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“ The Problem of Choosing a Suitable Work”



Учитель английского языка

Трунова О.В.

“ The Problem of Choosing a Suitable Work” 

Цели мероприятия:


  1. Активизация изученного лексико-грамматического материала цикла №5 «Выбор профессии».
  2. Повышение мотивации учащихся в изучении английского языка.
  3. Обсуждение  достоинств различных профессий в рамках проведения профессиональной ориентации учащихся.
  4. Развитие навыков ведения беседы-расспроса, формулирования собственного мнения, формирования монологического высказывания учащихся по заданной ситуации  .
  5. Развитие навыков письма: составление письма в редакцию телепередачи.
  6. Развитие творческого потенциала учащихся.
  7. Формирование способности работать в команде.

«Телеконференция» проводится в форме ролевой игры по пройденному материалу. Особое значение придается тому, что мероприятие проводится во внеурочное время в рамках «Недели английского языка» в кабинете школьного психолога, за «круглым столом», что придает ситуации реальный вид, приближенный к естественным условиям.

Оформление мероприятия:

Плакаты «Профессии», постеры с английскими пословицами о работе.

Участники мероприятия имеют эмблемы с надписями различных профессий, журналисты средств массовой информации(учащиеся 8-б класса) имеют эмблемы своих радио- и телестанций, газет и журналов.

Ведущий мероприятия (учитель) проводит оргмомент, сообщает тему и цель этого мероприятия.

     Now we’ll listen to our psychologist about the statistics concerning with opinion poll about the most popular professions, different kinds of occupation among the teenagers of our school.

A psychologist (Шибирова Катя)

      There are 58 students in our 9-th forms. I’ve spoken with 50 of them. Their opinions are rather different, but I’ve found that the most popular professions are  a bank manager or an

Accountant and an IT specialist. But the least interesting is a job of a teacher. So, 25% has

A finance job, 10%- a lawyer, 10% -a doctor and 5% - a teacher. I would like to ask a teacher about her occupation.

A teacher (Пуляева Таня)

    A teacher is very interesting and useful job. But it is suitable for a person who is very interested in a career working with children. You should be a caring person with good communication skills. As for me I like to belong to a team.

TV Channel “Culture” (Богданов Дима) – Is it really hard to work with children?

A teacher Yes, sure. Of course it is a hard  work, but it allows me to feel personal achievement, to feel respect. Besides, the salary is rather good.

Youth magazine “Cool” (Чернышева Аня) – Does satisfaction play a great role in choosing a profession?

A psychologist

People are satisfied with the job that allows them to be financially independent, to feel good about themselves, to feel respect and to have the opportunity to make a career.

The newspaper “Morning Star” (Иванов Алеша) – The most popular occupations in Russia are the jobs of a businessman and an accountant, aren’t they?

An accountant (Куранов Женя)

Yes, it’s like that. I’m an accountant. I  work in a large firm from 9 a.m. to 5p.m. But my working hours may be long at busy times. Work is hard but my salary is very good. The job of an accountant in a bank requires a lot of qualities. You should be confident with numbers, enjoy solving problems. Among the personal skills you should have team working and communication skills. It is also very important to have the patience and self-motivation to achieve success.

(Богданов Дима) What is necessary for an accounting career?

-          This career requires further study after school. Learning Maths, IT, Management are of special importance. There are a lot of such Institutions in our country.

The Radio station “Alternative” ( Лешонков Алеша) – What are the modern jobs in Russia nowdays?

An IT Specialist (Кондрахин Женя)

An IT specialist is one of the modern jobs. I originally went to University to study Psychology and  Information systems, then worked for two years at IBM. Software development is very creative. You need to be good with words as well as computers and to be good at solving problems. Good communication skills and confidence are necessary when talking with clients. A lot of patience helps to design, develop and test software.

The secretary of TV program (Баранникова Юля)  показывает стопку писем учащихся группы, выполненных, как домашнее задание в виде письма в редакцию телепередачи с изложением своего собственного мнения о выборе профессии.

There are a lot of interesting letters in our studio. All of them are connected with the topic of our discussion. The teenagers write about their interests, plans for future, their favourite jobs. But there are some letters about difficulty to find out a suitable choice. There is one of them.

(Зачитывает текст письма, письмо прилагается).

(Богданов Дима) – Would you like to advise this girl to become a lawyer?

A lawyer (Шилин Саша)

If she chooses a job of a lawyer, she will have good opportunities to earn the respect of people.

Moreover, she will have good conditions and work in a friendly atmosphere. But she will have long working hours and do a hard work. Nevertheless, I should say that she will earn high salary. And that is an important aspect.

ВВС Radio 1 (Говорухина Алина) – What is interesting in the profession of a dentist?

A dentist  (Веревкин Роман) – I enjoy  working with people, helping them and giving them the confidence to smile again. I love working with my hands and the fact that I  don’t sit at a desk all day. My advice is the best studying in Chemistry, Biology and either Physics or Maths. The job can be both satisfying and stressful. Useful skills are clinical skills, IT, problem solving, initiative, confidence, communication.

