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Открытый урок по английскому языку"I'll be a doctor "

                                                                                      Aktobe  region, Shalkar

                                                                                       school-gymnasium    2

                                                                                       The teacher of  English

                                                                                        Kasenova .G.K                 


                      The work  out of the  6 a form


will   +V  




Objectives:  1.review grammar material   “to be going to ” ,                   Future    


                        2. practice  grammar by doing  grammar exercise ,taking new

                           words , enrich their word stock

                        3. Bring up their interests , make them  read ,write correctly , teach

                            them to be honest and love their country  to appreciate  the   

                            importance of  professions

Language: step four . I `ll be  a doctor 

Material: Ex 3,4,5

Visual  aids : interactive board ,pictures of professions and animals.

Intersubjective link : Kazakh ,Russian


The outline of lesson


I  Organization   moment:  greeting, short conversation with pupils on duty.

II Checking up  the home task given at the previous lesson :

     a) Revision  of  grammar  : to be going to ,  Future Simple.

b)Make up sentences using Future simple

c) The game  “ Zoo”

d) Revision of new words with  the help of guessing the crossword.

III New theme : Professions

a) Introduction of new words

b)Reading of the unknown text

c)Work with the text

d)Classroom exercise according to the text ( True or false )

e) Translation of the sentences

IV Proverbs about profession

V short play “ What  will you be?”

VI Song “ I`ll  be a doctor”

VII  Conclusion marks R: Home work

1.Ex 11 P 104

2.write letter

VIII   The end of the lesson .

The procedure of  the  lesson

I  Organization   moment:  greeting with the  pupils.


Pupils today  we have an unusual lesson. We`ll read , speak ,write and sing a

song .Are your  ready to begin our lesson ?


 “to be going to”

So, let`s check our home work. I gave you task to make up sentences using  the structure




 “to be going to”

-Good .pupils at the previous lessons we have taken the the




It is used for our plans and   things we have decided to ,  If  we want to speak  about future. We use Future Simple. Future Simple is formed by the auxiliary verb.



She                    will






















Example:   I shall  go to Astana next year. They will meet him.

In order to consolidate our grammar   let’s do the following task.


I Code  game. Make sentences using only figures.

1.My friend                                                                  9 play the piano

2.I                                   7 will                                    10 go to Astana

3.Tim                              8 shall                                  11 organize our concerts

4.You                                                                           12 write songs for us

5.We                                                                             13 become famous

6.Nick                                                                           14 be happy to meet her



II. Ok, very nice. Pupils, Let’s play the game “Zoo”. I will give you the masks of different animals.

Everyone will speak about these animals.

Example: I’ll be a lion. I shall put on the mask of a lion. I’ll run fast like a lion.

fish                  fox              monkey

bear                 cow             dog

rabbit               wolf             cat


III. Very nice. Let’s guess the crossword.

1. a person who drives a plane

2. a person who drives a car

3. a person who works and builds houses.

4. a person who teaches students.

5. a person who teaches pupils

6. a person who files to the noon.

7. a person who studies at the Universities and Institutes

8. a person who learns to read and write at school.

9. a person who treats a patient

10. a person who dances



P    I     L     O    T

D     R    I     V     E     R


P    R    O    F    E    S      S      O     R


W   O    R    K     E     R


T     E    A    C     H     E     R


C    O     S    M   O    N     A     U      T


S     T    U     D      E    N    T


 P    U    P      I    L


D     O    C    T     O   R


D     A     N    C   E   R



What word is in the bottom of the crossword?

Yes, you are right. Profession and all these words are professions. Today’s our lesson is “Professions”.

Open your copy books and write the date of the day.But,before working with the topic. Let’s take new words.

IV. New words:

Noble [noubl]-құрметті,атақты

Recover [rik^vә]-жазылу,тәуір болу

Illness [ilnes]-ауру,сырқат

Wealth [welӨ]-байлық

Pupils I have a good news  for you. I’ve taken the letter from London. The girl called Jane sent to you. Jane shares her opinion with you. By the way She is also in 6 form. Now Let’s listen and read it.


  Hello, my friends.

I am writing this letter from London. My name is Jane. I am 13 years old. I study at Grammar school. I want to share with  you my  idleas  concerning  profession.

  There are a lot of professions nowadays. But my dream is to become a doctor. Doctor is a noble and an important profession. When I’m twenty five, I’ll be happy when people of my country are healthy and wealthy. As they say “ Health is above wealth”.  What about you, my friends? What will you be when you are twenty five?

                                   Love, Jane.

Ok, pupils we have read about Jane’s profession.

Can you say?

1. What will Jane be when she is twenty five?

2. Why will she be a doctor?

3. How will she help people?

4. And how will she be happy?

The task is True, false

1. Her dream is to become a teacher

2. Banner is a noble profession.

3. She will treat patients and help people.

4. She won’t be happy.

VIII Translate the following sentences

1.Менің атым Джейн.

2.Мен сіздермен  мамандық жөнінде –өз ойымды бөліскім келеді.

3.Менің арманым дәрігер болу.

4.Дәрігер құрметті де , маңызды мамандық.

5.Мен науқастарды емдеймін  жіне сырқаттарынан айығуға көмектесемін.

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