Ольга Николаевна
Группа:Мир учителя


Россия,Республика Татарстан,Рыбно-Слободский район, с.Масловка

МБОУ "Верхне-Тимерлековская СОШ"

Учитель английского языка

Мингалеева Гулия Габдразаковна


1.The teacher informed us that we … six lessons the next day.

a) will have      b) would have          c) have         d) had

2. My mother expected ………. to explain everything.

a) I         b) me        c) mine          d) myself

3. Well, I don’t think it will work, but I … your advice and your wish to help.
a) support     b) ignore         c) deserve      d) appreciate

4.Alan doesn’t trust friends very much. He thinks that friends can … him .
a) betray      b) approve       c) entertain        d) amuse

5.I don’t really … of children wearing make-up. 

a) deserve     b) attract     c) observe     d) approve

6. Have you…………been to London? – Yes, I have

a) never        b) ever          c) just            d) yet

7. He works ... and makes good progress.

a) hard, b) hardly, c) good, d) badly.

8.He is known ... from the trip.

a) to return, b) to be returned, c) to have returned, d) returned.

9. How long ... you ... to drive a car? — For three years now.

a) are able, b) were able, c) will be able, d) have been able.

10. The teacher expected him ... better at the exam.

a) to do, b) doing, c) do, d) did.

11. We did not... ask her twice, she agreed at once.

a) can, b) ought to, c) have to, d) must.

12. She is happy ... the final examination successfully.

a) to pass, b) to be passing, c) to be passed, d) to have passed.

13. By the end of the next week they ... all the exams.

a) have passed, b) had passed, c) will have passed, d) will pass.

14. There's light in the house, they ... be at home.

a) have, b) can't, c) mustn't, d) must.

15. Bill ... to be at the station at 3.

a) must, b) should, c) is, d) will be.

16. They ... to return next Monday.

a) are sure, b) was sure, c) are not sure, d) weren't sure.

17. You ... to come here again.

a) must, b) may, c) should, d) have.

18. Jack left ... Paris last week.

a) in, b) for, c) from, d) to.

19.I  haven't the slightest idea of what I ... to do in this situation.

a) could, b) ought, c) would, d) should.

20. 1 don't know if she ... to the party.

a) comes, b) will come, c) had come, d) would   come.

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