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Kazakh national food

Год: 2012
Страна: Казахстан
Класс: 7


Средняя школа №9, г.Талдыкорган

Учитель английского языка Анаятова Зульфия Данияровна


 Разработка открытого урока по  английскому языку

Kazakh national food


What's my favorite food?


Barbara, Australia 
- What's my favorite food? Well, these days I really love fruit, especially grapes and I also like avocados. I don't really go for green apples though. They usually taste too sour. In the past I liked Italian food but these days I'm trying to be more healthy so I cut that out. 
1. What does Barbara eat often? 
a)pasta b)salad c)fruit 
2. What food does she not enjoy eating? 
a)Italian food b)green apples c)tomatoes 
Writing   Match the questions with the answers   

1. How many carrots do you have in your basket? 
2. How much are the tomatoes? 
3. How many pears are there? 
4. How many apples do we have? 
5. How much is chicken? 
6. How many sausages can you see in the fridge? 

a. There are 2 pears. 
b. It’s five dollars. 
c. They are two dollars a kilo. 
d. I have seven carrots. 
e. We can see two sausages. 
f. We have twelve apples. 












1.There are… sweets in the vase.             6. There is … flour inpacket . 

a. many b. much c. any                               a. some b. one c. any
2. There is … butter in the fridge.           7. There are … eggs in the box. 
a. many b. much c. any                                   a. many b. much c. any 

3. There isn’t … milk .                              8. Is there … water in the kettle? 
a. some b. one c. any                                  a. some b. no c. any
4. There is … chocolate on the shelf.        9. There isn’t … oil in the bottle. 
a. some b. one c. any                                  a. some b. no c. any 

5. There are … pears on the plate.            10. Are there … potatoes there? 
a. many b. much c. any                                a. some b. one c. any





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