Ольга Николаевна
Группа:Мир учителя


Россия,Амурская область, г. Благовещенск

МОБУ СОШ № 14 

Учитель английского языка

Воробьева Ольга Михайловна

Самостоятельная работа по теме: PRESENTSIMPLE

A. Write sentences about Tim. (√=like, √√=love, x=not like, xx=hate)

1. (tennis x) ____________. 2. (music √√) _______________. 3. (coffee √) ____________. 4. (films x) _______________. 5. (his job √√) _____________. 6. (fish xx) _____________. 7. (holidays √√) _____________. 8. (golf x) ________________.

B. Put the words from the box in the correct form in the gaps. Use the Present Simple. Use each verb once.

Like /not know/ love/feel/think/not like/want/not understand


1. She thinks that films are fantastic! She _____________ films.

2. I _____________ sick. Can I have a glass of water please?

3. I don’t know the answer because I ________________ the question.

4. I ______________ he’s tired. He works too hard.

5. We ______________ that new painting. We think it’s terrible!

6. I want to telephone Jane, but I _____________ her phone number.

7. They’re thirsty. They ______________ something to drink.

8. I __________ your new car. It’s very nice. Was it expensive?

C. This is an interview with Mary about herself and her husband, John. Write the questions, using the ideas from the box.

speak any foreign languages / live in London / like dogs / drink coffee / like films / play golf / play a musical instrument / watch TV / read books / smoke






Yes, I live in north London.


No, but he plays tennis.


Yes, I speak French.


Yes, I like all the programmes on TV.


No, but he loves cats.


No, I don’t like films.


Yes, he has two cups on the morning.


Yes, he plays the piano.


Yes, I read one book every week.


No, he doesn’t like cigarettes.


D. You are on holiday, and you are in a Tourist Information Centre. Ask questions using the table below.


All the banks

Start here?


The number 38 bus

Serve typical English food?


the restaurants

Stop at the railway station?


The concert

Finish before eleven p.m.?



Sell maps of the city?


A.1. He doesn’t like tennis. 2. He loves music. 3. He likes coffee. 4. He doesn’t like films. 5. He loves his job. 6. He hates fish. 7. He loves holidays. 8. He doesn’t like golf.

B.1. loves; 2. feel; 3. don’t understand; 4. think; 5. don’t like; 6. don’t know; 7. want; 8. like.

C.1. Do you live in London? 2. Does John play golf? 3. Do you speak any foreign languages? 4. Do you watch TV? 5. Does John like dogs? 6. Do you like films? 7. Does John drink coffee? 8. Does John play a musical instrument? 9. Do you read books? 10. Does John smoke?

D.1. Do all the banks finish before eleven p.m.? 2. Does the number 38 bus stop at the railway station? 3. Do the restaurants serve typical English food?

4. Does the concert start here? 5. Do you sell maps of the city?
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