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The industry of computer games is very popular. You can play these games with your friends whether they are sitting in the same room or ten thousand miles away. Simulations are used in flight training and various fields of medicine. There are also a lot of online games for learning foreign languages. In this article we are going to pay your attention to the use of online resources for improving English skills.

A lot of activities can be used with the help of the British Council’s portal. Practice in spelling is done through a variety of games, wow dungeons boost . There are interesting texts for reading, videos for listening, songs and picture games. The vocabulary is presented through flashcards. The meaning of the phrases, words is clear from the context. It is supported by the video. The animated stories have worksheets and they can be downloaded. The episodes of the text are followed by a variety of different tasks.

You can improve your pronunciation of the words related to a certain topic. It is possible to record your own voice to compare with the original one. The British Council’s portal combines unique tasks with comprehensive testing material. 

You can develop your skills in writing, speaking, reading and listening. Poems, rhymes, games and songs are very popular with children. They can find simple and useful expressions using the British Council’s portal. 

English teachers can also find interesting online resources. We need to expose our students to different types of texts. Motivated students like to learn English. We should think about different interesting activities. They can be used in pair and group work.

You can find grammar exercises, tasks for developing all your skills. English teachers can try different ways to present the foreign language and engage their students during the lesson. 

Using a course book all the time can be boring. That’s why English teachers need to find the material to introduce variety into their lessons and make sure there is communicative practice too.

The free British Council online resources provide a unique step-by-step approach which teaches reading, writing, listening and speaking. Interesting tasks, songs, poems, tests, games, a huge variety of support material provide for all your students’ needs. Everything depends upon you! Choose and use any educational online resources for learning and improving the English language.

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