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Открытый урок по английскому языку

Тема: Animal magic
9 класс

1. Look at the board. You see the history of the world. There are different
first single celled organism, trilobite, jellyfish, primitive plants, woolly
mammoth, dinosaurs, primitive human.
Answer the question how old is the earth?
Which of this life forms appeared first, second and third on earth?
2. Give the meaning of animal class: birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish,
Reptiles – a class of animals that are cold-blooded, with scales
Amphibians – a class of animals that can live in the water and on land, no
Mammals — a class of warm-blooded, usually hairy animals, that feed their
young with milk secreted by
the mammary glands of females
Fish — are vertebrates which live in water and respire (get oxygen) with
Birds — a class of warm-blooded animals that can fly
3. Add animals to each category
Insect: ant, spider, wasp, fly, mosquito
Birds: pigeon, hawk, seagull, sparrow, canary
Reptiles and amphibians: snake, turtle, lizard, frog, crocodile
Fish: goldfish, shark, trout, tuna, sardine
Mammals: whale, tiger, snow leopard, elephant, panda bear
4. Text “The Importance of animal rights
The Importance of Animal Rights
A) We share the planet with an inconceivable number of other life forms, from the
microscopic bacteria to the enormous blue whales that inhabit the depths of the
ocean. How we treat the creatures with which we share the planet has also become
a topic of increasing concern. Whether or not we think that animals are entitled to
the same respect as people, it is imperative that we seek to inform ourselves and
make careful decisions about the topic of animal rights.

B) The philosopher Peter Singer has advocated for what his supporters call "animal
liberation." He argues for a complete end to the use of animals as food and
clothing. Other thinkers involved in animal rights include Tom Regan, who sees
animals as subjects of their own lives, and Gary Francione, who thinks that animal
rights advocates should seek to immediately abolish all consumption of animal
products as well as animal testing-indeed all production of any kind that involves
animals. This is called "ethical veganism."
C) The destruction of private property, including labs and farms, in the name of
animal liberation or the prevention of cruelty to animals has drawn scorn from
citizens and legislators across the country. Laws have been established at the
national and state level to work against violence and sabotage performed by
organizations like People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).
D) However a person might incline on the question of animal rights, plenty of
opportunities exist to educate oneself about the topic. There are hundreds of large
animal rights organizations in the United States, from the American Society for the
Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) to the World Society for the Protection
of Animals. Finding an organization to join or support with donations and
volunteer work-or merely finding an expert to answer your questions-is as easy as
an Internet search. Learning about animal rights is an extremely important part of
living responsibly on the planet we share.

5. Answer the question
1 group
I Which paragraph best fits each summary?
1) Planet has also become a topic of increasing concern ___
2) Plenty of opportunities exist to educate oneself about the topic___
3) Laws have been established at the national and state level to work against
1. Which three acronyms for animal rights organizations are presented in the
2. Which answer best restates the idea of "animal liberation" as presented in
A) Animals have thoughts and feelings and shouldn't be killed.
B) It is moral and ethical to use animals for food, clothing, and other purposes.

C) No convincing reason, either moral or ethical, exists for using animals as food
D) All animals in captivity should be freed.

III Give a title to each paragraph
IV questions
1. What does a living thing need to survive?
2. When does animal become extinct?
2 group

I Which paragraph best fits each summary?
1) Advocates should cancel all consumption of animal products___
2) From helping and working with animals, voluntary work teachers your
3) Prevent of cruelty to animals___
2. Which philosopher advocates for animal liberation?
A) Gary Francione
B) Peter Singer
C) Wilhelm Hegel
D) None of the above
3. Why have animal rights become a topic of concern, according to the article?
A) People in the United States have become interested in environmentalism.
B) People have noticed that there are many different kinds of animals on Earth.
C) Animals are going extinct.
D) Peter Singer and others have begun protesting on behalf of animals.

III Give a title to each paragraph
IV Questions
1. What kind of threats does our wildlife face?
2. If people don’t protect endangered species, what will happen?

