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We are going to have a picnic

Grammar: - to be going to do something-

The objectives:

1.to increase pupils’ word-stock with the help of new words

2.  to challenge pupils to use active vocabulary through a number of speech exercises based on new theme

3.  to develop their thinking abilities and oral speech

4.  to bring up their interests to the language.

Visual aids (equipments):

1.A number of slides

2.  Testing cards

                 3.An apple-tree of future


Technology: Game elements at the English lesson.

Methods: Question -answer, illustrative method.


The outline of the lesson:

I.            The beginning of the lesson, short conversation with pupils on duty.

II.         Checking up the home task:

a)  Exercises 2,3 page 40

b)  Text " The supermarket" ( Good reading ). T-P1-P2-P3-Etc.

III.     Introduction of new theme: Unit Eight, Lesson One

a)  New grammar structure - to be going to do something- (Teacher's explanation).

b)  Classroom Exercise 1 page 41 in a written form. (Work with slide).

IV.      Work with slide : Make up sentences using - to be going to- P1-P2 -P3-Etc.

V.         Classroom Exercise 2 page 41 (orally). T-P1-P2-P3-Etc.

VI.      Checking control test in order to know how they understood the usage of - to be going to +V-

VII.  Game: "An apple-tree of future" P1-P2-P3-Etc.

VIII.    Work with text of  Exercise 3 page 45.

a)  Read, translate and answer the questions . P1-P2; P3-P4; Etc

b)  Find and copy out sentences with structural group -to be going to -

IX.      Game: Read questions in point A and find their answers in point B. Write your answers using figures and letters;

X.         Marks; Home task for the next lesson

1.Exercise 4p 45(write) 2.Exercise 3p 45(read)

3. Make up 6 sentences in plural and singular forms using - to be going to-

 XI. The end of the lesson.

                                        The course of the lesson:

I.         T: Good morning! I'm glad to see you. Let's begin our lesson. At the beginning of the lesson let us check your home task.

II.    Checking up the home work.

III.    Unit Eight, Lesson One. "We are going to have a picnic" and the usage of structure -to be going to do something - (coбиратьсясделатьчто - то).

to be going to +V

T: When we speak about the future tense, we form it with the help of the auxiliary

verbs - shall ,wi11-

E.g. I shall buy new shoes at the shoe shop

But this not the only way to speak about the future in English. When we talk about our plans and things we have decided to do we often use - to be going to +V. You know the forms of the auxiliary verb - to be-in Present Simple. What are they?

P-s : Am, is, are

I –am. He, she, it-is .You , we, they - are



T: Look at the following slide .

to be going to-







He. she, it





going to + Verb











T: Use your active vocabulary and make up sentences using - to be going to-

P1: I am going to play chess

P2: We are going to play computer games.

 P3 : She is going to clean the room.

 P4: I am going to buy new shoes at the shoe shop. Etc.

T: Do you know the song "' Bлecy poдилась елочка" ? Let's sing the following song according to this melody all together in chorus.


I am ,you are, he is , she is.

It is, we are, you are.

They are , I am , you are, he is.

IV. Work with slide " Make up sentences using - to be going to-.

Next day


Omar and Colin

watch TV




play computer games




My sister

ride a bike




play the dombyra




buy new books




go to the shop

Next week


My parents

listen to music

  She is , it is, that's all !


T: You must write your sentences using all these columns.

E.g. Tomorrow at 3 o'clock Dmitry is going to go to the shop.


V. Classroom Ex 3page 45 orally.

(Work with slide).

T:Read and answer the questions according to the text.


  VI.   Checking control test in order to know how they understood the new material

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