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Урок-дискусія "The Press"


Мета уроку:

  • Практична:_

вчити розвивати специфічну інформацію сприйняту на слух тексту,вчити ознайомлювальному читанню тексту,вчити складати діалоги з опорою на вербальну наочність, вчити робити монологічне мовлення без опор, вчити вживати непрямі твердження на письмі.

  • Освітня:

розширити світогляд учнів знаннями про пресу в англомовних країнах, удосконалювати якість мовних навичок та мовленнєвих умінь.

  • Розвиваюча:

 розвивати слух, довготривалу, короткотривалу пам'ять, слуховий контроль здатний самостійно планувати мовний вчинок,розвивати усні комунікативні вміння, сприяти розвитку самостійного мислення.

  • Виховна:

чіткість у виконанні завдань,старанність та наполегливість у навчанні. Виховувати інтерес до читання.



                  картки для індивідуальної, самостійної, парної роботи,

                      презентація PowerPoint.


Хід уроку


І. Організаційна частина уроку:

- GreetingandAim:

T:First I’d like to begin our talking with the words written by an American humorous writer                

                                                  “All I know is what I see in the papers”. 

Discuss and answer the questions:

  • How do you understand these words?(P1- translate)
  • What do you think of it?( P2)
  • What is the topic of our lesson?(P1, P2,P3)


- Warming up:

T:Do you agree with this statement? (“ microphone”)

P1:I’d rather disagree with thisstatement because scientific books and magazines have more information than newspapers, but we'll have to say that newspapers help us in many ways.

T:  What does it mean? Comment!

P2: Newspapers and magazines play a very important part in our life.

P3: Practically there is no family that does not read them.

P4: We can learn many things from newspapers.

P5: There are a lot of different kinds of newspapers in our country.

P6: One can buy them practically everywhere. It is impossible to read all the newspapers and magazines. Everyone has favourite ones.

T: What are your favourite newspapers?( P1, P2 …)

T:Thanks. I think you would know that by the end of our lesson you would    be able to get information about some differences between English, American and Ukrainian press through reading and listening.

But first let’s review newspaper topics. Newspapers consist of many themes. Have a look at the blackboard you can see some pictures illustrating newspapers themes and a list of words.

Match a picture with an appropriate word.



ІI. Основна частина уроку:

- Reading   “the Press of the USA”  

a)     Pre –reading activities:  I want to remind you some words to master your pronunciation



Ò    to publish ['рΏblі∫]

Ò    opinion [ə'pnjən]

Ò    quality ['kwo:liti ]

Ò    finance ['fainæns]

Ò    entertainment ['еntə´tеinmənt]

Ò    initiative ['ini∫iətiv]

Ò    periodical [piəri´odikəl]



b)    While –reading activities:

T: Now we are going to read the text to compare English, American and Ukrainian press. I’ll give you a table to make notes while reading about the press of the USA

Text:  There is no real national press in the USA as there are more than 85 newspapers published in 34 languages. There exist two main groups of newspapers: qualities and populars. Quality newspapers contain only reliable serious information. They may also publish cartoons. A newspaper contains:

-       Facts about private lives of popular people

-       The comics

-       TV programmes

-       Cultural events

-       Advertisements for holidays – makers, for things on sale, for job

-       International news

-       Articles about business and finance

-       Sport events

-       Politics

-       Economy and finance

“The Wall Street Journal” is a quality newspaper. It covers national and international news. It is a business newspaper with the largest number in the country. “ The Washington Post”, a daily newspaper is of national interest. It contains even speeches of congressmen. A truly national newspaper “The USA Today” in its popular form offers news of general interest. “The New York Times” is the best news services of this kind. The main function of press in America is to give objective information.

The materials should be given in full volume and newspapers should give floor to all possible facts and opinions.

There is also no secret information for the press. The information is usually taken from the News Agencies. The largest and most famous of them are: Associated Press (AP) and United Press International (UPI).





Kinds of newspapers






The most popular newspapers







What kind of information do the newspapers contain?








c)     Post –reading activities: Answer the questions

    1. What kinds of newspaper are there in the USA?
    2. What are the most popular American newspapers?
    3. What kind of information do the newspapers contain?


- Writing:  (review the grammar – reporting opinions)

T: Using the information from the text write what sections are interesting to different persons. Use the scheme on your cards.

Using the information from the text write what sections are interesting to different persons. Use the scheme and the list below)

I believe

educated person


will read the information about


It seems to me

children and teens


will be interested in


I’m sure


will eagerly read about




Let’s discuss  what will people read about. ( P1)

Ok, transform these sentences  into Reported Speech (P2,3,4)

I think …

I believe …

To my mind …

In my opinion …

I prefer…

I agree (disagree)…

I'm interested in…


- Listening:The text “English Press

а) Pre – Listening Activities: Discussion:

T: 1. What do you think? Are the British such keen readers of newspapers as the American?

Do you know how many newspapers do the British read every day?


b) While -  listening Activities:

T: Now we are going to listen to the text about English press, you have to work with our table  again make notes while listening.


c) Post – Listening Activities: Answer the questions     

1.     What kinds of newspaper are there in the UK?

2.     What are the most popular British newspapers?

3.     What kind of information do the newspapers contain?


- Speaking:

Card1: Instruction: You are meeting at the library ask each other what aspects of the schoolchildren’s life the magazine brings up?  (task: complete the dialogue)

A: I am reading my favourite magazine …


A: It’s about the problems which a girl had faced…

             B: To my mind, it is a very actual problem…

             A: You are right ….

            B: I think, it is not only interesting magazine, it is … )

Card 2: Instruction: Ask your foreign friend what newspapers and magazine he/ she prefers to read using the questions. (task: answer the questions)

1.  Do you like to read newspapers or magazines?

2. What kinds of newspapers do you prefer: local, popular or of high quality? Why?

3. Do your prefer fashion, sport or scientific magazines? Do you read teen magazines?

4. What are your favorite magazines?


-                Presenting the homework:

T:While you listen to the presentation you have to work with your table again(P1, P2)           (  Answer the questions:

1.      What kinds of newspaper are there in Ukraine?

2.     What are the most popular Ukrainian newspapers?

3.     What kind of information do the newspapers contain?


P1. The first newspaper was issued only in the 18-th century on the initiative of Peter the Great. It was entitled Vedomosty. Among the first newspapers in Ukraine, there were Lviv Courier (started in 1749), Kharkiv Weekly (started in 1817).

 As you know, newspapers are generally divided into quality, popular and local ones. In Ukraine we also have these three types of newspapers. They contain political, business and cultural information. The main national newspapers are Holos Ukrainy, Pravda Ukrainy, Silski Visti, Dzerkalo Tyzhnya and some others.

There are also a lot of magazines and other periodicals inUkraine. Whatever your interest, there is likely to be a magazine about it – from sport, cookery and computers to fashion, music and cinema.

It goes without saying that people usually choose the press according to their tastes and preferences.


P2. (AboutUkrainianmagazines)  


T: How do you like pupils’ answers? What is her (their) mark? (оцінювання учнями)


ІIІ. Заключна частина уроку:


- Summarizing:

T.:Whathavewelearnt duringthelesson?

P1.: we have listened to the text,

P2.: we have made up dialogues, etc.

T: What new facts about press have you  learntduring the lesson?( you can use your table)


- Homework: to make up a dialogue "Different Kinds of Press"

Урок-дискусія "The Press" Урок-дискусія "The Press" Урок-дискусія "The Press"
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