Базаркул Кеулимжаева
Должность:Учительница английского языка
Регион:Актюбинская область, город Шалкар

There is, there are

The objectives:

1.  to develop pupil’s speaking, reading, writing abilities.

2. to increase their word - stock and train them in Grammar.

3. to bring up their interests to the language through various tasks oninteractive board.

Intersubjective link: Maths, Music, Art.


The outline:


I.The beginning of the lesson: greeting, short conversation with pupils.


II.Checking up of the home task given at the previous lesson: Exercise1,2 page 54.

P1- P2- P3- Etc.


III. Introduction of a new theme: Unit 11, Lesson 1. Structure – There is, There are-.

a) New words:

goat- ешкі


barn – сарай, қора

field – егістік, дала

yard –аула

horse – ат, жылқы

bird – құс

house – үй

T – Cl – P1 – P2 – Etc.

b) Classroom Exercise 1 page 66 (WB). Match and read (slide).


c) Introduction of structure – There is – There are –

T: – There is –we use in singular form.

– There are – we use in plural form.

E.g. Теректің астында ақ ешкі бар. There is a white goat under the tree.

Теректің астында ақ ешкілер бар. There are white goats under the tree.


IV. Classroom Exercise 1 page 56, in a written form Exercise 1 page 58.

P1 – P2 – P3 – Etc.

T: Look at the pictures and make up sentences using these structures.


a) P1: There is a horse in the yard.

P2: There is a boy on the horse.

P3: There is a bird in the tree.

P4: There is a cow in the field.

P5: There is a barn in the yard.

P6: There is a house in the yard.

P7: There is a girl in the house.

P8: There is a goat under the tree.


b) Exercise 1 page 58. (work in pairs)

P1 – P2; P3 – P4; Etc.

P1: How many cars are there?

P2: There are 10 (ten) cars.


P1: How many vans are there?

P2: There are 4 (four) vans.


P1: How many bikes are there?

P2: There are 9 (nine) bikes.


P1: How many buses are there?

P2: There are 5 (five) buses.


P1: How many trains are there?

P2: There are 3 (three) trains.


P1: How many taxies are there?

P2: There are 3 (three) taxies.




V. Classroom Exercise 2 page 68 (WB). (Slide)


VI. Consolidation tasks. (Slide)

T: In order to know how did you understand today’s lesson, let’s do the following consolidation tasks.


a) T: Write and match.

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