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0 Garden care in summer
trimming treeSummer is a responsible time for any gardener in the struggle for a high harvest, because in the summer after flowering and fruit formation, trees and shrubs require special attention, and everyone needs their own approach.

Many gardeners know what manipulations need to be made with a garden in the spring after awakening, or on the contrary in the fall before wintering. But not many people know what to do in the summer to get more harvest. The secret is simple – feeding, watering, disease and pest control, houston tree trimming, and growth adjustment.

Irrigation. For the convenience of watering trees need to create a shallow trench in the ground around the trunk - this will allow moisture to get directly to the roots. Each tree requires its own approach to watering. Apple trees require a sufficient amount of water: from five buckets per square meter for young trees to eight for older ones. But cherries on the contrary, quite resistant to drought and require watering only four times per season. The volume of irrigation for Mature trees is about eight ltrow. But the most moisture-loving is the plum, but only in the first half of summer. Watering it requires a moderate and regular, but before ripening it should be reduced almost twice. In addition to the variety of trees when watering should also focus on other conditions: dry or rainy summer, the nature of the soil, lowland or hill.

Additional fertilizing. Regardless of tree species, fertilizers are applied according to the following principle - if the year is not fruitful, it is enough to make only organic fertilizers, whether it is humus, peat, compost or infusion of mullein. If the year turned out to be fruitful, then it is required to make mineral fertilizers, such as: urea, superphosphate, nitrofoska (30-50 grams per square meter). Feeding can be made both in dry form, scattering around the trunk, or even burying in the soil, and to dilute with water and fertilize the irrigation time.

Pest and disease control. Throughout the life of the garden, you should monitor its health. Both diseases and pests there are many. It is very important to see the signs of disease or parasites at the beginning and take immediate action, because then the fight can take too much time and effort, and even lead only to the death of the tree. It is also important to observe the basic work to maintain the health of the garden. This is the correct pruning of trees, loosening and digging the soil around the trunk, whitewashing the trunks themselves, protecting damaged areas with garden brew or similar means.

Growth adjustment is the correct formation of the crown and the timely removal of excess sprouts. In case of failure of this item trees spend extra energy, increases the shading of the crown, which adversely affects the harvest. Pruning should be done in a timely manner, using only clean and sharp tools, so as not to infect the tree and minimally injure the tissue.

Following these recommendations, you can get a fairly high yield and prevent many negative consequences for the garden, because as you know - prevention is better than treatment.скачать dle 12.1

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