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0 Открытый урок по теме "Я и мой мир"




 Тип урока: совершенствование навыков, развития умений



Задачи урока:


Практические задачи урока


1. Совершенствовать лексические и грамматические навыки учащихся


2.Развить умения подготовленного монологического  и неподготовленного диалогических высказываний на основе пройденного материала на уровне кратких монологов и  диалогов по теме урока.



Образовательные задачи


1. Способствовать расширению и закрепить лексические и грамматические знания учащихся по пройденной теме

2. Расширить их общий кругозор

2.Способствовать развитию умений обобщения в процессе актуализации лексического материала, памяти учащихся и умений переноса знаний и навыков в новую ситуацию в процессе выполнения индивидуальных заданий



Развивающие задачи 


1.Способствовать развитию  и тренировке внимания, памяти, мышления, воображения и креативных способностей учащихся.

Развития умения самостоятельно добывать информацию и переносить знания и навыки в новую ситуацию.



Воспитательные задачи 


1.Воспитать интерес к изучению предмета

2.Воспитать интерес к работе в паре и группе, уважение к окружающим, умение слушать.



Оснащение: доска, смарт доска, раздаточный материал на листочках.



1. Речеваяподготовкa 9:25 – 9:29

Good morning! You can take your seats, please.

Danya, what`s the day today?

So, as we know November is a winter month and we finally have that real winter with snow and frost and well I want to share with you my opinion about winter.



Being honest I like winter. I was waiting for it, because I wanted to get that wonderful winter mood, holiday mood, New year and X-mas mood. I wanted to get that feeling of joy and unity, which we all have during winter holidays and finally I have it.

And what about you? Do you like or dislike winter?

…. Thank you for your opinions

 2. ПостановкаКЗурока 9:29- 9:30

Now, let`s see what we will do today. We will speak about you and your worlds about friendship and see what it is for you, will play sharades and will revise the lexical and grammatical material of the Unit to SYSTEMATIZE our knowledge about them.

3. SMART 1 схема СЛОВА 9:30- 32

We will start with the revision of the words and will SYSTEMATIZE them. Will look at them as at the SYSTEM.

We can divide the words of Unit 3 into a SYSTEM 4 parts of speech.

Try to remember as match nouns, verbs, adj. and adverbs as you can.

4. SMART 2 схема me and my world 9:33-9:35

So, can you, please tell me one more time what unit are we revising today, Masha?

Unit 3, Me and my world.

That`s right, thank you.

And who or what is part of your world? For this I need one boy and one girl.(Danya, Sergey). Danya, come up to the smartboard and take the things which are parts of your world, tell us a few words about them. Sergey.

Raise your hand if Dan`s position is closer to you. Raise your hand if Sergey`s position is closer to you.

That was great. Thanks to Dana and Sergey we can see the world of a common boy and girl of 7 A grade, and we may notice that they differ. Am I right?

5. ПрезентацииIndividual T. Dasha, Lesha 9:36-9:41

We just revised the vocabulary and grammar of Unit 3, so now we should practice and SYSTEMATIZE them with the help of your classmates and their INDIVIDUAL home tasks. Dash, let`s start with you.

6. ДиалогиIndividual T. Masha- Liza, Ira-Ivan.9:42-9:47

Will continue our lesson with other INDIVIDUAL tasks. Your dialoges.

Dear,7 A, while your classmates are telling their dialogs you counting new words and phrases used by them in the dialog.

Denis, how many new words were used in this dialog?

Nast, and how many new words did you find?


Whose dialog do you find more exciting?

I see you are good friends.

7. Беседапопословицам 9:47-9:50

Let`s find out what famous people said about friendship. For that open you books at page 101 and have a look at ex. 74. Let`s read, explain some of these quotations.

 8. Зарадка 9:50-9:53

Thank you. I suppose you are a little bit tired, so stand up, as we are going to have our exercise minute! Ira come up to the blackboard, as today is you turn to lead.


9. Раздаточныеупр. 9:53-9:55

It`s time to continue our work and again to practice and SYSTEMATIZE our knowledge on the topic. I need one person to come to the computer.

Егор, will do the exercise on the computer.

10. Шарады 9:55-10:00

And now your favourite game sharades on phrasal verbs. We will divide into 2 teams.

Here are the words and you have half a minute to get ready with them.

Ok, we will start …..

11. КЗ слайд 10:00

 What did we do today?

12. Д.З. объяснение! Раздать 10:01

You will have INDIVIDUAL tasks based on the proverbs given on page 101.

Each of you will get a proverb, on which you should write composition.

 It should consist of 100 words and should consist of 3 parts.

1. Introduction

2. Main Part (with arguments for and against)

3. Conclusion

Your aim is also to use not less than 10 new words or phrases from unit 3 and underline them in your compositions.

9. Отметки, объяснение со стикерами (электронный журнал), выставление

10. Песня Абба 3 минуты



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