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Сочинение «My view of the «Green» economy»


«My view of the «Green» economy»



Яковлев Александр, учащийся 10 «А» класса

Аккольской средней школы №2. г. Акколь, Казахстан

Руководитель Соколова Анна Вячеславовна


Nowadays, in our society we often can hear the expression ‘green” economy.  The President of our country N.A.Nazabaev has predetermined this as the main priority for the further development of our country.

What does it mean «The Green” economy?

Our modern society understands the meaning of this expression by different ways. The first of them believes that it is the new sector of economy that will improve the nature of Kazakhstan. The second one thinks that it is the new technology like ecosystem which will benefit the nature.

Other people believe that it is new level of development and its aim is the production of organic products.

By my opinion the “Green” economy it is the economy which is directed to the preservation of the well-being of Kazakhstan’s society.

The activity in this field is aimed at the preservation of the unique natural recourses of our country.

 The transition to a “Green” economy is becoming increasingly popular and causes massive interest. The “green” economy contributes to economic progress and provides the following:

  •         GDP growth
  •         the increase in the country's income
  •         more jobs for the population

In this case, the transition to a “Green” economy reduces the risk of global threats.  It is- the climate change, the decreasing of natural resources and water’s scarcity.

While our state has an active policy in the transition to a “Green” economy, we, as the part of this process, can begin to take steps to create a "pure" future.While many of us think that their contribution does not mean anything, it doesn’t apply to the protection of our nature.Each of us can contribute to the protection of the environment.You shouldn’t think that your contribution is as the "drop in the ocean". Every day we can do our world cleaner and cleaner.

I hope that these advises help you to create our “pure «future”.

  •         Turn off the equipment. For example: turn off the light in the room when you go out.
  •         Do not use synthetic instruments. We all are get used to wash the dishes with modern cleaners. These cleaners are harmful to both the environment and humans.
  •         Safe the energy! In the future we will use the solar panels and will use energy saving light bulbs.
  •         Begin to sort garbage! One of the most important directions for the transition to a “Green” economy is the disposal of wastes and using the wastes as a recycled product.
  •         Use electronic media. When we use paper it reduces the number of trees.
  •         Buy the organic products.This will improve the state of health of each of us, and help to create ecological agriculture.
  •         Walk more! Exhaust gases are the main source of environmental pollution.
  •         Stop the poaching! Rare species of plants and animals have disappeared due to the illegal actions of people.

To preserve the unique nature is the task for each of us.

I am deeply convinced that the transition to a “Green” economy will contribute to improving the environment and human welfare.

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