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Открытый урок по английскому языку "Would you like some juice?"


Grade: 5 “A”

Date: 16.12.2014


“Would you like some juice?”



• To enrich the pupils’ knowledge giving them

more information about food and drinks

• To develop pupils’ pronunciation in English. To develop communicative skills and abilities through different communicative activities, to widen pupil’s knowledge about food and drinks, to speak about it

• To great an interest in studying in English language

The type of the lesson:


Visual aids:

Picture, slides, an interactive board, cards

                          Organization moment: (ұйымдастыру бөлімі)

I. Greeting:

   Teacher- Pupils

a)      Explanation of the lesson


b)      Asking about the dates absents, etc.



-Good afternoon children! I’m very glad to meet you today. We have unusual lesson. We have guests in our classroom. Let’s be active.


II. Dividing into 2

    groups. (2 min)



I group (food)                II group (drinks)



III. Practice the

      pronunciation of

      the words

Look at the picture and say in English. T-Pupils  (3 min.).






IV. Game. Bingo



V Checking up homework:

(2 min.)

milk  orange  water  banana chocolate pizza   salad hamburger juice  


Your homework  was to make up the dialogue



-How are you?

-Fine, thanks

-And you?

-Ok, thanks

VI Warm-up:

(3 min.)

Bread and butter, milk and tea

Put your finger on your knee

Bread and butter, cake and ice,

Put your hands on your eyes.

Bread and butter, duck and rose,

Put your finger on your nose

Bread and butter, juice and eggs

Put your hands on your legs

VII. Take out pictures

(3 min.)

I group (food)

Take out pictures “food and drinks” you eat

I eat…….

II group (drinks)

Take out pictures “food and drinks” you drink

I drink……..

Explaining the new material

Pupils, open the books and write down today’s date on your copybooks

Pupils try to explain themselves difference  of “Would you like some juice?”, “I like apples”

 (2 min)    Summative assessment. (1 min)

VIII. Group work.

Make up the dialogue

(2 min)

+1 min Two stars and a wish

I group (food)

-Would you like a banana?

-No, thanks.

-How about an orange?

-Yes, please.

II group (drinks)

-Would you like some juice?

-No, thanks.

-How about some mineral water?

-Yes, please.

IX. Working with

         cards (2 min)

Pupils must open cards and name them in English. They write their names of pictures on the blackboard.

X Finding odd one.

     Make up sentence

    to this sentence

(2 min)+1 min

Summative assessment

Two stars and a wish (1 m)

1) milk, coffee, tea, bacon

2) honey, juice, marmalade, jam

3)hamburger, salad, sandwiches, spoon

4) table, chair, banana, door

5) coffee, water, coca-cola, orange

6) orange, apple, pine-apple, chocolate

XI. New words. Ex10

  Practice the 

  pronunciation of the

  new words (2 min)



Sweet- тәтті

Wonderful- керемет

Good -жақсы

Interesting- қызық

Sour- қышқыл

Terrible- дәмсіз

XII. Make up word

    collocation  (3 min)

Pupils write their word collocation on the blackboard.

P1-wonderful soup

P2- sweet chocolate

P3-Sour orange

XIII. Self-assessment

(3 min)

I.                   Self- assessment

They assess themselves






I know food and drinks





I can make up the dialogue





I can make up word formation using adjectives





I know adjectives






XIV. Homework (1 m)

Ex.6  p.141




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