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Викторина по английскому языку "Who wants to win?"

The  theme  of the  competition : “ Who  wants  to win ”

The  aim : To check knowledge of the  pupils of the 5th classes. Teach them to respect   each other . Teach them to learn to  save their  time and use it properly.

The organization  moment :

T: Good  morning , dear teachers and  pupils . Welcome  to our competition which is called  ‘Who  wants to win?’Let  me   introduce  you the stages of  our  competition:


      Who  is  faster?

      Grammar part

      Who  is  smarter?

      Captains’  part


1)    Introduction

T: In this   part  every  team  introduces  themselves .

5th “A ”  - “Super team”

5thӘ” – “Friendship”

5th  Б” – “Flowers”

5th “B” – “ Friends”


2)    Who  is  faster?

1)    Назовите слово со звуком [aɪ].

A big          C tiger

B take         D giraffe

2)    Какое слово лишнее?

 A. pig           C.red

B.  cat           D.dog

     3)  В каком слове буква «е» не читается?

 A.red          C hen

B.  pen         D  like

     4) Укажите, где необходимо окончание «-s».

A.six  pig_       C. a big pig _

B. a cat _         D. a fat  cat_


3)    Grammar

Fill in the gaps with am, is, are.

1.     I … fine.

2.     You … from England.

3.     He … very strong.

4.     My sister … busy.

5.     I have a cat. It … fat.

6.     Trees … green in spring.

7.     My brother … good at school.

8.     They … not good friends.

9.     I … in class five.


Make  correct sentences

     1There, room, in, is, sofa, nice, a, the

2       There, toys, are, in, box, the.

3       Computer, there, no, is, in, room, the

4         nice you are.

5         you how old are?

6          is she where?

     7    good they friends not are.


4)    Who  is  smarter?

T: You should solve these  rebuses.


M=h      c=h   


5)     Сaptains’  part


T : Make  as   much  words  as  you  can from  this  word:


T: Let’s count our balls. So  I’ll tell you the winners .

The 1st place 5thБ

The 2nd place 5th “B”

The 3rd place 5th “A”

The 4th place  5thӘ


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