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Шадиева Фатима Нантаевна, учитель английского языка Школы-лицея №35 имени И.Токтыбаева Сырдаринского района, Кзылординской области, пос. Теренозек,Казахстан


Сабақтың тақырыбы:                                           GreatPoets

Сабақтың мақсаты: 1.Абай мен Рoберт Бернс туралы білгендерін жинақтау. Өлеңді мәнерлеп оқуға және әнімен айтып үйренуге төсілдіру. Өлеңге сүйене отырып,табиғат құбылысын суреттеу.

2. Оқушылардың сөздік қорын молайту,ой-өрісін,қиялын дамыту.

3.Табиғат сұлулығын,өнерді түсіне білуге үйрету.Эстетикалық қызығушылығын ояту.

Сабақтың түрі: Интерактивтік сабақ, үш тілдік білім беру.

Сабақтың әдісі: түсіндіру,әңгімелесу, сұрақ-жауап

Көрнекілігі: Интерактивті тақта, өлең желісі бойынша алынған пейзаж, Абайдың, Роберт Бернстің портреттері, кітаптары

Пәнаралық байланыс: Әлем әдебиеті, музыка, сурет, дүниетану


1.Ұйымдастыру бөлімі;

2. Миға шабуыл;

3. Ой қозғау;

4. Абайдың өмірбаяны;

5. Роберт Бернстің өмірбаяны;

6.Шотланд ақыны Роберт Бернстің өлеңдерімен жұмыс жасау және оқушылардың аудармасы.

7. Шет ел ақындарының өлеңдерін Абай өлеңдерімен байланыстыру.

The contents of the lesson.

  1.                    Org.moment.

Greetings.  Good morning our lovely teachers and pupils. You are welcome to our open lesson. Today’s lesson is devoted to great poets Abai Kunanbaev and Robert Burns. Today we’ll see the results of your knowledge about famous writes and poets. I wish you  good  luck. Let’s begin our lesson.

  1.                 Phonetic Drill exercises

Asking questions about the day, date and season.

  1.              Drill work.

And  first of all I want you to remember the words at the previous lessons. Look at the screen, please! Listen and repeat the words

World- әлем

settlement –елді жер

masterpiece – үлгілі шығарма

strict – қатал

read them yourselves. One by one, please. Pay attention to the sounds!

  1.               Check up your vocablury.

Look  at  this  words again and write some sentences with them. Let’s work on the blackboard.

  1.       our /  world / the / sun /is / of / center /the / in
  2.       settlement / was / he / born /in
  3.       Abai / their / translated / later / into / works /Kazakh /wrote/ and / of / of/ a/ lot / literature /masterpieses
  4.       Granny / our / strict / is / very /with/ table / about / us / manners
  5.                  Brain-storming.

Task 1. Give brief information about these writes: a)when they worked;

 b)what books they wrote; c)what kind of writers they are /were;

1.William Shakespeare

2.Agatha Christie

3. Charles Dickens

4. Abai Kunanbaev

5. Muhtar Auezov

6. A.A.Milne

7. A.Pushkin

  1.       He (A.Pushkin) lived at the beginning of the 19th century.

He wrote poems and stories. He is a  famous  Russian  poet  and  writer.

  1.       He (M.Auezov) is a prominent writer, scholar and public  figure who at the same time is an Academition of  the  Academy  of  Sciences of  the  Kazakh Republic, Doctor of  filology, professor.
  2.       He (Charles Dickens) lived in the 19th century. He wrote novels and stories. He is one of the best story tellers. He among writers, a great novelist.
  3.       He (A.Kunanbaev) was a great poet and thinker of the Kazakh nation, the founder of  Kazakh literature. His poetry, translations of words of Russian and West European authors formed and marked a new stage in the history of Kazakh literature.
  4.       He (W.Shakespeare) lived in the 16th 17 th centuries. He was a dramatist, wrote plays and also sonnets.
  5.       She (Agatha Christie) lived in the 19th 20th centuries. She wrote detective stories. She is one of  the most famous detective story writers in the world literature.
  6.       He (A.A.Milne) lived in the 19th 20th centuries. He wrote books and poems for children. He is a well-known children’s writer.

Task 2. These are extracts from very famous books, much them which them with the covers of the books. Say if you are read them.


  1.      ‘ One day old Capulet made a great supper and invited many people to it but no one of the house of Montaque. At that time Romeo liked a girl whose name was Rosaline.  He knew that she was invited to the Capuley’s, so he went here his friend Mercutio. The young men wore masks on their faces.’
  2.      ‘The prince begun to take of his fine clothes, and Tom tookof his own clothes and put on the clothers of the prince.They were just like each other’.
  3.      ‘I had slept for many hours. When I awake it was just day light. I tried to get up from the ground, but I could not move. My arms and feet were held down to the ground with strings…’
  4.      ’Alice and her big sister were sitting on the grass. Her sister was reading a book, but Alice had nothing to read… She was too sleepy…’
  5.      ’ At seven on a hot evening in the Sea on the hills, Father wolf wake up. Ther was a little animal at the mouth of a cave. It was Tabaqui, the jackal. The wolves of India don’t like Tabaqui.’
  6.      ‘And are they doing well? Are they s\as diligent as when they were taught by the Kishkene – mullah? Have you made the teacher comfortable?’


