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План - конспект открытого урока в 3 «В» классе

Brain Ring “Food and Me”



Theme: Food


Overview and purpose: pupils will demonstrate knowledge of the theme “Food”


Educational aims: revise grammar material (Present Simple, Past Simple, countable and uncountable nouns, and irregular verbs, use of the words much and many) consolidate lexis “Food and Drinks”


Communicative and Developing aims: develop skills of communication, writing, reading and listening skills


Educative aims: bring up realizing necessity of the healthy food, teach students to work in teams, in pairs and by themselves


Materials: a computer, PowerPoint Presentation, a magic wheel, cards and pictures, handouts with tasks, two baskets, balls


Procedure of the contest:


I Introduction

T: Good afternoon, dear pupils and guests. Glad to see you! You are welcome to our “Brain Ring” devoted to the topic “Food”. (Слайд 1) We have two teams today.

Dividing students in groups (Team 1 – Fruits, Team 2 – Vegetables (depending on a picture on the card).

II Warming up.

T: Let’s train our tongues for a start and get them ready for the English language. Try to read the tongue twister as quickly as you can. What team will be the best in this task?

    How many cookies could a good cook cook if a good cook could cook cookies?   A good cook could cook as much cookies as a good cook who could cook cookies. [1] (Слайд 2)


III Lexical Practice 

T: Let’s memorize all kinds of food and drink we’ve learnt and use these words to fill in the spidergram. Let’s see which diagram is bigger. (Each team gets a handout with the spider diagram (Слайд 3)



IV Contest

       T: Let’s rotate the wheel in turn and choose the first contest.


  •            A mix-up game contest

       All the words in the sentences are mixed up. Make up the right sentences and write them down. (Pupils get handouts with sentences where all words are mixed. (Слайд 5)

  1.         porridge/ they/ eat/ milk/ with/ like/ to.
  2.         sweets/ Robin/ eat/ a lot of/ did/ ice cream/and?
  3.         make/ I/ without/ coffee/ can’t/ water.
  4.         is/ a fruit / not/ the potato / a vegetable.
  5.         English/ do/ people/ a lot/ drink/ tea/ of?
  •            “Theatre of pantomime”

       T: You get cards with pictures. Be so kind to show what is in the pictures so that other pupils can guess and name it. (Слайд 6) (Cards : I am eating banana. I am eating ice cream. I am eating spaghetti. I am eating chicken. I am eating sweets. I am drinking tea. I am drinking juice. I am eating hamburger.)

  •            “Who is the first?” contest

       T: You should put the words in the alphabetic order. (Pupils get handouts with the words:  apple, banana, chicken, hamburger, ice cream, juice, lemon, meatballs,    orange, porridge, spaghetti, tasty, vegetable, water. (Слайд 7)            


  •            Fill in the gaps contest

       T: Please decide if the words are countable or uncountable and put much or many before them. (Слайд 8)

  1.     How _________ eggs do you eat at breakfast?
  2.     He drank too _________ juice today.
  3.     There isn’t _________ milk in the glass.
  4.     How _________ bananas did he buy?
  5.     My father ate __________meat at supper yesterday.


  •            Physical exercises (Слайд 9)

T: Children, are you tired? Let’s do exercises. Stand up please.  


Bananas unite!

(Put hands together over head)

Bananas split!

(Hands at side)

 Go bananas!

 Go go bananas!

 Go bananas!

 Go go bananas!

(Мoving arms up and down during these four lines)

Bananas to the left

(Point left)

Bananas to the right

(Point right)

 Peel your banana and, mmmmmm, take a bite!

(Motion of peeling banana and biting it) [3]




  •            Contest “A magic ice cream”

       T: This ice cream is not sweet and cold. It hasn’t got fruits or nuts inside. It has words. Will you please find 20 food words here?

(Слайд 10)

  •            «What would you like» game

       T: Please welcome our guests. This is a famous French cook. His name is Alfredo Linguini. He came with his close friend Remy. Do you know them? (The characters are from the famous cartoon “Ratatouille”). Alfredo wants to cook something tasty for you. Look through his menu and decide what you would like to eat. (Usage of the structure “I would like to eat….”) (Слайд 11)                      




  •         fruit salad
  •         vegetable salad





  •         chicken
  •         meat soup
  •         spaghetti
  •         meatballs
  •         fish



  •         tea
  •         coffee
  •         juice
  •         water




  •         banana cake
  •         ice cream
  •         cookies
  •         pizza
  •         toasts



  •            “Say what Remy did yesterday” Contest.

       T: Remy does many things every day.  Here is the list. Please try to say the given sentences in Past Simple. (Слайд 12)

  1.         I take shower every day. – Remy took shower yesterday.
  2.         I clean my teeth every day.
  3.         I cook every day.
  4.         I see my friend Alfredo every day.
  5.         I wash up every day.
  6.         I drink tea every day.
  7.         I play with Alfredo every day.
  8.         I eat cheese every day.
  9.         I go for a walk every day.
  10.     I am busy every day.



  •            “Good or Bad”

       T: To finish our Brain Ring we will play “Good or Bad” Game. We have talked a lot today about different kinds of food and drinks. Let’s decide what food is healthy and what is not. Where can we get vitamins from? Remember the proverb “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”. (Pupils get various food pictures. The task is to decide whether the product is good to eat or not. Children put pictures into two columns)

(Слайд 14), (Слайд 15)

VI Assessment – Let’s give the floor to our jury. Listen to the score of the game and get prizes. Thank you very much. You’ve done a great job today.




Список литературы

  1.         English Tongue Twisters 1st International Collection of Tongue Twisters


  1.         И.Н. Верещагина, Т.А. Притыкина Английский Язык. Учебник для 3

класса школ с углубленным изучением английского языка, лицеев, гимназий. – М:Просвещение, 2005. – 60 с.

  1.         Food Songs http://www.kididdles.com/lyrics/food.html
  2.          Изображения для презентации  http://www.clipartof.com/en/


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