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0 Лексико-грамматические тесты по английскому языку для учащихся 10-11 классов

Россия, Республика Татарстан, г. Казань

МБОУ "Гимназия №102 им. М.С. Устиновой"

Учитель английского языка

Круглова Ольга Васильевна

Из четырех вариантов выберите единственно правильный.

  1.        I…ten minutes before the police came.
    a. had been waiting
    b. was waiting
    c. am waiting
    d. will be waiting
  2.        He even doesn’t try…that mistake.
    a. to get rid of
    b. get rid of
    c. of get rid
    d. get rid
  3.        I…him tomorrow morning.
    a. see
    b. saw
    c. seeing
    d. will be seeing
  4.        She speaks English…than Jane does.
    a. worse
    b. worst
    c. the worst
    d. badly
  5.        Look at those holes in my fur. I’m afraid the…have been at it.
    a. butterflies
    b. insects
    c. moths
    d. worms
  6.        That’s a nice dress. It…perfectly.
    a. costumes
    b. goes
    c. matches
    d. suits
  7.        He is sure…in time.
    a. comes
    b. to come
    c. came
    d. coming
  8.        He is still trying to make me…my mind.
    a. change
    b. to change
    c. changed
    d. changing
  9.        It isn’t easy to understand songs in English, …?
    a. is it
    b. is there
    c. isn’t it
    d. isn’t there
  10.    …here in winter.
    a. It isn’t snowing
    b. It doesn’t snow
    c. There isn’t snowing
    d. There is snowing
  11.    Do you watch TV…?
    a. much
    b. many
    c. a lot of
    d. plenty of
  12.    George knows…about economic.
    a. many
    b. a lot of
    c. much
    d. plenty
  13.    The fire…by the electric fault.
    a. caused
    b. was causing
    c. could have caused
    d. could have been caused
  14.    The music could…from far away.
    a. to be heard
    b. be heard
    c. heard
    d. hear
  15.    He came home after…holiday in the Crimea.
    a. a month
    b. month’s
    c. month
    d. a month’s
  16.    I saw her…but I don’t remember where.
    a. nowhere
    b. anywhere
    c. somewhere
    d. somebody
  17.    They didn’t want…a professional pianist.
    a. him to be
    b. him be
    c. he to be
    d. he be
  18.    I had my luggage… .
    a. weighed
    b. weighing
    c. to weigh
    d. weigh
  19.    I…for you when you come out of the building.
    a. am waiting
    b. was waiting
    c. be waiting
    d. shall be waiting
  20.    I am tired. … .
    a. So do I
    b. So am I
    c. I am too
    d. I too
  21.    We couldn’t make…back.
    a. him to come
    b. him come
    c. he come
    d. he to come
  22.    Would you like me…you a cup of coffee?
    a. to make
    b. to do
    c. making
    d. doing
  23.    You had some spare time yesterday,…?
    a. do you
    b. hadn’t you
    c. don’t you
    d.  didn’t you
  24.    We chose the…for a suit and had it made up by our tailor.
    a. cloth
    b. clothes
    c. clothing
    d. textile
  25.    Grandma was sitting by the fire and…a sock.
    a. embroidering
    b. knitting
    c. manufacturing
    d. weaving
  26.    I…the blouse in the fitting-room but it was obviously too small.
    a. tried
    b. tried on
    c. tried out
    d. wore
  27.    Bright colours don’t…her pale skin.
    a.  agree
    b. fit
    c. match
    d. suit
  28.    I have to study, so I ought…in the reading hall.
    a. to stay
    b. stay
    c. stayed
    d. staying
  29.    The rest homes…in picturesque places.
    a. situated
    b. are situating
    c. are situated
    d. situating
  30.    My mother….the noise and busy traffic of Moscow.
    a. used to
    b. use to
    c.  is not use to
    d. is not used to
  31.    She…to the plant when I met her.
    a. goes
    b. was going
    c. is going
    d. had gone
  32.    When we came out of the water we…on the grass.
    a. laid
    b. lain
    c. lay
    d. lie
  33.    If you had known the truth you…to make Smith come to me.
    a. couldn’t
    b. wouldn’t have been able
    c. were not be able
    d. have not been able
  34.    Jack did not object…playing the part of a monk.




      35. Tom is proud … his father.





     36. He… the play before he saw it at the theatre.


          b.was reading

          c.was read

          d.had read

     37.He said that he …all his exams by the 25th of June.


         b.wiil have passed

         c.will pass

         d.would have passed  


   38. When I got to the theatre the play … already.


         b.was starting

         c. had started

         d.would start

 39. When he … the people in the hall he could not say a word.

       a.had seen


      c.would see

      d.was seen

40. The… of the wall is two metres.





41.If I… hungry ,I would have had a sandwich.

    a.had been


    c. would have been

    d. will have been

42. The  rain did not prevent him … going to the theatre.

       a. against

       b. of

       c. from

       d. out of

43.The trousers are too ...:I will have get a bigger pair.

      a. close

     b. loose

     c. narrow

    d. tight


44.You really ought to…your shoes repaired.

      a. for

      b. get

      c. out

     d. out of

45. If you break the law, you will be… trouble.

      a. for

      b. in

     c. out

     d. out of

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