your name?

Form: 5  

The theme of the lesson: How do you spell your name?

The aims of the lesson:

  1. to develop pupil speaking abilities and to inlarge their vocabulary. 
  2. to develop pupil skill in text speech with in the lexical materials. 
  3. to widen the range scople of pupil, development of memory. 

The type of the lesson: Cambind lesson

Visual aids: poster, cards, picture

Procedure of the lesson

I. Warming - up

- Good – morning all! Sit down, please.

- Who is on duty today?

- Who is absent?

- What is the date today?

- What is the day today?

- Thank you, sit down please.

II. Phonetic – drill

-         Let’s begin our lesson with phonetic – drill

-         Look at the blackboard and listen to me.

My name is Ann

Her name is Nan

His name is Ben

Say it again

- Now, children repeat after me

- And read the poem youselves without me

- Very nice!

III. Checking – up the home task

-         What was your home task for today?

-         Thank you

IV. Presentation

-         Today we will take the new theme “How do you spell your name?”

New words

First name [fə:st neim] – аты

Surname [sə:neim] – тегі

Yes [jes] – иә

No [nəu] – жоқ

Spell [spel] - әріптеп оқу

V. Practise 

-         Now open your book ay page 39 read this dialogue

-         Open your books at page 40 Ex: 2

-         Ex: 4, 7 How do you say them?

-         Ex 8

Kazakhstan                       London

Great Britain                     Astana

The USA                          Washington

Do you know

In the USA teenager can drive at 16 and many. Students can have a part –time jobs at 15. At may leave their parents’ home.

In  Britain teenagers can ride a motorbike when they are 16 and drive a car at 17. They can vote when they’re 18.

In the Kazakhstan teenager can drive at 18 and many students can have part-time job at 14. And they can vote when they’re 18.

-         Ex: 9. Look at the people and say their first name and surname.

Abai Kunanbaev

Alla Pugachova

Talgat Musabaev

Mikle Dgekson

VI. Production

-         Now  we shall work with a crossword






















-         Fill in the card.

Surname ______________________

First name _____________________


Address _______________________

Telephone number _______________

-         I’ll give you 5 min.

VII. Rounding – up

-         Your mark for today …

-         Your home task will be Ex: 5, 6 p 40 - 41, to learn by heart new words. 

-         The lesson is over. Good – bye!                  

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