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Mass Media

Республика Казахстан, Костанайская область, Аулиекольский район, п. Кушмуру
КГУ «Кушмурунская средняя школа №121»
Учитель английского языка
Винидиктова Н.В.

Aims: to help pupils in studying the new lexical theme; grammar theme – reported speech;

to assist the development of pupils skills of using the given notions;

to bring up the positive attitude and the interest to the English language.

Type of the lesson: A study of learning and first securing of the new items and methods of actions.

The procedure of the lesson.

I Organization moment

II Checking home task

III Warm up – match the words with its definitions

Television – broadcasting programs (the news, plays, advertisements, shows, etc.) for people to watch on their television sets.

Newspaper – a paper printed and sold usually daily or weekly with news, advertisements etc.

Tabloid – a newspaper with rather small pages, many pictures and little serious news

The Internet – a way to communicate with your partner who might be a thousand miles away using the computer (e-mails)

Radio – the process of sending and receiving messages through the air, broadcasting programs for people to listen to

IV Conversational practice

Task 1. Listen to the dialogue and fill in the missing words in the text

Mass media

Samat: - Well, David, how can I help you?

David: - Oh, There are a lot of newspapers and magazines in your country,1   ___________.

Arman: - What are you interested  in, David?

David: - First of all, I like reading political newspapers.

Samat: I know what do you need. Very interesting newspapers 2 ____________. They are “The Kazakhstan today” or “the New generation”, “the Karavan”, “the Vremya”, “ the Stolichnaya  zhizn” and so on.

David:  - If I have time I’ll do my best to look through all the newspapers. 3 ______________?

Arman: Why not. But if you are a sport fan I can recommended you to read the newspaper “Sport in Kazakhstan”

Samat: - Well, David, how about magazines?

David: - Yes, I’d  like to. But I need a very good magazine. 4 ______________.

Arman: - It’s out of the question. There are a lot of them! “Season”, “Astana”, “Kazakhstan aidere” and etc.

David: - Thank you, boys. It’s a great help for me.

  1. I’d like to find something to my interest.
  2. Can be at your disposal.
  3. Do these newspapers give information about sport?
  4. Have you got any magazines in your country.

Task 2. Make a dialogue between a journalist and film star. Speak about his/her favoriteprograms.

Task 3. Match the Russian word with the English one.

Скидка - discountсоглашаться - to agree

Подходящий - suitableсрочный - urgent

Товары - goodsподписывать - to sign

отделсбыта - sales departmentпродажа - sale

доставка - deliveryотправлять - to send

партиятовара -consignment                торговля - trade

оптовик - wholesalerпроизводить - to produce

производитель -producerснабжать - to supply

искатьк.л. - to look forожидать - to expect

мужскаяодежда - menswearковёр - carpet

свитер - sweaterшерстяной - woolen

V Grammar material – Reported speech

Task 1. Read the rule

Task 2.Change direct speech into indirect one.

  1. He said that he attended the language laboratry almost every day
  2. Saule tells me that she`s already finishing this book
  3. Talgat asked his friend where he was going for the week-end
  4. He said to hurry up and to find my hockey stick
  5. Tom asks if Maria is staying at home
  6. John asked his father if she had left
  7. Nurzhan told Ann not to forget to air the room

Task 3. Do the test.

1 –   c                           6 – d

2 –   a                     7 – b

3 –   b                     8 – a

4 –   c                     9 – a

5 –   b                     10 – b

VI The results of the lesson

VII Home task: make up 6-7 sentences

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