6. Look at the picture. This is endangered animal. What can you say about
it. What is the main cause of its extinction? What should we do to
protect it? (polar bear)
Polar Bears Are Starving and dying from Global Warming.
Millions have seen the heart-wrenching video of a polar bear clinging to life
Because of melting sea ice more polar bears will soon starve
Melting of the Arctic sea ice threatens polar bear survival
Amstrup’s own 2010 studyprojected that continued decline in sea ice would
reduce the global population of bears by two thirds, to less than 10,000 by
The only solution for the long-term survival of the polar bear is to address
climate change.”
The main reason of Global warming is a human activity
Humans emissions and activities have caused around 95% of the warming
observed since 1950, according to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate
Change’s (IPCC) fifth assessment report.
There is overwhelming evidence that human activities, especially burning
fossil fuels, are leading to increased levels of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse
gases in the atmosphere, which in turn amplify the natural greenhouse effect,
causing the temperature of the Earth's atmosphere, ocean, and land surface to
increase Human activities, particularly the combustion of fossil fuels, are altering
the climate system.
Human-driven changes in land use and land cover such as deforestation,
urbanization, and shifts in vegetation patterns also alter the climate. Because the
primary cause of recent global climate change is human, the solutions are also
within the human domain.
Some examples of mitigating climate change:
Burn less fossil fuels; convert to carbon-free energy
Use energy more efficiently
Design cities, communities, and networks like food and transportation so they are
less energy-intensive
Create new energy infrastructure that can be responsive to smaller, more variable,
and more numerous inputs of energy, such as from wind turbines and solar farms.
Improve or restore the Earth's ability to store carbon, such as in soils, forests, or
Learn more about threatened ecosystems and species and take steps to protect them
Addressing climate change will be a monumental a challenge, and no doubt some
of today's students will be instrumental in designing and implementing future

7. What do you know about snow leopard? How many snow leopards are
there in Kazakhstan? What is the main cause of its extinction?
The snow leopard is one of the rarest mammals of Kazakhstan. It is an official
symbol of Kazakhstan. There are important areas of snow leopard habitat on a
territory of Kazakhstan, which are – Altai, Saur, Junggar Alatau and Tien Shan,
which carry international importance, as regions of high biodiversity and which are
important in shaping the environment.
Over 4000 snow leopards are living in the world, while the population reduced by
20% over the last 16 years. 3% of global species population is the habitants of
Kazakhstan where the country was historically a habitat serving as an ecological
corridor for the species. Today the separation of the range can lead to total
Snow leopards may never have been plentiful. And now there are even fewer–so
few that they are an endangered species. Too many leopards have been killed for
their beautiful coats and also to keep them away from livestock. It’s true that
leopards sometimes attack people’s domestic animals. But that usually happens
when livestock eat up the plants that wild sheep and goats need. That leaves less
wild prey for the leopards, and they just go after whatever they can find.
But there is some hopeful news. Because snow leopards are endangered, there are
laws that help protect them. Some scientists are studying them to learn more about
how they live and what they need to survive. And some help local people find
ways to live with the leopards instead of fighting against them.
There is a International Snow Leopard Foundation which serve as the first
foundation in the CIS countries to reintroduce the population of snow leopards in
8. Let’s watch the following video. With fewer than 4,000 of these iconic
animals in the wild today, tiger populations have been in a rapid decline
over the past century. These already endangered big cats are being
driven towards extinction, as demand for tiger products continue.
Chinese medicine, tiger bone wine, and even selfies are complicit in this
destruction. Tiger poaching is part of a multi-billion dollar illegal
wildlife trade worldwide. Poaching for their bones (and skins) has
become a primary threat to their survival.
9. What do you think can be done to protect the animals in the wild and
save them from going extinct? What is your opinion?

 creation of more organizations to protect animals
 to tighten poaching laws
 don’t destroy animals home
 prevent global warming
 stop keeping animals in enclosure (zoo, circus)
 stop killing animals for medicine (Chinese tiger farm)
10. What are the advantages and disadvantages of keeping animals in
enclosure (the man-made habitat of an animal in captivity
11. Each group calls 2 clever animals. Why do you think so.
12. In conclusion give me your opinion why learning about animal, animal
rights are an extremely important part of living responsibility on the
planet we share.скачать dle 12.1

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