Мацкая Инесса Николаевна
Должность:учитель английского языка
Регион:город Кострома, РФ

Открытый урок по английскому языку в 5 классе по теме "Летние каникулы"






по теме: «Летние каникулы»


                                                              Учитель английского языка,


                                                             Мацкая Инесса Николаевна


                                                                      МБОУ СОШ№30 город Кострома




ЦЕЛЬ УРОКА: Обобщающее повторение материала I четверти по теме «Летние каникулы». Закрепление навыков устной речи, монологического высказывания, аудирования,  письма, активизация лексических и грамматических навыков   по теме.


НЕОБХОДИМЫЙ МАТЕРИАЛ ДЛЯ УРОКА:  картинки  по теме «Лето», костюмы и оформление для инсценировки сценки ,аудиописьмо, аудио и видео оборудование.






  1. Приветствие:

    Т:  Good-morning, dear students! I am glad to see you. How are you?

    Today we have an unusual English lesson, we have guests in our classroom. You must do your best. You must be active at the lesson and speak your good English.


  2. Цель урока:

    Т: But what are we speaking at the lesson today?  Look at the blackboard, please. Here is a puzzle for you. Name all the words in the pictures, take only the first letter of each word and you will read the topic of today’s lesson.For example, a hat – letter ‘h’ ….. (вывешиваетсябуква h  намагнит).














                    orange – ‘o’, lemon – ‘l’, ice-cream – ‘i’, dress – ‘d’, apple – ‘a’, yellow – ‘y’, sweets – ‘s’.


      T: So, what key word have we got? Right -  Holidays. So we speak about summer holidays today.




  1. Фонетическая  зарядка:

    T: Let’s practice your English sounds to speak English well. Look at the blackboard, repeat after me and translate:


  • To spend holidays in the city, at the seaside, in the country

  • To play the guitar, to play outdoor  games

  •  To swim in the sea and sunbathe

  • To take pictures

  • To make a fire

  • To pick berries and gather mushrooms

  • To go abroad and to go sightseeing

  • To visit museums

  • To ride a bike

  • To take part in competitions

  • To grow vegetables and fruit




  1. Проверкадомaшнегозадания:


T:  As for me I’ m not fine today. The weather is rainy, it’s not warm. I wish it were summer now. I miss summer holidays and sunny weather. And you?


-  What is your favourite season?


 - Why do you like summer? 


-  Do you miss summer holidays?


-  How did you spend this summer?


- Where did you go?


-  Whatdidyoudo?                ( рассказы о летних каникулах)


Student 1:  I spent my summer holidays in the country. The weather was fine, and I was often outdoors. Every day I went for  walks in the forest, picked flowers and gathered berries and mushrooms. I enjoyed games. I  played  badminton. I rode a bike. We had a wonderful time in the country.




Student 2: I spent my holiday at the seaside. We went to the Black Sea. The weather was hot and sunny. I swam in the sea and sunbathed. I took pictures. I went sightseeing. I saw museums. I played games. Ienjoyedmytimeattheseaside.


(ученики показывают презентации о летних каникулах)




  1. Физкультминутка:


    T: Let’s do morning exercises:  Hands up – hands down


                                                      Hands on hips – and don’t sit down


                                                      Turn to the left, turn to the right, turn around


                                                      Clap your hands and sit down!








  1. Повторениепройденногоматериала


Teacher: Summer is a nice season. But I’ve got a surprise for you. I’ve just got a video letter from Barbara Grey. What do you know about this woman?


Pupil 1:  Barbara Grey is a teacher.


Pupil 2:  She is from England.


Pupil 3:  Last year she worked in Moscow.


Pupil 4:  She gave English lessons to Russian children.


Pupil 5:  She was great. She didn’t give bad marks.


Pupil 6:  Now she works in London.


Pupil 7:  She misses Russia very much.




  1. Аудирование видео письма ( дети смотрят видеозапись и слушают рассказ, старшеклассница в роли Барбары Грей)


T: Listen to her video letter. After it you’ll speak Russian and do the task.


Dear  students , I hope you are happy to start a new school year. I wish I were in Russia now. Here in London I miss you very much. I told my pupils about my stay in Russia and showed them a lot of pictures. We have 5 or 6 lessons a day. I teach 10-year-old students. At the lessons we speak English, ask and answer questions, read and translate. Very often we tell each other about summer holidays. Some pupils went abroad and visited different countries. Other boys and girls went to different camps. There they had a good time. And how did you spend your holidays? Give my best wishes to your teachers and parents.


Love, Barbara Grey




T: Do you understand her video letter? Whatisitabout?


(дети обсуждают сообщение и выполняют задание 2 в презентации)


  • Barbara Grey has got … or … lessons a day .

  • She teaches …  at school.

  • She teaches …-year-old pupils.

  • At the lessons she asks a lot of … .

  • Her students often tell about … .

  • In summer English children went … .



8. Письмо


T: Would you like to have friends in Britain? -Yes, we’d like to have friends in this country.


T: Now children, let’s write a letter to British children and tell them about our summer holidays.


 (дети повторяют II форму неправильных глаголов)






  • go – went                   do - did

  • take – took                 have - had

  • ride – rode                  be – was, were

  • write – wrote               see - saw          

  • spend –spent              grow - grew

  • make – made              eat - ate

  • swim – swam              drink - drank

  • get - got                      read -read




T: Now  write a letter to British children. (на приготовленных дома картинках дети пишут свои предложения о лете и сдают учителю в конверт).


T: I think our letter is very beautiful. Perhaps, you will make new friends in Britain.


(учитель отправляет письмо)






(кто-то стучит в дверь, и входит старшеклассница, исполняющая роль Барбары Грей)




Barbara Grey: May I come in? Hello, dear students. Do you remember me?


T: Oh, we’ve got the second surprise today! One more guest at our English lesson! We are glad to see you! Please, ask questions.


Student 1: What is your name? – My name is Barbara Grey. I’ve got your letter. It was so interesting and nice that’s why I’m here. You are very nice. I’m glad to meet you. I think you’ve got a lot of questions to me. I’m ready to answer them


Student 2: Where are you from? – I am from Britain. I live in London.


Student  3: Are you a teacher? – I am an English teacher. I teach 10-year-old students.


Student  4: Can you speak Russian? – No, I can’t. But I can speak German. Ich liber dich!


Student 5: Do you like to take pictures? – Yes, I do. I have got a lot of photos of Russia


Student  6: Have your students got Drama lessons? Yes, they have.


Barbara Grey: Have you got Drama lessons?


T: No, we haven’t. But our students join a drama club. Would you like to see our short plays? – O.K. The first play is a nice fairy-tale “A house in the wood” (детипоказываютсценку)










T: At the English lesson we learn a lot of poems by heart. Please, recite your poems for Barbara Grey.   (дети читают стишки наизусть)




10. Подведение итогов


T: Howcleverofyou, children! You have got excellent marks today. But the time is up. Our lesson is over.


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