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«Bob, the hedgehog, and his friends»

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Учитель английского языка

Климова Елена Михайловна

«Bob, the hedgehog, and his friends»

Цели и задачи урока:

  1. Развитие навыков говорения.
  2. Развитие навыков и умений чтения.
  3. Введение и отработка нового лексического материала.
  4. Воспитывать любовь к животным.


Раздаточный материал (карточки с заданиями), картинки в учебнике, учебник.


Home Reading Lesson Part 2 «Bob, the hedgehog, and his friends»

1. Приветствие и организационный момент.

Good morning, children! I’m glad to see you. Sit down, please. Today we have Home Reading Lesson. We’ll continue working over the second part of the story «Bob, the hedgehog, and his friends».

2. Речевая зарядка.

Before working at the second part I want to know how well you remember the first part.

Answer my questions:

  1. What are the main characters in this story?
  2. What is Bob?
  3. Is Tom a hedgehog?
  4. Did Tom’s family move to a village?

I see you know the first part well and now we’ll read and translate the second part.

Did Tom like a new house? Why?

3. Введение нового лексического материала.

There are a lot of new difficult words in the text. I’ll read the word and you’ll repeat it after me all together. Open your books at p.89

4. Развитие навыков чтения. Работа с текстом.

- Работапо 1 абзацу.

Turn back the p.86. Read and translate the first passage.

- Работапо 2 и 3 абзацам.

We are not going to read and translate next two passages. Look through them. Look at the board and correct the mistakes.

I likes our house very much. It have got three bedroom upstairs, and a bathrooms. Downstairs there are a liveing rooms, an dining rooms and a kitchen.

- Работапо 4 абзацу.

Agree or disagree with statements:

  1. Alex and Bob are going to share a room. (-)
  2. Their zebra is large and light. (-)
  3. There is the swing there. (-)

- Работапо5абзацу.

Look through the next extract. Look at the board, complete the sentences, read and translate them.

  1. My bedroom is small but cosy.
  2. There’s a bed, a desk and a chair in my bedroom.
  3. I am going to put lots of pictures on the walls.
  4. Unfortunately, there’s no TV in my room.

- Работапо 5 абзацу.

Look through the fifth passage. Fill in the gaps with the right answers in your papers. Read and translate sentences.

  1. Alex and Max are asking Father to …

a) plant the trees

b) cut the grass

c) cut the grass and remove the bushes (+)

  1. They want to … in the garden.

a) sleep

b) play hockey

c) play football (+)

  1. There is a huge field near our house with a …

a) horse

b) computer

c) playground (+)

5. Физкультминутка.

6. Развитие навыков чтения с извлечением конкретной информации.

- Работапо 6 абзацу.

Look through the next passage. Complete the sentences in your papers, read and translate them.

  1. I want to watch animals and … (insects) in the garden.
  2. I like … (robins) — they are … (amusing) and … (brave).
  3. I hope to … (tame) them in time.

- Работапо7абзацу.

Find, read and translate the sentences to illustrate the picture on p. 87

- Работапо 8 абзацу.

Find the extract on p. 88, beginning with the words There are… Read and translate.

Answer my question:

Did Bob like Tom’s brothers? Why?

- Работапо9абзацу.

Read and translate the sentences to illustrate the picture on p. 88

- Работапо10абзацу.

Translate sentences from Russian into English with the help of the next passage.

  1. Сейчас у нас новый дом.
  2. Он лучше нашего старого дома.
  3. Он за кустом ежевики.
  4. Комнаты больше.
  5. Наши новые кровати мягче.
  6. Самая уютная комната гостиная.
  7. В ней диван, 2 кресла, книжный шкаф и дедушкино кресло-качалка.
  8. Дедушка не возражает.

- Работапо11абзацу.

Complete the sentences, changing the Russian words into English in your papers. Read and translate them.

  1. In our bedroom there are two (кроватей) and (кроватка для младенцев) for my little brother.
  2. The (обои) is green, and the (потолок) is dark blue with the (луна) and (звёзды) on it.
  3. There is a (парта) at the (окно).
  4. In the corner there is a (комод) for our clothes and a box for our (игрушки).
  5. There is a thick brown (ковёр) on the (пол), but usually you can’t see it because of the toys.
  6. (ежи) are not tidy (существа).
  7. In fact, we are very (неряшливые), but I like our bedroom anyway.

- Работапо 5 абзацу.

Look through the last passage. Put the sentences in the correct order. Read and translate them in your papers.

  1. We’ve also got a large cupboard. (3)
  2. Our kitchen is very big and warm. (1)
  3. So, all in all, our new house is great and comfy. (5)
  4. There is a large table and seven chairs around it. (2)
  5. We keep our fruit, vegetables and mushrooms in the fridge. (4)

7. Подведениеитоговурока. Домашнеезадание.

Did you like the story? Why? I hope you liked the story. You were active today and worked hard. Please, write down your home task. The lesson is over. Good - bye.

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