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0 What the videos show the brands in Tiktok

An example of a successful advertising campaign in TikTok was demonstrated by the popular fashion brand Guess, holding a challenge here under the hashtag #inmydenim. The transformation of an ordinary image into an original and stylish outfit was shown. The message was based on the contrast of everyday clothing and modern branded clothing. The audience responded, and in the first week the video provoked 30 million activities.
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The McDonalds ad is another burger challenge under the tag #BigMacTikTok. The idea came to marketers from Malaysia. How easy it was to become a member of the promotion, brought her 9.9 million interactions. Users were invited to post their creative videos with a big mac to any music on the Web.

Sberbank of Russia

TikTok attracts mostly a teenage group, as evidenced by statistics. However, even such a solid financial institution turned to cooperation with him. In this case, the goal of marketing is to attract an audience aged 14-25 years to get closer to generation Z. One of the latest videos successfully combines a demonstration of a bank card with an interesting challenge #bottlecapchallenge. Active cooperation with well-known companies, including "Yula", L'Oreal, suggests the possibility of using TikTok as a full-fledged advertising platform. Other noteworthy advertisers are also paying attention to the online platform.

Red Bull

The company places videos in TikTok where athletes perform tricks. Materials are taken from other social networks.


Creative characters in the company profile videos follow the global trends and offer all guests to participate in challenges.

Apple Music

Posting announcements of new albums and brief interviews with favorite artists of the younger generation in TikTok is extremely relevant for music services. English radio stations Capital and iHeartRadio found this move attractive, and filled their ticktock pages with similar materials.

Washington Post

The American press keeps up with the trends. The verified account of the famous periodical has more than 150 thousand subscribers, who are entertained here with funny stories about the life of journalists.

Football clubs

Real Madrid, Bayern Munich and Liverpool share training moments with fans, especially successful goals and short films made for fun.скачать dle 12.1

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