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Past tense of - to be

Республика Казахстан, Актюбинская область, город Шалкар
Школа-гимназия №2
Учитель английского языка
Кеулимжаева Базаркуль Елеуовна

Past tense of - to be

The objectives:

1. To develop pupils’ oral speech and reading, writing and thinking abilities.

2. To increase their word-stock with the help of new words.  

3. To bring up their interests to the language through different tasks

Intersubjective link:   Kazakh, Russian, Music.                                                                               

Visual aids:  interactive  board, pictures, cards.

The outline :

I.  The beginning of the lesson: greeting, short conversation with pupils on duty



II. Checking up the home task:

a)    Buildings- page 57 – Reading for pleasure or learning by heart (Pupil’s book).

Exercise 1 page 60 – Write.(Workbook)

P1-P2-P3- Etc.


III. Introduction of the new theme:

The 18-th of January.

                                           Class work.                                    Slide№1

Past tense of “to be”

a) Teacher’s explanation:

Auxiliary verb – to be - has 2 forms in Past tense: was, were.

Was is used in singular form after the pronouns – I, he, she, it.

Were is used in plural form after the pronouns – We, you, they.

E.g. I was in Almaty last year.  We were at the shoe shop yesterday morning.   

Usually we use- was, were – with the following word – combinations:

Last year- в прошлом году- өткен жылы

Last month- в прошлом месяце- өткен айда

Last week- на прошлой неделе-  өткен аптада

Yesterday morning- вчера утром- кеше ертенгісін

Yesterday afternoon- вчера после обеда- кеше түстен кейін

Yesterday evening- вчера вечером- кеше кешкісін

Two days ago- два дня тому назад- осыдан екі күн бұрын

Month ago- месяц тому назад- осыдан 1ай бұрын

Two years ago- два  года тому назад - осыдан 2 жыл бұрын                  Slide№2


b)Work with interactive  board: P1-P2-P3- Etc.

Underline the correct verb form in each sentence.                                   Slide№3 

1.It is/ was hot yesterday.

2.She could swim when she is/was three.

3.We was/were at the seaside last Saturday.

4.Where was/were John yesterday?

5.My parents are/were at work yesterday evening.


IV. Work with book: Classroom Exercise 1 page 61.(Sсaner)                 Slide№4 


V. Role game “You ask me, I answer you”                                            Slide№5

P1-P2 , P3-P4 , Etc.

P1- Where were Ned and Sam?

P2- Ned and Sam were at the beach.


VI. Reading of the text of Exercise 2 page 60                                       

P1-P2-P3- Etc.

a)  Introduction of the new words: wet, naughty

b)  Read and tick V picture A or picture B.


VII. Work with additional task.                                                             Slide№6

There are some words and word combinations on the blackboard. Your task is: The first puts question, the second answers it.

P1- Where were you on Friday?

P2- I was at the bakery.               

P1-P2 , P3-P4 , Etc.




On Friday

At the bakery

At 8 o’clock

At the market


At the shoe shop

Yesterday morning

At home

Yesterday afternoon

At school

Ten days ago

At the beach

Last month

At the playground

Last year

In Astana

Last week

In Aktobe



VIII. a) Consolidation of the lesson: Translate into English the following sentences (Individual work with cards)                                                                  

1.Кеше мен мектепте болдым.

2.Менің ата- анам өткен жылы Астанада болды.

3.Өткен аптада біз циркте болдық.

4.Кеше Жексенбі күні менің кішкентай інім саябақта болды.

5.Кеше кешкісін менің анам жұмыста болды.

6. Өткен жылы мен досыммен бірге жағажайда болдым.        

7.Кеше түнде  біз үйде болдық.

b) Work with disk 11- b


IX. Now, let’s conclude the lesson with the help of the following test and song:  (Slide№7)

1. My friends ____ at the playground on Sunday morning.

a) was      b) were           c) is

2. It____ cold in Shalkar last week.

a) is       b) were              c) was

3. Where _____ you two days ago?

a) was   b) were   c) are

4 Yesterday at 6 o’clock I ____ at home with my parents.

a) was   b) am     c) were

5. We  were in Astana last summer .         

a) Біз Астанада тұрамыз .    

b) Біз келесі жазда Астанаға барамыз .   

c) Біз өткен жазда Астанада болдық .


 Answers:                                                                                                              Slide№8   




















Song: Can you tell, my dear-dear friend?                                                       Slide№9

           Can you tell, my dear-dear friend?

           Can you tell ”What were there in the basket?”

           Yes, of course, my dear-dear friend

           There were many, there were many apples there.

                  Can you tell, my dear friend?

                  Can you tell, my dear friend?

                  What was there, what was there on the table?

                  Yes, of course, my dear friend

                  Yes, of course, my dear friend                                  2 times

                  There was lemon, there was lemon on the table.

XII. Your marks for today’s lesson.

Home task: Exercise 4 page 61 from Workbook. 

Make up 5 sentences with – was were –                                                         Slide№10

XIII. The lesson is over. You are free. Bye! 

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