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Урок английского языка в 11 классе на тему «Unless we take action…..»

Ильясбекова Зауреш Тогаевна,

учитель английского языка школы-гимназии №1, имени Динмухамеда Конаева села Кордай,

Жамбылской области Кордайского района, Казахстан

Цели урока: 1. Будут использовать условно-придаточные предложения первого типа со словами unless, until, if, when
2. Обсудят необходимость расширения аэропорта через дебаты
3. Проявят активную позицию в пользу защиты окружающей среды
Форма урока: обобщающий урок
Методы урока: дебаты, монологи, практическая и исследовательско-поисковая деятельность
Наглядные пособия: интерактивная доска, карточки
Межпредметная связь: география
Литература: Inspiration 4, resource pack

The procedure of the lesson:

Time Stage Stage aim Activities Interaction
Introduction Greet & introduce the aims 1.Greeting
-Good morning
-Sit down please.
On the board there’s a proverb “Earth is not a gift from our parents; it is a loan from our children.” Students explain the meaning of it.
-How do you think, according to this proverb, what are we going to talk about? What is our theme?
s-s: tell the theme and aims if they can.
2. Today we are going to practise using Conditional 1, to discuss some ecological problems.
3. There are some sayings on our topic. What do you think of them? T-S
10 Warm-up
Step 1
Know-ledge Create interest & establish the theme On the white board there are pictures with ecological problems. Students make up conditional sentences according those ones S-S
2 Step 2
understanding Define the words 1. Resident- a person who lives in a particular place
2. Settle — to make a place your permanent home
3. Expansion- act of increasing
4. Go ahead — to begin to do smth
5. Overhead — above your head
6. Runway — a road where an aircraft takes off and lands on
7. Councilor - a member of a council(is elected to govern an area such as city or a country)
8. Conduct — do a particular activity
9. Carbon emissions –gas, sent out into the air
10. Maintain — support, keep in a good condition S-S
4 Presenta-tion
Step 3
Using Solve problems, present know-ledge Debates:
1. Choose 4 leaders for groups: A- Vika, B –Aika, C- Meruert, D — Ainurke. They choose members of their teams in turn.
2. Give them the role cards. They read and discuss what they will say at the meeting. S-S
9 Speaking
Step 4 analysis Categorizeclassify, give reasons why 1.Regroup the s-s into groups of 4. 2. They hold their meeting.
3. The Councilor makes a decision.
4. Each group tell what they decided in their group and why. S-S
10 Follow up
Step 5
synthesis Free practice using conditional Develop fluency. 1. S-s make presentations. A creative task, projects. 3 groups prepared presentations on 3 topics: environmental protecting of Kordai, Kazakhstan, all the world.
2. S-s evaluate each other according the criteria they have been done. S-S
4 Conclu-sion
Step 6
evaluation For making feedback S-s tell what they have done at the lesson & express their attitude to the topic of the lesson.
- What have you been fascinated by? S-S
1 Wrap up Give the s-s practice at home Homework: make up 5-8 conditional sentences, using unless, until, if, when and information you’ve got at the lesson. T-S

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