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"The United States of America"


ГБОУ "Саратовская кадетская школа-интернат"

Учитель английского языка

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"The United States of America"



1)      контроль знаний учащихся по теме "The United States of America";

2)      отработка лексики по теме "Страноведение";

3)      знакомство с обычаями и традициями страны изучаемого языка.


1)      расширение кругозора учащихся;

2)      развитие мотивации к изучению иностранного языка.


1)      воспитание уважительного отношения к другим странам и национальностям и их традициям.

Занятие проводится в форме соревнования на заключительном этапе  изучения страноведческой темы "The United States of America". Содержание заданий предполагает, что у учащихся уже есть какие-либо знания по теме урока.

Оборудование: большая карта США, стикеры с текстами, тексты для задания "Stop Game", презентация по теме, проектор, экран.

Teacher: Good afternoon. I'm glad to see you. As you could probably guess the theme of our lesson today is "The United States of America". Today we speak about this great country and we learn a lot of interesting facts about it. First let's start with a little quiz. I think you really know something about the USA. So, we need two teams, There are sixteen sectors in the quiz. Take turns in choosing a sector. You can get two points for the right answer in every sector. If one team doesn’t know the answer the other team has right to give the answer. Are the rules of the quiz clear? So, let's begin.


















The USA Quiz.

 How many states are there in the USA?

a)      48

b)     50

c)      52

 What is the American flag is called?

a)      Union Jack

b)      Union Flag

c)      Stars and Stripes

 When did Christopher Columbus discover America?

a)      in 1492

b)      1592

c)      1692

Which of the following is not a US state?

a)      Alaska

b)      Hawaii

c)      Tahiti 

 When is the birthday of the United States celebrated?

a)      on December, 25th

b)     on July, 4th

c)      on March, 8th

The statue of Liberty of the United States was designed by Frederic Bartholdi and was given to the USA by France in 1884 as a symbol of Franco-American friendship. But who was the model for the statue?

a)      Bartholdi's wife

b)     Bartholdi's mother

c)      Bartholdi's daughter

The "Big Apple" is a popular nickname-but for what?

a)      Los Angeles

b)     New York

c)      Chicago

Your American friends say to you "Let's go see a ball game". What do they mean?

a)      Volleyball

b)      Basketball

c)      Baseball

Where in the United States can you find the Golden Gate Bridge?

a)      San Francisco

b)      San Diego

c)      New Orleans

The two largest political parties in the USA are the Republicans and the Democrats. The Republican Party is traditionally represented by an elephant. What animal represents the Democratic Party?

a)      a monkey

b)     a donkey

c)      a tiger

What color are the taxis in New York?

a)      black

b)      green

c)      yellow

What is the New York underground called?

a)      the metro

b)     the subway

c)      the tube

How often do Americans people choose a new President?

a)      every four years

b)      every five years

c)      every three years

British people call them chips. What do Americans call chips?

a)      English fries

b)      German fries

c)      French fries

What do American people call their police officers?

a)      bobbies

b)     cops

c)      dogs

 Which University did Bill Gates go to?

a)      Harvard University

b)      Yale University

c)      Columbia University

Задание "The Map"

Teacher: Well, I see you a lot about the USA. And our next competition is called "The map". Do you know the geography of the United States? Please, look at the blackboard. Here is the map of the United States of America. And you can see some points on the map. Near the map there are some stickers with little texts. There are some interesting facts about the USA written in the stickers. These facts are connected with some geographical places in the USA which are pointed in the map. They may be cities or just states. You should come up to the map, take a sticker, read it aloud and stick it in the right place. You may consult with your team. Please, take turns.

 Тексты для стикеров:

 1) It is the longest river in the USA is . It is 2350 miles long. This river carries so much soil and rocks along with it that its nickname is the Big Muddy.(грязный, мутный). (The Mississippi) (Стикер должен быть приклеен на реку Миссисипи.

 2) This valley in California is the hottest place in the USA. The temperature here can reach 54 degrees. Many people died trying to cross it in the 19th century. (Death Valley)

3) It is the biggest American state. Before 1867, it belonged to Russia. Then Alexander 2 sold it to the USA for $ 7,2 million. Alaska is also the coldest place in the USA. (Alaska)

 4) The rainiest place in the USA is Mount Waialeale in this state. (Гора Ваялиль). Hawaii is made up of 132 tropical islands, but people live on seven of them. (Hawaii)

 5) It is the biggest city in the USA. Over 8 million people live there. During the day the population grows  to over 20 million, as people travel to the city to work. (New York).

 6) The tallest building in the USA is the Sears Tower (Сиэрс-тауэр). It's 442 metres high! It has 110 stories and 16000 windows. Until 1996 the Sears Tower was the tallest building in the world. Where is it? (in Chicago)

7) It is the smallest state in the USA. It is about 1/500 the size of Alaska. (Rhode Island) (Штат Род-Айленд на севере-востоке США)

 8) In this state you can get married immediately. (Las Vegas).

Задание "Stop Game"

Teacher: Aren't these facts interesting? I have some more interesting things. I offer you to play the "Stop game". The rules of the "Stop game" are the following. Every team takes turn in reading short texts about the United States of America. Each member of both teams should listen very attentively to the reading. There are some gaps in the text. If you know the missed word you should cry "Stop" and then say this word. If this word is not correct the other team has a right to answer. Is the task clear?


In the United (1)________ there are "federal laws" which work across the country. But there are also "state (2)_______" which are different in each state. Age limits for starting school, driving cars, drinking alcohol, getting married and having guns are different in each state.

(3)_________ Gate's Microsoft has it's headquarters (штаб-квартира) in Seattle.

American movies are full of big fast cars and car chases. The bad guys go straight past red traffic lights. The police do the same. In fact, (4)_______people drive very carefully, and the (5)________ is very slow. The speed limit in most states is 88 km per hour.

Hollywood in Los Angeles is the centre of American (6)_______industry. Many famous (7)________ and other celebrities live in or near Hollywood.

Texans are very proud of their (8)________and like to say that everything in Texas is bigger than anywhere else.

New Orleans is one of the most beautiful American (9)________. But it hasn't been very lucky with the weather.

The statue of (10)__________ is 45.3 m. tall. Lady Liberty is indeed very big ______ one of her fingers is 2.44 m. long.

Elvis Presley's house in Memphis is the second most visited (11)________ in the USA (after the White House in Washington D.C.)

Ответы: 1) States. 2)laws 3)Bill 4)American 5)traffic 6)movie 7)actors 8)state 9)cities 10)Liberty 11)building

Teacher: Well, you have worked very well today. Thank you. You can receive good marks. We have learnt a lot of interesting facts about the United States of America, haven't we? Good-bye.

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