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My family. Professions

Казахстан, Северо-Казахстанская область, Айыртауский район, с.Саумалколь

Саумалкольская школа-гимназия №2

Учитель английского языка

Теменова А.К.

My family. Professions


  1. to check and form knowledge of the words of the theme “My family” and “Professions”;
  2. to develop skills of oral speech and writing;
  3. to teach children to be proud of the family; to respect each other; to develop interest. 


1.to revise the verb “to  be” and nouns;

2. to revise lexical meanings of the words;

3. to develop communicative skills (collaborative works, works in pairs); to develop remembering skills, imagination through the decision the problem on the lesson. 

Aids: computer, interactive board, CD, flashcards. 

The procedure of the lesson.

Stages of the lesson

Teacher’s activity

Children’ activity

I. The beginning of the lesson

Good morning, boys and girls!Glad to see you again, dear friends! How are you?

Nice day, isn’t it?


Do you have a family?

Is your family big or small?

What are the members of your family?

Do you help your mother or father at home?


Nice of you to do that. What are we going to speak about?

 Good morning, teacher!

 I’m OK!



I have a family.

It is big.

I have a mother, a father and two sisters.

I help my mother.



We are going to speak about our family.

II. 1. Presentation of the aim of the lesson.

(Flipchart 1)












1. Phonetic exercises.

Flipchart (2) and flashcards



  2. Speech drill





3. Grammar activity.

(Flipchart 3)




4. Vocabulary work

(Flipchrt 4)


(Flipchart 5)


(Flipchart 6)  Poetry minute.




5. Singing a song “Bingo”.




 (Flipchart 7) Working in small groups.





7. Writing and speaking activity.

(Flipchart 7)





(Flipchart 8)






8. Creative work

(Flipchart 9)

You are perfectly right.


So, we’ll try to speak about family relations, traditions and family activities.


Today we’ll do more exercises according to our theme. We’ll do some tasks on the board and we’ll sing a karaoke “Bingo”.


The main aim of our lesson is to make sentences  about your families and about professions in your family.


What are the members of a family?


Let’s repeat the words of the theme “My family ” and “Professions”(working with flashcarrds) 

Answer my questions:

  1. What is your name?
  2. Have you got a father? What is your dad’s name?
  3. How old is your mother?
  4. Making a dialogue.

Check your answers show you some pictures and you should tell me the words. Then I’ll show you these words. After that you’ll come to the board one by one and write the names of the pictures.

And now we’ll repeat all our words.



And now would you like to speak about your duties in your family?

Listen to the poem.

Do you help your relatives and parents?



Karaoke .Now we’ll sing a karaoke.



What is the profession?(matching he words with pictures)


What professions are in your family? Describe the photo


 You can use this plan of the project.

‘My family is…’

- Family’s picture

- Family dictionary (who is who in your family)

- Familyduties and activities

-Professions in your family


Look at this letter. You should write the missing letters.

- relatives

- family duties

- family activities











A mother, a father,…






 My name is ….

My Dad’s name is…. 

 My mother is ….










I help my mother. I wash dishes, take the rubbish out and clean my room.

 I like to help my Mom. I like to help my Dad.I like to  help my granny too And they are very glad.






 This is a teacher.This is a policeman.This is a doctor.This is a seller.


 My mother is a designer. My father is a doctor.






This is a mother.This is a father.

 I help to lay the table.


My father is a ….


I meet Ne.. Year with my fam….We spend su..mer holiday t..gether.

We meet gra….parents ..very w..ek.

We go .. the museu...


III. The end of the lesson

Home task


(Flipchart 10)

You will continue your project at home.

It will be your home task.


What have we spoken about?

Do you love your family? Why do you love them?

Next lesson we’ll have a presentation of your projects.


Thank you for your work. Goodbye.



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