  1.              Warm –up activity.

Today we are going to speak about the famous poets. Now let’s draw the association cards about poets.


  1.            New matrial.

      Now our students will be able to demonstrate the depth and the essence of Abai’s poetry or prose of ‘’Books of words’’ under the study. At the lesson students will exchange and comment on the importance of recived extracts


Word 7.

Born into this world and infant inherits two essential needs. The first is for meat, drink and sleep. These are the requirement of the flesh without which the body cannot be the house of the soul and will not grow in height and strength. The other  is craving for knowledge.

Жетінші қара сөз.

  •          .Жас бала анадан туғанда екі түрлі мінезбен туады. Біреуі- ішсем, жесем, ұйықтасам деп тұрады. Бұлар тәннің құмары, бұлар болмаса, тән жанға қонақ үй бола алмайды, һәм өзі өспейді,қуат таппайды. Біреуі білсем демек.

Cедмое слова.

  •          Ребенок рождается на свет, наследуя два начала. Первое из них требует еды, питья и сна. Это-потребность плоти, без этогт тело не может служить пристанищем для души, не будет расти и крепнуть. Другая- тяга к знаниям.

Word 31

Three states of minds are: careless sloth, indifference, senseless amusement, the inclination of morose reflection and destructive passion. These vices can destroy both: your mind and your soul.

Отыз бірінші қара сөз.

  •          Ой кеселдері уайымсыз, салғырттық,ойыншы-күлкішілдік, я бір қайғыға салыну, я бір нәрсеге құмарлық пайда болу. Бұл төрт нәрсе- күллі ақыл мен ғылымды тоздыратұғын нәрселер.

    Тридцать первое слова

  •          Вредные свойства ума: безконечность, равнодушие, склонность к безпричинному веселью, тяга к мрачным раздумьям и губительным страстям. Вот эти четыре порока способны разрушать и ум, и талант.

     Word 39

When everyone is his onn judge people cannot live together even in a boundless land; when a community has a chef no one gets burn even in a fire.

    Отыз тоғызыншы қарасөз

  •          Бас-басыңа би болсаң, манар тауға сыймайсың, бас алқаңыз бар болса, жанған отқа күймейсің.

    Тридцать девятое слова

  •          Когда каждый сам по себе бий, не ужится на бескрайних просторах. Когда есть глава общины, не сгореть и в огне.

 A poem ‘’Autumn’’ Recited by Daylet.

A poem ‘’Winter’’ Recited by Alia.

A poem ‘’Spring’’ Recited by Aruzhan.

A poem ‘’Summer’’ Recited by Adilet.

T: Abai not only a great poet, he became part of historic Kazakh culture as a great folk composer. He was the author of many folk songs, an innovator in this area. His songs were the latest word in Kazakh music.

Lyrical songs are at center of Abai’s work. They differ from folk songs in their intonation. Among the songs that most embody the innovations of Abai and their proximity to Russian democratic songs and romances is‘’Aittim salem, Kalamkas’’. Please, let’s sing a song                     

‘’Aittim salem, Kalamkas’’

Aittim salem, Kalamkas,

Greetings to you, Kalamkas

All  I have I give up  for  you

Longing  for  you  dreaming  of  you

Warm tears come to my eyes

No one born is better than you

Only with my deep feelings

I can share, Kalamkas.

Thank  you!

T: Abai introduced Kazakh readers and listeners to Russian poetry, translating fables of I.Krilov and poems of M.Lermontov and A.Pushkin for them. Many translations were set to music and became favourite songs, such as the translation of M.Lermontov’s poetic works and ‘’Mountain Top’’ by Goethe. ‘’Karangy tunde tau kulgyp’’.

Please, let’s sing a song.

              Karangy tunde tau kulgyp

In the dark night the mountains lie half awake,

Then the mountains so peacefully to sleep.

The steppe so tired, the night presses from above

The steppe so tired, the night presses from above

Ok. T: A special place in the creative works of Abai is occupied by his translation of the romance by poetry, Eugeny Onegin. ‘’Tatiana Sozi’’. Let’s see the slide show.

  1.         Physical ex-s.

Let’s relax and sing the song.  Vidio.

  1.               Robert Burns

Let’s speak about English-speaking writers. One of them is Robert Burns. Where did he live? Where is Scotland situated? What is the capital of the country? Where do the Scotland lie?


