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Carol’s kitchen

Казахстан, Кызылординская область, Сырдаринский район, пос. Теренозек

Школа-лицей №35 им. Иса Токтыбаева

Учитель английского языка

Шадиева Фатима Нантаевна

The aim of the lesson: 1.Presentation of the new words.2. To train the structure there is,there are in pupil’s speech,to develop in oral speech.

Type of the lesson: the presentation of new material.

The methods: verbal,explanation

The forms: individual,pair-work,frontline

Equipments: interactive board,pictures,flascards

The procedure of the lesson.

 I.                   Org.moment.


II.                Ph.drill ex-s.

Asking questions about the day,date and season.

III.             Warm-up.

Answer the questions.

  1. Is there sofa in your living room?
  2. Is there a picture on the wall?
  3. Is  there a chair in your living room?
  4. Is there a carpet on the floor?
  5. Are there flowers?
  6. Are there books on the table?
  7. IV.             Check up your homework.

Ex.17 on p.120 Look and say.

How many houses are there?    There is one house.

How many dogs are there ?       There is one dog.

How many trees are there?        There are three trees.

How many camels are there?     There is one camel.

How many horses are there?      There is one horse.

How many flowers are there?     There are many flowers.

  1. V.                New lesson.

I want to begin our lesson with the presentation of the new lexis. Look at the interactive board.

a cooker  – плита,пеш

a dishwasher  –ыдыс жуатын машина

a  washing machine –кір жуатын машина

a  sink – қол жуатын жер

a radio – радио

 cups – шыны аяқтар

a fridge – тоңазытқыш

cupboards – ыдыс қоятын шкафтар

plates – тәрелкелер

a lot of – көп

a bowl – ваза

a jug - құмыра

Ex. 1 on.p.120    Listen and repeat.

Ex.6 on p.121 Read the text. Carol’s kitchen.

Answer the questions.

  1. Is there kitchen in the picture?
  2. Is there television in the kitchen?
  3. Is there a washing machine in the kitchen?
  4. Is there fridge in the kitchen?
  5. Is there cooker in the kitchen?
  6. Is there dishwasher in the kitchen?
  7. Are there cupboards in the kitchen?
  8. Is there a carpet in the kitchen?
  9. Is there a radio in the kitchen?

10.  Is there a clock in the kitchen?

11.  Are there plates and cups in the sink?



  a) a fridge   b) a radio   c) a sinк

      a) a bathroom    b) a dining room  c) a kitchen


      a) a washing machine  b) a plate   c) a fork



  1. There is a        in the kitchen.
  2. There isn’t a      in the kitchen.
  3. There is a   in the kitchen.
  4. There is a   in the kitchen.
  5. There isn’t a     in the kitchen.
  6. There isn’t a       in the kitchen.

 Answer  the questions.

  1.  Is there a washing machine  in the kitchen?
  2.  What is there in Carol’s kitchen?
  3. How many cupboards are there ?
  4. Is there a carpet on the floor?
  5. Is there a clock in the kitchen?
  6. Are there plates and cups in the sink?

 Complete the sentences.

  1. It’s a modern….
  2.  Carol has a… and …
  3. But there isn’t …
  4. There is a …
  5. There isn’t …in the kitchen.


sleep                                   a bathroom

cook                                     a  bedroom

wash hands and face           a kitchen

Eat lunch                              a living room

take milk                              a  study

do homework                       a dining  room



eutcip       ( picture)

rdoo         (door)

lpma        ( lamp)

kisn          ( sink)

csup         ( cup) 


Cross the odd word out.

a bedroom                            a fridge               cupboards

a living room                       a cooker              a fire

a bathroom                          cups                     an armchair

a sink                                   a telephone          a sofa

a kitchen                              plates                   a chair


And now, children make up sentences with structure there is, there are using the prepositions on and in.

Wrong and correct statements.

  1. There is a fire place in the living room.   Yes,there is a fire place in the living room.
  2. There is a TV set in the kitchen.  No, there isn’t. There is not a TV-set in the kitchen.
  3. There are plates and cups on the table. Yes, there are plates and cups on the table.
  4. There  is  a radio on the washing machine.


What is there? There is a blackboard in the classroom. Near the blackboard there is a table. Near the table there is chair…

Let’s do your morning ex-s.

Answer the questions.

  1. Do you like this lesson?
  2. What is this room?
  3. Is this a modern kitchen?
  4. Is there  a fridge in the kitchen?
  5. Are there plates and cups in the kitchen?


Ex. 17 on p.122  Write. My room.

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