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Средняя школа №7 имени К.Ушинского

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 Гакесеева Асида Турсыновна

Тема урока:


Обучающая цель урока:1.Ознакомить учащихся с Герундий. 2. Умение применять Герундий в предложениях. 3.Практическая работа.

Равивающая цель урока : Развитие умения применять Герундий в предложениях.

Воспитательная цель урока: Привить интерес к изучаемому языку.

                                           Ход урока

1.Орг. момент 1 мин Беседа с дежурным 

2.Повторение пройденной темы  5 мин

3.Проверка домашнего задания  6 мин

4.Повторение пройденных тем. 33 мин

Grammar: Gerunds.        REMEMBER!

The underlined words in the text are Gerunds

... after finishing the University – после окончания университета

... started working — начал работать

... enjoys meeting people – нравится знакомиться с людьми

... thinks of changing her job —думает поменять работу

... stopped going to the theatre —перестал ходить в театр

The Gerund is a non-finite form of the verb. It has exactly the same form as the Present Participle: running, speaking, working. It can be used in the following ways:

a — as subject of the sentence: Dancing bored him.

b — as complement of a verb: Her hobby is painting.

с — after prepositions: He is fond of singing.

d — after certain verbs: dislike, enjoy, finish, forgive.


After finishing the University Jane moved to a new city and started working at a small firm. But she isn't happy about it! Though she enjoys meeting different people her job isn't very well paid.

Now she thinks of changing her job where she could earn a higher salary because her room needs redecorating and she would like to buy a car.

Also Jane understood that she can't get used to getting up early.

Jane speaks three languages, but she isn't very good at writing reports and she doesn't like working overtime.

She has stopped going to the theatres which used to be one of her greatest pleasures.

Her friends are far from her and she began missing them badly. Now she is looking forward to having a vacation.

Read. 9. Complete the sentences with suitable gerund:

go dancing, go skiing, go running, go shopping...

There are many expressions with go+ing form (gerund) like:

a. I went-------- yesterday but I didn't buy anything. b. When we were in Switzerland we went--------every weekend. c. He bought a yacht and went-------- in the Mediterranean. d. We had a wonderful rest on the beach. We went--------every day. e. He went-------- every morning. It's useful for health.

Remember!1. sailing  c, 2. running  e,   3. swimming d, 4. skiing  b, 5. shopping a

10. Complete the sentences below using gerunds.

Model: I love to go to the movies. Going to the movies is great

a. Pupils of our class can easily read books in English. Reading books in English is-------. b. I like going to the beach at weekends. Going to------- is enjoyable. c. I dream to travel all over the world. -------all over the world is my dream. d. I find it difficult to do sums. --------is difficult.

Ex.11. Now write more sentences. This time write about your own feelings and opinions.

Example: / have difficulty in doing sums.

1.I'm very interested in------ (skiing, collecting stamps, taking photos). 2. I'm thinking of------ (going to France, learning Italian, visiting you next week). 3. Thank you for------ (bringing me a book, inviting me to the party, borrowing me your bicycle). 4. I'm looking forward to ------(having summer holidays, meeting my friend). 5. I'm keen on------ (taking care of animals, reading books, watching video). 6. I hate------ (going to the dentist, being ill, waiting for a bus).

5.Зак. этап урока   1 мин.        Дом. задание.       Подв. итога.      

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