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The theme of the lesson. Show “40 million”

Год: 2013

Страна: Казахстан


  №70 Жанқожа  батыр  атындағы  мектептің    ағылшын  тілі  пәні  мұғалімі

                                 Қызылорда  облысы, Қазалы  ауданы, Әйтеке  би кенті

Grade: Among 11th form

The theme of the lesson.   Show “40 million”


2.The objectives of the lesson.

                1. to speak in English more

                2.to develop pupils speaking habits,

                3.to teach pupils how to use much  money in their life in a right order

                4. to teach them to be a good and rich businessmen in future.

3.Visual aids. Interactive board, money, presents, diploma, microphone, recorder

4.Type of the lesson. Play lesson

5.Kind of the lesson. Untraditional

6.The method of the lesson. Question and answer, comparison, searching

7.Connection of the lesson. History, environment, grammar rule

8.A form of the lesson. Group work

9.The outline of the lesson.

Dear gests, teachers, pupils and participants. Today we are going to have a competition which is called “40 million”. Why we take this competition. Firstly it is modern and new. Secondly, we want to show our knowledge in English. The aim of this competition is to speak in English more, to develop pupils speaking habits, to teach pupils how to use much money in their life in a right order and to teach them to be a good and rich businessmen in future.

Now let`s begin our competition. I want to invite the participants of today`s party.

First group is …..  Erekash Akhylbech and Madina Meruert

Second group is…… Kyrgyzbai Gaziz and Bahitbeck Daurenbeck

Third group is…. Kuanbai Ercebulan and Mengdybai Meyerman

Now I explain the rule of today`s competition.

First you should introduce your group.

Second we are going to our play. Here we have some changes from TV show. Here each group has 8 question. Who has right answer they will take the money from your opponent. At the end of play who has much money they will be winner. Now let`s begin our competition. I wish you good luck. Each group should introduce themselves. If we have already finished introducing let`s go on to our questions. Here you should choose your category. Each category has 4 answers then we put our question. You  have only one minute for your thinking and putting your money. Which category do you want? Here we have 5 categories. They are grammar, vocabulary, history, country studying, different questions. Ok, choose.

1.Whose monument stands in the centre of Trafalgar Square?

Winston Churchil               General Washington        Abraham Lincoln             Admiral Nelson

2.By whom was written “an American tragedy”

Mark Twain              Theodore Dreiser                  Jack London                Robert Burns

3.When did the great fire of London take place?

1566                      1516                       1666                     1856

4.What is the name of “Ulster”

Britain                     Northern Ireland                   Wales               Scotland

5.What is the national emblem of Scotland?

The rose                      the thistle              the daffodil                the shamrock

6.Which of these names are  the biggest state of the USA?

Arizona             Florida             Alaska              California

7.Which of these money  is the British money?

Dollars             pounds             franks             crones

8.When did the United States win its Independence?

1680                  1881              1776                 1784

9.What beautiful waterfall is situated in the USA?

Sutherlands                Anchel                 Niagara                Boyoma

10. Who is the sculptor of the Statue  of Liberty?  

Michelangelo             Eiffel                     Bartholdi              Lincoln

11.A Red dragon is the symbol of which country?

Northern Ireland                   Wales                 Southern  Ireland                England

12. In whose hands is the state power in Britain?

The queen or the king                 Parliament                Liberal party         Conservative party

13.Who  wrote the novel “Sister Carrie”

Charles Dickens             Somerset Maugham           Theodore Dreiser          Alan Marshall

14.Lewes Carroll was the pen-name of …..

Rudyard Kipling            Samuel Clemens                Charles Dodge son          John Reed  

15.The national flower of Wales

Rose                       daffodil                       thistle                  daisy

16.The real name of Mark Twain is…..

Samuel Clemens             Conon Doyle           Dodge son                O` Henry

17.Robinson Crusoe met his friend  ____________ on the island.

Monday                      Friday                  Wednesday               Saturday

18.The “Speaker`s Corner” in London is situated in

The Westminster Abbey             The Trafalgar Square         Hyde park       The Tower of London

19.Australia is famous for its…

Horses                     cows             lambs                sheep

20.”To be , or not to be” That is the question of –

Hamlet                   Othello        King Lear            John Griffith

21. “частные школы” переведите

Infant                    junior                  private              primary

22.Where did the Titanic sink?

Pacific                     Atlantic                  Arctic              Indian

23.When did the Titanic sink?

1905                    1952                    1912                1877

24. Who was the building of Westminster Abbey started by?

Henry III                    George III               William II               Edward II

25.How many houses does the USA consist of?

1                2              3                 4

25.What is the oldest royal residence of the UK?

Westminster Abbey             Buckingham Palace                Big Ben              The Tower of London                  

26.The retirement of Britain for men and for women.

60,57               60,58                   65,60              60,60

27.What is the full name of Queen Elizabeth II

Elizabeth Mary Ann     Elizabeth Alexandra Ann     Elizabeth Alexandra Mary     Elizabeth Mary

28.Queen Elizabeth was born in ….

April                May                January              July

29.Who choose the member of the house of Commons?

Electors                Prime Minister                 Queen                    House of lords

30.She was __________ to the University and granted a scholarship.

Received              adopted               admitted                  entered

31.She came to work……

Where as Tom didn`t                 because she was ill          despite her cold         in case they come

32. “College open to visitor Tues-Sat afternoons only” means

You should come another day                     You can come five days a week

You should come later this afternoon                We can tell you about places to visit

33.I will _______ you the news later.

Say             speak              talk                  tell

34. “to rush” means

Сбежать          отправиться                  торопливо войти, ворваться        оказаться

35.без царя в голове – means

Indian summer             to catch one`s eye          to be an airhead        to be in the hole

36. a flock of ……

Flowers               birds                cows                   bees

37.Dad can`t come to the phone because he ______ the dinner.

Will cook                    is cooking          cooks              cooked

38.Mario went on holiday to France _________ he met a woman called Claudia.

Which                where              who                 because     

39. The antonym of the word “intelligent”

Stupendous              clever             stupid             moral

40.How can you translate the word “воспитывать”

Bring down          bring up            bring off                  bring out

41.Choose the antonym of the word “generous”

Happy               dull                     gullible                greedy

42. “ругать” what is in English

To tell off          to tell down      to tell up           to tell for

43.What is the word “to leave”

To abandon                 to lie         to remain         to go out

44.The synonym of the word “limit”

Endless          disallow          spirit                restriction

45.Which of these words are the right variant of the word “сравнительный”

Superlative            comparative        comparably             comparative

46. “get on with” means

Ладить                приказать                бегать              помочь

47. “to give in” means

Спорить                   возвращать             закончить          сдаваться

48. to be going – it is ….

Gerund                     Continuous Indefinite Active                  Participle1              Participle2

Now let`s check our money. Who has much money he is the winner of our competition. Now I have some presents for you. Let me give them to you. Now pupils we have a good rest I think. Thank you for knowledge. You show your knowledge in a high level I think. You very active. I think you know more information about English. Now guest thank you for your coming and for your attention. The lesson is over. And let`s another work which I have prepared. It is my video rolling. 



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