T:Мен оқушыларға Шотландия елінің ұлы ақыны Рберт Бернстің өлеңдерін ағылшын тілінде және оның СюМаршак аударған аудармасын беріп өздерің қазақ тіліне аударыңдар деп тапсырма бергенмін. Енді сол өлеңдерді үш тілде тыңдаңыздар.

1.’’My heart’s in the Highlands’’

2. ‘’A child’s wish’’.

3. ‘’Nature’’.

4. ‘’Star’’.

Thank you very much. It was very interisting to listen to you.

Now let’s see vidio film ‘’My heart’s in the Highlands’’.

  1.                  Ben’s diagram.

Draw a diagram. What is in common between poets and what is different?


Abai                                                                                                        Burns


  1.               Test yourself.

Take a test-papers and write the test about Great Poets, please. And now check your answers, please.(тестің бағасы келесі сабақта қойылады)

1.When and where was Abai born?

a) in 1845 in Semey   b) in 1845 in Almaty c) in 1846 in Taraz

2. How many songs did Abai write?

a) 19 b)8 c)14

3.What poems written by abai do you know?

4. Abai…. to school at the age of 9.

a)goes  b) went  c)was going

5. Where was Robert Burns born?

a)Great Britain  b) England c) Scotland

6. When did Robert die?

a)January 25,1759  b)July 21,1796 c) March 7, 1804

7. What is the best known work of Robert?

a)Auld Lang Syne b)My Heart’s in the Highlands c)A Man’s a Man for a that

XII. Game

What season is it now? What is the weather now?(The weather is fine, the trees are green)

Yes,you are right. We’ll play the game ‘’Green the trees’’

Теректі жасыл жапыраққа толтыру керек. Ол үшін мына жапырақта сұрақтар тұр. Кім соған дұрыс жауап берсе сол оқушы жапырақты мына терекке ілу керек. Интерактивті тақтамен жұмыс.

Questions on the leaves: ‘’Famous people’’.

  1.       What is the best known work of A Pushkin?  (Eugenie Onegin)
  2.       What was Mark Twain’s real name?  (Samuel Langhome Clemens)
  3.       Why did Jack London go to Alaska in 1897?  (to find the gold)
  4.       Where was William Shakespeare born? (in Stratford-on-Avon)
  5.       How many novels did Ernest Hemingway write? (6 novels)
  6.       What kind of stories did Agatha Christie write? (detective stories)


  1.         Conclusion







             Want Know
























  1.        Homework

Bring to the class one of your favorite writes or poets and speak about them.

  1.         The end of the lesson.

T: Pupils all were very active, you did your best. Thank you for your work. Your marks are good and excellent. Dear teaches and pupils thanlyou for you attention. Our lesson is over.



My Heart's In The Highlands

My heart's in the Highlands, my heart is not here,
My heart's in the Highlands a-chasing the deer -
A-chasing the wild deer, and following the roe;
My heart's in the Highlands, wherever I go.

Farewell to the Highlands, farewell to the North
The birth place of Valour, the country of Worth;
Wherever I wander, wherever I rove,
The hills of the Highlands for ever I love.

Farewell to the mountains high cover'd with snow;
Farewell to the straths and green valleys below;
Farewell to the forrests and wild-hanging woods;
Farwell to the torrents and loud-pouring floods.

My heart's in the Highlands, my heart is not here,
My heart's in the Highlands a-chasing the deer
Chasing the wild deer, and following the roe;
My heart's in the Highlands, whereever I go.


В горах мое сердце... Доныне я там.
По следу оленя лечу по скалам.
Гоню я оленя, пугаю козу.
В горах мое сердце, а сам я внизу.

Прощай, моя родина! Север, прощай, -
Отечество славы и доблести край.
По белому свету судьбою гоним,
Навеки останусь я сыном твоим!

Прощайте, вершины под кровом снегов,
Прощайте, долины и скаты лугов,
Прощайте, поникшие в бездну леса,
Прощайте, потоков лесных голоса.

В горах мое сердце... Доныне я там.
По следу оленя лечу по скалам.
Гоню я оленя, пугаю козу.
В горах мое сердце, а сам я внизу.


Жүрегім менің таулы өлкеде, еліктерді қууда

Үркітемін мен жабайы елік пенен ешкіні,

Жүрегім менің таулы өлкеде, мейлі қайда барсамда.


Қош болыңдар таулы өлкелер! Қош айтамын солтүстікке!

Кең өлкені еркін кезіп қыдырамын

Сүйіп өтем мәңгілік,таулы өлкенің далаларын.


Қош болыңдар қар жамылған биік таулар,

Қош бол енді жасыл желек дала менен шалғындықтар,

Қош болыңдар орман және ағаш толы асулар,

Қош бол мәңгі тасқындар мен гүрілдеген тасулар.




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