Ольга Николаевна
Группа:Мир учителя


Казахстан, Актюбинская область, Мугалжарский район, г. Кандыагаш

Школа-гимназия №3

Учитель английского языка

Киянова Гульсара Шамовна


The primary objectives of the lesson: teach pupils to speak about the animals in details, development of the grammar and lexical skills.

I.                  Teacher: Dear children, I know you love birds and animals. You take care of them. I am sure you will be glad to see different animals and birds at the zoo. Let’s go to the zoo. I think it will be interesting. But before we go, listen to a rhyme “To the zoo”.

a)     Phonetic drill. Exercises. The poem “To the zoo”

     We are off to the Zoo!

    We are off to the Zoo!

    We haven’t a moment to spare.

We’re going to see the kangaroo

And feed the big brown bear.

 b)    Teacher: Children let’s sing together a very good song “Going to the Zoo” (pupils sing all together).

II.               The situation “At the Zoo” (consolidation of lexical  material)

Teacher: Now we are at the zoo.

Оқушыларсуреткеқарапәңгіме құрайды

     Pupil: Oh, I see the zoo. What a fine zoo it is! I can see a lot of animals. I can see a fox, a wolf, a monkey, a bear, a lion an elephant, a tiger and a kangaroo. The monkeys are working and jumping. I can see a wolf. He is eating. The bears are playing. How nice they are! I like animals very much.

     Teacher: What animals can you see at the zoo?



 A Rabbit

I had a penny,                           I wanted a rabbit,

A bright new penny,                A little brown rabbit,

I took my penny,                      And I looked for a rabbit

To the market square.            Most everywhere.

Our Cat Has a Flat

Our pussy- cat                          But a brown floor.

Has a good, small flat.            The walls are white

It has no door                           And the flat is bright.

 Can you?

Can you hop like a rabbit?

Can you jump like a frog?

Can you walk like a duck?

Can you run like a dog?

Can you fly like a bird?

Can you swim like a fish?

The Bird-House

Little bird, little bird,               Little boy, little boy

Look at me!                              Under the tree,

I have a bird-house.                I like this house,

Oh, come and see!                  Give it to me.

III.           The play “ Three Little Pigs”

 IV.           Guess the animals:

V.               Teacher: “What do we call …”

A baby-dog?                 A baby- swan?

A baby-pig?                  A baby-sheep?

A baby-cow?                A baby-duck?

A baby-horse?             A baby-hen?

A baby-cat?                 A baby-mouse?

A baby-bear?              A baby-wolf?

A baby-goat?

Peoples answer: A puppy, a piglet, a calf, a colt, a kitten, a teddy-bear, a kid, a cygnet, a lamb, a duckling, a chicken, a mouse, a wolf-cub.

Teacher: Children you know that many people have pets. Please, tell us stories about your own pets.

Peoples: “I have got a goat. It is white. It gives us milk. We like the goat very much. We have a nanny-goat is grey and our billy-goat, too. Our nanny-goat is

grey and our billy-goat is brown. They have a kid. It’s very nice. It runs and jumps in the yard. It is my pet. I like to play with it.”

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