The newspaper ‘Moscow News’ (Гончаренко Настя) – I’ve got a question to a writer. What do you recommend teenagers about their future occupation? How could they choose it in a right way?

A writer  ( Асеева Кристина) -  I like to write about life of our teenagers. In my novels I discussed a lot of interesting questions about school and University. I should advise pupils to remember about compulsory  subjects. I’d like to recommend teenagers to make a list of skills they have, to match their interests with subjects they can study and to get key skills that will help in any work. My recommendation is to find which qualifications they need and to get information about different courses. I advise not to panic! And not to be afraid of making decisions. You should discuss your choices with your parents.  It is important to think of all the opportunities and to see what you really want.

Youth  magazine ‘Teens’(Гусакова  Наташа) – I want to ask our colonel to give a piece of

Advice to our students.

A military man(colonel) – (Тархов Антон)  - Тhere are many interesting and noble professions.

Finishing school is the beginning of the independent life for millions of school leavers. Many

roads are opened before them: technical schools, institutes and universities. But it is not an easy

thing to choose a profession out of more than 2000 existing in the world. Some pupils follow the

advice of their parents, others can’t decide even after leaving school. But I think working is a

great way to prepare for life after school or for college. Before you get a job you must have an

interview. There are some tips for looking out for a good job.

(Богданов Дима) – And what are they?

A scientist ( Севостьянов Сева) - Students should know these tips. They are:

1). Look through the Help Wanted ads in your local newspaper;

2). Find out information about the company you would like to work for;

3). Don’t go into a lot of details about your life;

4). Don’t make up information about yourself;

5). Think of a few questions you could ask about your job responsibilities;

6). Don’t turn up late;

7). Think over answers to possible questions in advance.

(Говорухина Алина) – Are there jobs for men or only for women?

 A sportsman (Ознобкин Сергей)- There are traditionally male and female jobs, such as a computer programmer, a secretary, a librarian, a lawyer, a nurse and others. I am a sportsman and I like my profession. To be a good goalkeeper you should belong to a team, to feel personal achievement. Such qualities as creativeness, self-confidence, to be well-organized are necessary for this job. But it worth doing. I’m financially independent.

( Чернышева Аня) – My question is to a musician. How do you think what quality is necessary for a good career?

 A musician (Телегина Оля) – Knowledge of a foreign language opens a new world for us. If you know a foreign language, you can speak with foreigners and it is a way to better understanding. In modern times all kinds of specialists need foreign languages in their work. I’m a musician. I like singing English and American songs and playing music of foreign composers.

(Лешонков Алеша)- Is it interesting to have a creative work?

A designer (Тихомирова Настя) – I think it is really so. Creative work is everything for me. It helps to create images in the rock and pop world, and not only in music industry. I’m a designer and a stylist. I have a lot of knowledge in different spheres of life. Every working day is different and unexpected. It is very interesting. But such work requires communication skills, skills in planning and organization, co-operative and creative skills. And I like my job very much.

( Говорухина Алина) –Some people think that our teenagers should have a part-time job. What do you think about it?

 A deputy ( Бахтин Андрей) – I believe that it is a good idea to take part-time jobs while still in school. Actually, having a job helps teens to organize their time. The biggest reason why teens should be allowed to work is because it is a healthy way of earning money. In is also a great way to learn and develop qualities that can help you to get on in life,  introduces teens into real world and teachers them responsibility, confidence and communication skills. There are a lot of kinds of jobs teenagers can do in Russia: delivering newspapers or documents, office work, repairing

the school, tidying the territory, working in a shop or a café  or work in a summer camp.

Youth organization “The First” (Бердникова Светлана) – What do a lawyer think about a gap year?

 A lawyer (Шилин Александр) – About a third of students in Britain and other European countries have a gap year to travel or work at home or overseas before going into higher education. I guess that it is a nice idea for Russian students too, because you can get experience through traveling, develop your skills, make new friends from different cultures and  understand what you want about your life, you can make your choice.

(Богданов Дмитрий) – I would like to ask our priest. What are the main ideas of our discussion from your point of view?

A priest (Желтухин Роман) – What do you want to be when you grow up? Perhaps, it was difficult for us to give a definite answer earlier. But now we understand that the time to choose our future profession has come. Today there are thousands of different kinds of jobs and new ones are constantly appearing. No wonder that it is not an easy thing to make the right choice. When choosing a future career, we should consider different factors. It is very important to choose a profession that suits your interests. It goes without saying that a job should be interesting and socially important. There are so many people who influence us in choosing our occupation. Parents and friends play a very important role in our choice. You should take into account your traits of character. I wish you to be socially useful. I believe your dreams come true for God’s sake.

Ведущий учитель благодарит всех учащихся за выступление, за заданные вопросы и ответы на них, предлагает участникам конференции напитки , чтобы почувствовать реальную атмосферу пресс-конференции. Затем учитель предлагает просмотр видео сюжета о различных специальностях и профессиях  из серии “Window on Britain”.

 Учитель оценивает работу учащихся – «5» и «4».

Домашнее задание: Пересказать просмотренный сюжет с использованием фактов и цифр, с которыми учащиеся ознакомились в процессе просмотра. 

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