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Past stories. A day out at the seaside.

Казахстан, г. Хромтау
Средняя школа №4 
Учитель английского языка
Ибрагимова Эльмира Насыровна

Past stories. A day out at the seaside. 

Aim: to practice Past Simple Tense


-to practice Past Simple Tense , to enrich pupils knowledge concerning the theme

-to develop pupils interest to the language with different methods

-to bring –up students that knowing English is necessary today

Visual aids: active board, pictures



I.Organization moment Greeting .Talk with the pupil on duty. 

II.Warm –up

 –Now children open your copy books and write down today’s date. Our new theme for today: A day out at the seaside. Today we’ll speak about sea and seaside.

Seaside is a place  by the sea. I ‘ll give you 3 minutes your task is to write down as many words  which you associate with the topic:












III. Let’s review

Past Simple
Улица –Утвердительное предложение                They  went to Astana yesterday.

Past Simple
Улица – Отрицательное предложение                     They did not work yesterday.

Past Simple
Улица – Общий вопрос                                               Did you go yesterday? No, I didn’t.  Yes, I did. Checking up the home task

IV. Checking up the home task

Ex3p44  (Activity book) You must  put the words into the

correct  order to make questions and answer for them.

1.up/did/wake/late / Zoe

Did Zoe wake up late? Yes she did.

2.off/she /switch/light/ did/the

Did she switch off the light? No, she didn’t.


Did she close the door? Yes, she did.


Did she arrive late for school? Yes, she did.


Did she forget her school bag? No, she didn’t.

V. Presentation  Key words of the lesson

A) Find these things in the picture

postcard   -  a  small  card that you write on  one side of  and send to someone    in the post

fisherman – a  man who catches fish for fun or as his job

sandcastle- a pile  of  sand that is made in the shape of a castle or tower, usually by children on a beach 

wetsuit-  a suit made of rubber that people wear for water sports much am diving and surfing

donkeys  - a grey or brown  animal similar to a horse, but smaller and with long ears

 café- an informal restaurant where you can get simple cheap meals and drinks

shade  - a slightly dark  area where the light from the sun does not reach because it is blocked by something

sea- a large area of salt water that covers most of the  surface or the  Earth

beach- an area  of sand or small stones beside the  sea or a lake

VI.A) Listen. Find Glooms in the picture 

B) Listen again .Put these words in right place 

 sat, rode, spoke, swam, built, wrote, wore, threw, hung out, run

Last summer the Glooms had a day out at the seaside. Martha __ in the sea and Sam and Pam__ a huge sandcastle. Cynthia ___ in the shade and Mandy ____ a lot of postcards. Rudolph ___ in a café and Helga ___ to two fishermen. Gordon ___ a donkey and Vincent ___ along the beach. Vera ___ a wetsuit and Bernard ___ balls for Bonehead.

VII. Look at the picture and say  Ex3p69

What did the Gloomy  do at the seaside?

When did the Glooms travel to the seaside?

What did Cynthia read?

Who spoke with two fishermen?

VIII. Let’s sing

 One, two, three, four, five          
Once I caught a fish alive
Six, seven, eight, nine, ten
Then I let it go again.
Why did you let it go?
Because it bit my finger so!
What finger did it bite?
The little finger on the right.

IX. Listen to the story about  the princess and the frog  and do the tasks for different levels

  • Colour the picture  - the 1st level
  •  Give short summary of the story -  the 2nd level
  • Role play. The conversation between the princess and the frog  - the 3rd level

X.Conclusion. Marks and home task for the next lesson.

  • Write five sentences with these past time expressions
  • Yesterday,   last night,   last weekend,   last summer,    last Saturday, last afternoon
  • Example: I saw film yesterday.
  • Last night I played computer games 
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