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0 Teaching! Using Up! Winning Out!

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Teaching! Using Up! Winning Out!

Nowadays, it is extremely important for each individual to preserve basic human values and develop essential knowledge, skills and abilities that will help him/her to live and achieve success in the contemporary world.

Teaching in this day in age is a challenging process, one that I am fully embraced the Cambridge approach to teaching and looking forward to using seven topics in teaching strategies. Through my course work, I have learnt that a very effective way to teach is in a constructivist manner.There is no doubt that the teacher is the main denominator in school improvement and pupil success.

What is the goal of constructivist teaching?

On the one hand, this method, is especially effective in deep understanding of the subject on the part of the pupil so they can use and apply knowledge in all spheres of their lives. Pupils can become more independent, self-motivated, engaged, confident, responsible and critical reflective learners than new knowledge acquired from “traditional” teaching style. Now, it’s time ‘traditional’ transmission style teachers to open their minds to new ideas and reconstructshallow learning into the activities which motivate pupils to work in their Zone of Proximal Development.It is my goal as a teacher of English to help not only pupils to become critical reflective thinkers, but the teachers open their minds to new ideas and critical reflective thinkers themselves.As a result, speaking about the values of constructivist teaching,it should be pointed out that the education is based on quite learn how to learn principles. This means that students are active participants of the educational process. In actuality, they do not perceive some hidden truths from teachers, instead they find and understand them on their own research works while teachers only assist them in this process.

On the other hand, every teacher who learns and uses these seven moduleswillwin out a greatsuccess in teaching:

  • the pedagogical approaches known as ‘dialogic teaching and learning’ encompasses in pupil-pupil talk and pupil-teacher talk enable learners to take responsibility for their own and independent learning;
  • In critical thinking pupils synthesize information and ideas, make judgments and choices, question the ideas of others;
  • In the process of assessment for learning pupils realize where the learners are in their learning, what they need to study and the best ways to reach there. Assessment of learning purpose is summing-up pupil’s knowledge at a given point;
  •  If we are not digital literacy, we will not be able to locate, organize, understand, evaluate and create information using digital technology.
  • If we want to know gifted or talented learner then we have to learn the most reliable research based criteria: memory, self-regulation, speed of thought, dealing with problems, flexibility, preference of complexity, concentration, early symbolic activity (speaking, reading and writing at early age);
  • Necessity theories of learning to age related differences are behaviourist, cognitive, humanistic, social orientations, attention, memory, language, thinking, reasoning, theory of mind and creativity;
  • Teacher-led development work ways are improve your practice, acting with colleagues to change, collaborative processes.

Like learning, leadership is a basic human capacity. Hard work, dedication, and skill led me to become as a leader of development work. Being successful will make you a happier person in the long run. So keep that in mind when you feel like giving up. Keep striving for the goal, work hard, and success will come on its own.

Thus, taking into account all above mentioned structures and strategies, it is possible to conclude that a constructivist teaching provides education of the highest quality and   prepares pupils to the life and work in the modern society.

In conclusion, I believe that all of us must do our best to improve our practice as possible.Aristotle shared great wisdom with the future generations saying that the fate of empires depends on the education of youth. The whole future of the youth of our country is in our hands.

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