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Solutions of Environmental problems

Казахстан, Карагандинская область, г. Балхаш
КГУ «Общеобразовательная средняя школа №1 имени М. Горького»
Учитель английского языка, заместитель директора по воспитательной работе
Гамова Т.Г.

Aim: создать условия для демонстрации учащимися знаний, умений и навыков по теме «Решение проблем окружающей среды»; способствовать развитию разговорной речи на иностранном языке,умение слушать и понимать английскую речь; умение находить творческий подход в решении поставленных задач, умение работать самостоятельно и в группе, воспитывать любовь к окружающему миру, доброе отношение ко всему живому;

Lesson:  Slide 1. Greeting.

  1. 1.     Good morning, my dear! Today we have an unusual lesson, today the town is looking at you, and

Slide 2  I wish you to show your talent of speaking English, your creation doing task, and your own abilities during the lesson.


-         Who wants to wish anything? May be wish to me or to your classmates.

-         Children (I wish … to be attentive, to be active,  will be hardworking, to get an excellent mark,  this lesson gives chance to speak English better.)

-         Thank you, my dear! Let’s begin our lesson!

  1. 2.     Now, watch video and think of the topic of our lesson.

Video 1.

Please, who is ready to say what the theme of our lesson is?

Children:     I think it’s Ecology,    I think it’s Environmental problems.

Yes. You are right!

The theme of our lesson is Solution of Environmental problems.

Slide 3.

  1. 3.     Now I want you to work in four groups. Please, make up a cluster.  

I give you the paper and you think and write association to the EARTH.

The first group and the third group do associations to the Beauty of Earth.

The second and the fourth group do associations to the Problems of Earth.

After work…               Who is the speaker of your group?

Thank you for this work!

How do you think why we remember beauties and problems of Environment?

( Because people don’t save the beauty of the Earth, of the Nature, life get more modern )  

  1. 4.     Look at the monitor. I suggest you to write a short essay about the Environment problem use the words.

Slide 4

Please, read who is ready? Please, listen to you attentively.

Ok! In your opinion we see that the situation of our Environment and nature is terrible.

  1. 5.     Now we do exercise.  Please, be attentive. You must make up sentences.

Choose right the word and put it. Slide 5

Complete the sentences using the derivatives from the words in brackets.

Please, say Noun, Adjective, Verb

Each of us can do something to solve 1)…(environment) problems. For example, you can adopt an animal at the zoo and make 2)…(donate) every month to help pay for the things it needs: food, medicines, the cleaning of its 3)…(close). Some of the money you give goes to the zoo’s 4)…(conserve) programmes that help other 5)…(danger) species. Our modern lifestyles pollute and destroy the animals’ 6)…(nature) habitats so we must do something about it. If you adopt an animal you get an 7)…(adopt)  8)…(certify) and a ticket to go and  visit your animal at the zoo any time you like.

The key: 1)environmental; 2)donations; 3)enclosure; 4)conservation; 5)endangered; 6)natural; 7)adoption; 8)certificate

You are right. Your job is excellent.

  1. 6.     We said that people and of course Government must help to our Earth.

At the end of the lesson I want to get your solutions to protect the Environment for people and Government. .  Slide 6


         People must do.

             Government must do.












OK! I think we must do it all together if we want to save our world.

  1. 7.     Reflection.

Well! Look at the blackboard, you see the table, you choose the section any you like and answer the question.  GAME




Our acts



Human beings




  1. Do you think that Government and people should try to preserve national resources?
  2. Why do you think that the problem of pollution worries the society of our country?
  3. What global disasters can you speak about? What do you know? What can you say about Aral Sea?
  4. Tell me, what do the children do at school for the Nature?
  5. What must people start to do for planet?
  6. From what can more and more people suffer?
  7. Do you agree with statement that most people understand the problem of Environmental pollution?
  8. Please, say what causes of Environmental pollution do you know?
  9. Has everyone heard about global warming, climate change, sea level rise, overpopulation in the world?

Thank you! You are absolutely right!

Sum:    The Earth will live longer if we save it!

  1. 8.     I play the video “The beauty of the Earth”           Video 2
  2. 9.     I wish you live long on beautiful Earth, but remember it will depend on you too!
  3. 10.                        Estimation. Now please, tick a certain smile for each task and show me. I want to know do you like lesson. What was different for you? What was interesting at the lesson today?

I want to say “Thank you” to you for your attention, your active and talent.

Give me your emotional cards, please.   Slide 7/8


The lesson is over! Good – bye! Thanks!

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